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  1. (Also, facepalm; can't believe I forgot that too. Shows how often I play Cain.)
  2. Mephisto666 said: The jump could be… jump track move to jump spot, FTL space activation, Cain's OPG… not just jump track (right?) . Yeah, which raises an interesting point…the received wisdom seems to be that Cain should use her OPG early on, but since the consequences of her blind jump don't matter (as long as they can survive the civilian loss), it might actually be best to save the blind jump (except in emergencies) and use it for the last jump of the game, since you don't need to worry about the destination. Good luck telling that to the other players and not getting airlocked, mind you
  3. There's not a whole lot of overlap, since Infiltration happens on a much smaller scale than Android; it's just a handful of people inside this one building. The biggest story connection is in the premise: a new company is on the verge of competing with Haas and Jinteki, and from the rooms you get sort of a general sense of the sort of android technology they're developing. That said, there have definitely also been some efforts to tie things together, though mostly in the form of oblique references and easter eggs…Infiltration's Gabriel will apparently also be a character in Android: Netrunner, one of the items is a can of Diesel, that sort of thing.
  4. Treguard said: An interesting interpretation, but again, there's little indication on the card to justify this. In fact, were a player to approach this game without playing Android, there would be little cause to link Jinteki with psychic clones. All in all whilst I love the identity concept, I hope there's some fluff text somewhere that gives context to the abilities. For what it's worth, we do know that Jinteki has at least one Precognition card, and I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be one of their major themes. Though really, I wasn't trying to offer an authoritative explanation, just to suggest a possible response to Buhallin's concerns that the abilities will be immersion-breakingly unthematic. I think dboeren's right on this one, and in fact, I'd go a step further and say that I don't want a detailed fluffsplanation that gives a reason for every effect and each faction's proclivities. As long as they provide enough background to make general sense of things, I think it's more interesting when they leave a little bit up to speculation/imagination.
  5. Buhallin said: I could see Jinteki's psychics as alternate ways to damage a runner, or tag them for other applications, but a psychic who uses an ad campaign to fry a runner's brain while theoretically knowing nothing about them? Bleagh Well, the agenda part is easy enough to explain; even if it's just an ad campaign, more completed agendas (of whatever nature) means more opportunities for Jinteki to get more and fancier clones out into the workforce. And for what it's worth, their psychics are also precogs, so even an anonymous runner who hasn't struck yet can still be at risk (and if even that is too theme-breaking, consider that Caprice's precognition was vague and unreliable, so it's probably less of a "Noise Reilly is going to attack at 0300 tomorrow, go to this address and kick his ass" than a "I have a vision of a place where I should go and fire a psionic blast or something bad will befall the company")
  6. It'd sure be nice, but I'm not inclined to read too much into it, for two reasons. First, there've been a lot of Tannhauser expansions. I haven't been following it closely enough to know whether there's been a regular release schedule, but since they're apparently up to 18 miniature packs, this is a pretty newsworthy event, practically on a par with retiring an LCG. Whereas the closer analogue to BSG would be if they were to announce that they aren't making any more Cosmic Encounter expansions (which I'm assuming is the case…the last one seemed pretty final). The other reason has to do with the nature of the announcement, which was like "hey, check out this new mini (oh but P.S. we're putting the Tannhauserverse on hold for a while. Stay tuned!)." It'd be much harder to write a release like that for BSG, since it'd have to be something more like "Even though we never actually announced that we were working on another BSG expansion, and in fact haven't really said anything about it for a year or two, we decided not to do it after all. J-just in case you were wondering." (Which, of course we were wondering, but it doesn't make for very good copy.)
  7. It might see interesting use in scenarios, with a rumor, or with a customized spell deck…for example, it could be altered to serve as a land mine (or, at best, a revised-Messenger-style mixed blessing) for anyone who draws it. Actually, that gives me a really fun idea: a $0 bad unique Item to discourage Elder Sign farming
  8. Yeah. As for how to make thematic sense of that, it's not entirely clear. The most common (and most straightforward) interpretation seems to be that the sympathizer is a Baltar when the dials are in the blue, and an Athena when the dials are in the red. I'm not a fan of this view, as it raises the bigger problem of how a player's species can depend on the resource levels. As such, my preferred explanation is just that when a resource is in the red, things go differently in two ways: 1) the humans more aggressively police anyone displaying cylon sympathies, and 2) the whole Demand Peace movement loses steam as it becomes ever more apparent that the cylons are pushing the humans towards extinction, and the sympathizers grudgingly participate in the last-ditch survival effort
  9. Julia said: ::desperately trying to find in her common item deck a ship:: If you're really lucky, you might be able to find one at the general store, but something like that would set you back at least $12
  10. Interesting…I've been tempted to introduce my roommate to the 2 player variant, but I think the general assumption around here has been that it's probably only barely playable. The expansions should work, on the whole. You won't be able to use the Cylon Leaders from Pegasus, but no big loss there. And Conflicted Loyalties from the Exodus expansion might be a little tricky; it includes both Final Five cards (these hurt you for looking at another player's loyalty card, which should be interesting, assuming Baltar's ability (for example) comes up much in your games), and Personal Goals (which lose a resource at the end of the game if you haven't met a given condition; the problem is that when you do succeed at a goal, you draw a new loyalty card to replace it, so you might want to skip that part, or just leave these cards out). Likewise, the alternate endgames from each expansion should only present minor problems. There's a known exploit or two in the New Caprica ending from Pegasus, which would probably be even more severe with two players, but it shouldn't be hard to come to an understanding about that. The Ionian Nebula from Exodus might actually be better with only two players, though you might want to play without the "Strange Music" card.
