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  1. I'm sure it'll have some kind of effect, though probably not a decisive one. He's suggested that FFG might hire him to do freelance work at some point, and has also alluded to the possibility of completed projects whose existence he wouldn't be able to comment on. I'd be very surprised if an Android expansion were among them, though. For that matter, much as I love the man's work, I'd actually be sort of curious to see what tweaks or refinements another designer might bring to an expansion or revised edition.
  2. Dammit I had this great reply typed up and the forum ate it. Short version: first-turn revealed cylons are definitely not better. It's hard to be sure why it's been a successful strategy with your group so far, but one common phenomenon among new players is the tendency to under-use Executive Orders and Investigative Committees. Executive Order in particular is the most important card in the game, and should be used generously. If you have one in hand, the main reason you might not want to play it on someone is if they might be a cylon and they're in a really good position to backstab you. Therefore, once all the cylons are out, the humans should be playing XOs whenever possible, i.e.: almost every turn. Suddenly you've got about twice as many quorum cards, twice as many press room activations, twice as many shots at incoming raiders, etc. You might worry that this is going to eat up your skill cards, but that's where Investigative Committee comes in. IC is a deceptive card; it looks like it's there to help keep an eye on the cylons, but its real function is to figure out exactly how many skill points you need to pass a check. And, as with XO, it's way more effective once you know exactly whom you can trust. Together, these are far and away the two best cards in the base game. Hopefully, putting them to good use will make things hard enough on early-revealed Cylons that you won't need to resort to house rules.
  3. Actually, Ninja is just as cheap as Mimic against Rototurret--both cost 2 to break all subroutines. For that matter, same goes for Femme Fatale, and Femme isn't any more expensive than Mimic against a Shadow with fewer than two advancement tokens. Mimic's only real efficiency advantage over the Criminal icebreakers is against Strength-3 ice (ie: Katana and Matrix Analyzer), and, as you say, against anything bigger it's helpless on its own.
  4. The wording is pretty unclear, but Charlie's ability doesn't automatically give him an Ally whenever it's sent to the box; all it means is that he can gain (through normal Ally-gaining means) allies that would otherwise be unavailable.
  5. The natural progression from here is for someone to just cut and paste everyone's reply the next time there's one of these threads
  6. I'd be a little skeptical about whatever negative things have been said about Android. Apart from whatever issues people seem to have with the various mechanics and how they relate to the theme or each other, I'm aware of two complaints that often come up: The silly complaint is about the conspiracy, which is one of the sources of VPs. Apparently, in some groups, all the players go straight for the conspiracy and use up all its tiles in the first few days. I haven't ever encountered this phenomenon with the various people I've played with, and in my opinion, it's the result of a bad case of groupthink that leads some tables to overvalue that one mechanic. People have proposed various "fixes," some of them quite simple, but honestly, I wouldn't worry about it. The legitimate complaint is about the dark cards, some of which are indeed very powerful. Some characters can lose all their favors, others can lose a turn, others can get dragged to the far end of the map, and so on, and if you leave yourself vulnerable to the wrong one, it can set you back a lot. Unfortunately, this is one of the things Fwiffo alluded to that just requires a real investment in the game; the only way to be safe is to study all your characters' Bad cards to know what can happen to you and plan your risks accordingly. Alternatively, I did (cough, shameless plug) write a strategy guide to help make things easier. But in any case, it's an extremely Kevin Wilson-y game, and anyone who really likes the storytelling feel of Arkham Horror should at least try to check it out sometime. Another suggestion which hasn't come up yet (and speaking of the TI universe) is Rex, which I still have not actually played, and this makes me very sad. It's a retheme of the classic Avalon Hill Dune game. Very strategic, negotiation-heavy, with wildly asymmetric player abilities (which I often find to be thematically enriching). (And speaking of asymmetry, theme, and Android, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my current crippling obsession with Android: Netrunner.) In much the same vein, there's Cosmic Encounter, which seems to have a pretty substantial following. I like it okay, but the aliens sure are interesting.
  7. Coolstuffinc has a few copies in stock, so apparently it is being distributed, if not necessarily through the usual bookstore channels…
  8. Since any given player is unlikely to switch sides, I think that going out of your way to play suboptimally is not usually a good idea. One relatively safe compromise, however, is just to make sure you're in the strongest possible position after sleeper. This might mean a few minor skill checks in which you don't quite pull your weight, for example--but hey, those cards will be just as valuable to the humans post-sleeper, and by keeping your cards in hand, leaving your OPG unused, stockpiling juicy quorum cards, and so on, you're improving the position of whatever team you end up on.
  9. But since it doesn't go off until the next Resolution Phase, it gives you (and the other players) a turn in which to get out of the way. I'm not a huge fan either, mind you…it's a weird card that's mainly useful in a few really specific situations (such as whenever you want to destroy a tech lock or NPC at a distance or one turn later (biomedical lab, loading dock, etc), or used in tandem with buckyballs to wound another player). But also, sometimes it's the only lock/person smasher you have.
  10. 1) Yup; being wounded basically halves your movement rate--though not exactly. Importantly, since room and item effects are unaffected by woundedness, you can, for example, advance one turn, play Qianju PT the next, and then advance again the turn after that 2) Yeah, every time 3) No, "backward" is retreating, towards the exit
  11. subochre

    card counts?

