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  1. Only the big tokens count as two strength, the rest are normal (the other difference is that you can only recruit one big unit per round). So yes, while it gives the Lazax a bit of an edge, it definitely isn't too powerful.
  2. Tibs said: Really, if we don't answer rules questions, what else is there to talk about? Somehow it only now sunk in: one of my favorite places on the internet is a forum where we get together to talk about rules. Not that there's anything wrong with that…
  3. "Choice Crises: When a player makes a choice on a Crisis Card, he can always choose the top or bottom section of the card, regardless of whether he will be able to fulfill the game text listed (unless the card specifically restricts this)." (p. 30) (The only card I can think of that specifically restricts this is Build Cylon Detector)
  4. jgt7771 said: thecorinthian said: Wow, I just looked at the rulebook again, and this really is badly explained! game No wonder no-one gets it. >old scratchy voice< "We were there...the Great Final Battle Debates of '06. Player versus Player...neither giving an inch to their position. There were many legendary melees back in those dark days...before the First FAQ of Peace...but this one...oh, this one was the bloodiest." "The more passionate side...they believed that all successes that didn't result in the removal of a doom token...those remaining successes were discarded, forgotten, ignored. They believed in pain, and that those that didn't were cowardly. We believe that the descendents of that fire were the ones that founded Arkham's Razor...but trying to prove that is folly. Still, the philosophies from those long ago remain to this day, but comfortably suited within the rules, fighting for Their Way within the regulations..." "The diplomatic side...I dare not say level-headed, because they were just as quick to enrage when provoked...believed as the First FAQ eventually decreed: that those remaining successes were 'banked', as it were, until the following turn when the First Player could add to them again. It was generally observed that those on this side were the first to state that it was 'right there in the rulebook', even though there were many Devil's Advocates who could see how the rulebook could indeed be interpreted towards the darker side. The Lawyers and the Mediators...there was a Rift between the two, and the infighting fed the brutality of the other side." "It went on for months...one skirmish would exhaust, just to have another take its place...often by younger, fresher warriors, whom had unknowingly already chosen a side by their naive decipherings of the texts, requesting confirmation of their assessments from those that came before...hungry for new recruits, or maybe just seeking their own justification of their side...ranks swelled...the conflict escalated...the universe wept..." "To this day, newer travelers such as yourselves that never saw the carnage that came before, still approach the texts with a concerned brow, and ask the same innocent questions that started the wars. It angers so many of us that survived that the texts persist in spreading the same confusions...often we think that such chaos still may be an intended dark design of the authors...at least today we can stop the greatest of those arguments by using the First FAQ." "But we will never forget those first days..." Aaaaaand scene.
  5. Yeah, Walk's way is how I've always read it. From the rules (emphasis added): "For example, Evade checks are a special type of Sneak check. A Skill card that gives +1 Sneak is useful both for Sneak and Evade checks. However, an item that gives +2 to Evade checks is only useful when making Evade checks. That bonus cannot be used on a normal Sneak check."
  6. Oh man, that's the worst; people get confused about that even in the English, but a lot of times it's not at all clear from context which kind of check it's talking about; I'm thinking of Ithaqua, Professor Morgan, the sledgehammer, and basically any encounter that calls for a combat check.
  7. In the BGG thread on this topic, I was 100% with you guys, until Dolus pointed out the text of the card itself: "Before you bid at least one influence on a Strategy card, the Lazax player may give you any amount of influence from his reserve" Which obviously complicates matters in that it sounds at least somewhat more like the ability expects you to make a bid (even if doing so doesn't require you to spend the influence you've been given). That said, he has a fairly plausible interpretation wherein the "before" is just there to make sure the Lazax can't give you influence after you've already made your first bid on any given strategy card. Though I'm still, like...75% with you, I think this is another one that we can't settle without Corey.
  8. napoleonWilson said: at any rate....the leader solution is WAY better than one person doubling up characters...frankly I would say that's impossible, "uhhh, guys my left hand thinks we should brig my right hand for no particular reason". That's just what you would expect a cylon hand to say!