  11. Just a guess, but two things come to mind regarding CotDP: first, the gate frequencies are going to be slightly more uniform than usual, with places like the Science Building somewhat more active than they would otherwise be, and second, you're going to be seeing a hell of a lot of double-doom mythos cards.
  12. Unless there's a Lurker ruling that I've momentarily forgotten about, then yeah, the fact that it sticks around in final combat is one of many exploitable features of the herald (actually a comparatively minor one, but let's not get into that), and it would be perfectly reasonable of you to house rule it away if you thought it was overpowered or simply unthematic. I do want to disagree with thecorinthian about spells, though. Combat spells are definitely weak, and, except in emergencies, mostly just see use against ghosts or other physically immune monsters, but there are some pretty badass noncombat spells. Find Gate is probably the best, yes, but Arcane Insight, Call Friend, Control Gate, Alchemical Process, and the various monster moving and healing/damage prevention spells can all be extremely useful.
  13. I assumed that the pinwheely shuriken thing was just Ninja's attack. You don't see Ninja.
  14. You write to a company to dictate the terms of "what they owe (yes owe)" you, expressly telling them that it's unfair to not apprise you of their plans, and then you are shocked, shocked to hear people claiming you're not just abstractly discussing business decisions? Please. If you want, we can discuss the question of exactly how much of FFG's business hangs on community goodwill, and how much of that goodwill depends on providing comprehensive updates on all their upcoming games to anyone who asks for one (and I think Skowza makes a very good point regarding the Star Wars LCG; there are considerable costs to making an announcement that might turn out to be wrong), but for someone who wants to talk about marketing tactics, it's odd that whenever someone has replied with a discussion about marketing, you've changed the subject, said more about what FFG owes you, called the other person lazy, dragged your reactionary politics into it, said that this is not about what FFG owes you and that to claim otherwise is an ad hominem attack, and then called them lazy again. I can't even begin to count the layers of irony there.
  15. The Android universe is chock full of references like that: Armitage Software, Olivaw Robotics, Bradbury Towers (two references in one!), Blue Sun Stadium…
  16. oDESGOSTO said: Yeah, I mean, one is welcome to either like or dislike the new style as one sees fit (I'm sort of weakly ambivalent, myself--to cast matters in terms of Dominion cards, I definitely like the art on Laboratory more than Shanty Town, but not enough to get worked up over it), but you're definitely not doing yourself any favors by choosing two painfully dated pictures, which, if I didn't know any better, I'd swear had been taken from the covers of the Young Jedi Knights series or somesuch.
  17. Android itself is actually fairly skeletal; before the novels came along, most of what we knew were just place names, a couple of major organizations, and whatever events directly related to the lives of the main characters. Zach hit most of the major details (though I'm not sure that Humanity Labor and Human First are necessarily connected), but the Android trailer provides a quick and fun, if somewhat frivolous overview. Probably the most straightforward introduction is the blurb at the start of the rules (which, as Booored says, are available online) (and there are a few sidebars throughout the rulebook that provide a little extra background)
  18. I suspect that the fact that it was KW's baby might have a little bit to do with it. Plus, it fills a nice niche; at this point, FFG has pretty much every space opera and fantasy angle covered, and even has a surprising amount of alternate-early-20th-century stuff going on, but not much in the way of relatively-near-future sci-fi. Plus, Android itself was only slightly cyberpunkier than Blade Runner, although obviously they can't help but push the universe farther in that direction in order to accommodate Netrunner (and, to a lesser extent, Infiltration). (Which is not to say that Blade Runner is exactly current either; I mean, sure it got the Final Cut treatment a few years back, not to mention the whole BSG homage, but it too is still very much a nostalgia thing for us geezers.) So yeah, I agree that it is a little bit surprising, but am definitely not complaining
  19. Now use your powers to get us an Android expansion and we'll be all set (oh and a third BSG expansion if you don't mind)
  20. Yeah, people keep speculating that it won't be until the start of June, but usually a new release hits stores like, what, a week or two after the rules go up?
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    New preview

    I don't know how much of a difference it makes, but I'm pretty sure that's oil. It's awfully dark for blood, and the only things you can destroy with the sledgehammer are locks and crazed robots.
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    I don't know about any official policies, but Corey still seems to post every once in a while
  23. You're right, I spaced for a second there. Good catch.
  24. Good point…Here's the new plan: we stick a bunch of zombie-slave spines into people, and then write up their glimpses of blasphemous knowledge as The Revelations of FAAQi
  25. Short answer: You get influence for defeating a leader whenever a card says so. Longer answer: If you destroy a leader with an energy rifle, biological weapon, or Hylar III, you get the influence, but not if you do so by revealing it as a traitor.
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