  9. This is what I read to familiarize myself with the universe, and here's an intro to Rex that nicely unifies much of what we know so far (though it also takes a bit of interpretive license, if you're a purist about such things).
  10. After all, remember that they shouldn't be able to ally with Hacan either, and that there are formal declarations of war between them and the Jol-Nar and Letnev, and between Sol and Letnev, Sol and Jol-Nar, and, if I'm not mistaken, Letnev and Xxcha. For one reason or another, basically nobody should be able to ally with anyone except possibly the Hacan or Xxcha, but one funny thing about war is that when you have an isolated theater, all sorts of surprising arrangements tend to emerge (especially when there are so many factions vying for control).
  11. The Professor said: I agree with Tibs' explanation ~ don't confuse 'success' on a roll with ability to use, for instance, with the ability to use Clue Tokens. Thus, Blessings and Curses would affect the rolls Even keeping that in mind, I feel like there's a difference between a roll made by an investigator, and a roll made by the players (or even by a particular player). When I'm rolling for Yig's attack, or the progress of a rumor, or to determine what Ghroth is up to today, it shouldn't matter what state my character is in. Obviously those last two aren't the best examples given that blessings and curses don't apply, and indeed, this may be the only case where the investigator/player distinction actually makes a difference, since virtually every other investigator-specific die roll effect does indeed specify that it only applies to skill checks. (The only exception I can find is the Taint of Evil epic battle card, which does not help settle the question.) edit: I realize I'm on fairly indefensible ground with all this, but the core intuition is pretty straightforward: there's a difference between the guy who is placing doom tokens on the track and the guy who gets $10 when Asenath joins him, and while the latter can be blessed, there are some cases in which it's actually the former who is rolling the dice.
  12. Yeah, the wording on the locations is pretty unequivocal. Allowing players to hang on to them might be an interesting house rule for warrants, which are fairly weak. Hits are too, given their cost and rarity, but if players could use them whenever they wanted, it'd be likely to severely nerf determining the murderer, since each game would probably end in a Day 12 dogpile on whichever suspect appears guiltiest.
  13. For the first question, blessings and curses don't apply, since the investigators aren't making a check. (In fact, even though the number of dice is determined by the number of investigators, note that none of the dice are necessarily associated with any given investigator, and san/stam loss is assigned only after you've counted the number of successes, by which time it's too late to take curses into account. But even if all players are cursed, what's actually happening is that the game itself (or Yig, if you prefer) is making the check.) For the second one, not entirely sure, but I'm inclined to agree that you only count surviving investigators.
  14. Makes sense; if the thing watching the altar has two eyes, you have to avoid each of them once. Be happy it's not Eihort or Yibb-Tstll, or you'll be there all game.
  15. Tromdial said: Yes, I found myself somewhat wanting too. So far, this game really teeters on how those NPCs "patrol" I was actually thinking much the same thing about the rooms and items. "Moving sidewalk" isn't exactly gripping, but I imagine they previewed that card partly because it's easy to explain. But I see much of the appeal as arising from all the item and room effects interacting with one another in strategically and thematically interesting ways. Which is why I'm so excited that DXV is making this; in someone else's hands, it could easily just end up being Incan Gold in an awesome setting.
  16. Ah, whoops, yes, got that backwards. Even so, it's another thing that one would expect them to mention in the clarifications, if it were indeed the case that if "you (or no player)" actually means "no player" whenever you're playing with fewer than 5.
  17. Another consideration I was just reminded of on BGG is that, on your interpretation, the Sol victory completely overrides the Hacan victory in 3-4 player games, since, with Mecatol Power South closed, it's impossible for any player to control both of them.
  18. Wh0isTh3D0ct0r said: However, there is no offense intended. Likewise...after posting that, I worried that my tone would come across as more hostile than playful. I tend not to blame designers too much for ambiguous language. It's pretty unavoidable, even for a game as seemingly straightforward as Rex. Dominion certainly isn't immune either, though DXV and Rio Grande obviously have put quite a bit of effort into hunting down and illuminating the various sources of confusion (and FFG seems to be increasingly mindful of the need for such things, as demonstrated by the fact that they have a Race Advantage Clarifications page in the first place, even if they don't quite anticipate everything).
  19. I guess we'll just have to wait for the ruling, then! You have an odd habit of condescending to people who are about to be proven right
  20. Wh0isTh3D0ct0r said: Otherwise, no ONE player is controlling BOTH areas The rule doesn't say anything about one player controlling both of them, you just read the word "both" into it. I'll grant that you're on somewhat firmer ground here than in the other thread, in that it's genuinely ambiguous as to whether the "no player" takes wide or narrow scope over the "and," but it's hard to believe that they'd make a random change to the rules that makes Sol way more powerful, and if they did, they'd almost certainly mention this outcome, since it's so much more likely than any of the others. As stated, the rules don't give any indication that it's even possible for "no player" to control both of them under circumstances in which either of them is controlled.
  21. I believe the example actually supports Adam's case. The only reason to think otherwise is, as you say, that it would normally be a poor decision on the player's part to dial three when he could have dialed four, but this is an awful lot to read into an example that is primarily about rounding up partial losses (especially since the phenomenon only ever occurs when player has made a poor decision, by its very nature). Importantly, if you were supposed to dial the number of units rather than the strength, then there would be no reason for the rulebook to emphasize that the Lazax can't dial higher than 20.
  22. Definitely also agreeing that Derleth missed the point in some pretty crucial ways, but I wouldn't fault AH too much for including him; I think it's more a reflection of the overall state of the Mythos. In addition to his various other effects on Lovercraft's legacy, so many of his creations (and Chambers', Campbell's and others') have become inextricable from it. It would just be kind of weird to play a Cthulhu game that had no Byakhees, a whole bunch of Dreamlands (though it's hard to say no to more Cat/Zoog war), that stupid, twiggy-looking Elder Sign, and such oblique references to Hastur that we don't know whether it's a person or a place. But what's important is that whether or not the game is necessarily also populated with Derleth's entities, it still stays (IMHO) much truer to the original Lovecraftian spirit.
  23. It's definitely nice to have the the exact numbers in mind, but I guess it's an open question what counts as "solving" dilution. I don't see anything particularly sacrosanct about the maximally undiluted ratios. And given the way various elements of the game interact (consider how silly Tulzscha gets when heralding for Rhan or even Glaaki), it's not the end of the world if, for example, certain combinations of expansions make Dunwich or Innsmouth disproportionately busy or quiet. ...Well, okay, if it's busy enough that there are monster surges at Y'ha-nthlei, then that probably is the end of the world. But in any case, as long as I don't ever go "God this town is boring, why did I bother including it," then I consider the dilution problem solved.
  24. Honestly, I can't even imagine what "end your movement" would mean if not "remain here for the turn." If it's something that can be un-ended by activating a motorcycle, do you need to run your movement points down to zero to do it? If so, that seems arbitrary, but if not, then you don't even need the motorcyle, and can "end" your movement after each step and then...subsequently decide not to remain there?
  25. One thing is, I think you might be underestimating the combat effectiveness of Lazax/Letnev. Not only do they have a lot of traitors, but they (Letnev in particular) should be buying tons of Strategy cards. As Adam says, they'll be especially powerful if they can get either Jol-Nar (or Xxcha, for that matter) to help...although if they make a formal alliance out of it, it can be a little hard to avoid a default victory when you need to take all 5 strongholds. And if Hacan is grabbing all the influence while Sol defends two strongholds, Sol should be underequipped and, pretty soon, will have a hard time fielding enough troops to defend them (depending on circumstances, that is; Hacan can't normally give Sol influence, but they might get lucky and hit a temporary ceasefire at just the right time, but even so, he can only recruit 5 units per turn, and at considerable expense)
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