    The A:N forum is here, but to answer your question more directly, this is the official core set list, and there's also a searchable card list at cardgamedb.com
  12. It's totally possible, even (in my opinion) likely. The writers have always been a little cagey about exactly how autonomous and non-Asimovy bioroids are, with intimations of secret loyalty failsafes, but also obscure exceptions to their programming. But we do know that Eve is at least sufficiently capable of murder to be a suspect, and even more revealing is the conversation printed on Marilyn's card in Infiltration: "My concern is that bioroids are not able to harm, or allow through inaction--" "Directives can be overriden in exigent circumstances, Mr. White." Marilyn sat perfectly still, as only a bioroid could. "I will of course avoid violence if at all possible." "But you have no compunction against committing a crime?" "I have very strong compunctions against committing crimes." Marilyn thought about her "children," about Josie and Juan. She thought about getting them back. "But those compunctions will present no difficulty."
  13. You guys act like booored's just trying to ruin everyone's fun, but there actually is value in clarifying this stuff, so that, for example, I'll know whether it would be totally dumb of me to suggest that Harrison Bergeron and Idiocracy are "cyberpunk" I mean, it would, right? Even though they completely meet the stated criteria? And then there are somewhat more ambiguous cases, like The Lathe of Heaven and Gattaca. (Anyways, if I may further transgress against this thread by also suggesting short-lived TV shows, shouts out are in order to VR.5, Phantom 2040, the gloriously cheesy TekWar, and of course Max Headroom)
  14. The thing is, there was considerable demand for such a pack with some of their previous titles. And even in those cases FFG said "sorry, it's just not economical, but, hey look, for Netrunner we've taken your concerns into account and have gone out of our way to ensure that far fewer people will be left unsatisfied by the distribution in the core set." So, assuming they've succeeded*, you can imagine how much more uneconomical this would be (and correspondingly, how much less likely it is that any groundswell of support will change their minds). *Which seems to be the case, from everything I've heard…You may disagree, but this is nothing compared to the rampant outrage I've read about W:I, for example. A whole lot of people did bristle at A:N's lumpy distribution when they first heard about it, but got really quiet once the spoilers came out.
  15. Heh, I started out saying something different, but seeing the posts side-by-side makes me realize I was mostly just parroting Scud-O
  16. Walk hit all the major ones, though occasionally you see mention of KW or RL (the former is Kevin Wilson, designer of this edition, and the latter is Richard Launius, designer of the 1980s version), and very rarely you might run across some Silver Twilight-related abbreviation (usually IS for Inner Sanctum), or CAO (usually accompanied by a spit of disgust) for Call Ancient One.
  17. Even if they did make such an expansion, I'd still skip it and buy a second core set instead. This ensures enough copies of all the cards I might want three of (Astroscript, Rabbit Hole, Scorched Earth…), but the main reason is being able to build more than one corp and runner deck at a time. Buying more core sets gives you all the neutrals you (currently) need, and whatever other cards you might want to cross-faction. A supplementary pack wouldn't give you any of that; all you'd get are more consoles and Data Dealers than you'll ever use. Yay?
  18. I'd be a little bit reluctant to toss even a Hostile Takeover for it, but there's no better use for Priority Requisition. Great card; I'm tempted to try to make an HB deck with it…
  19. That's true even if it's your own turn and you're playing a light card: whenever you discard cards to reduce the twilight cost, those discards don't cost you time. The same is true of discarding as part of a plot's baggage conditions. It only uses time if you're specifically using the Draw or Discard a Card action (and, for what it's worth, I've never actually seen anyone use this to discard).
  20. It's definitely the correct interpretation, but as for silliness, this scenario doesn't seem any sillier than the usual one: you're in (let's say) the prototype lab or the brain scan station, but can't find the exit that leads to the Halo room until someone enters it normally. If that's not silly already, why does adding a window make it silly?
  21. Cualquier personaje esta mas arriba en el "Murder Sheet" es lo culpable. p. 45 de las reglas in ingles: "The suspects are arranged from top to bottom in order of most likely to least likely suspect. In the event of two suspects being tied for guilt at the end of the game, the suspect higher up on the murder sheet is the murderer." (Disculpe mi espanol limitado)
  22. Yeah, I did know that. In dismissing it as "just" a social networking site, I'm not saying that their practices are especially innocuous, but rather that the data that's being mined is not any more compromising than whatever the app designers could have obtained in bulk from a junk snailmail marketer, unless there's a "Like if your mother's maiden name is Smith and your bank account number ends with 67890" group that I'm unaware of. I mean, what are they going to do with the knowledge that I Liked "Profiling the Suspects" on fantasyflightgames.com, try to send me a virus attached to the world's most clumsily personalized email? And why should I be any more worried about this than about all my other publicly available data? Mind you, I agree that facebook is a pretty sucky organization in a lot of ways, and that there are a lot of things they should be doing better; I'm just saying that anyone who takes reasonable precautions doesn't have much to worry about. I do also happen to think that the ignorance of the average facebook user is horribly exaggerated, as is the complexity of the privacy settings--when they as much as change the default messaging settings, for the next month my feed is full of links saying "this thing changed; uncheck this box" (and I don't think my peers and former classmates are all that exceptional). But we're not talking about the average facebook user, but whether a savvy and security-minded individual would refuse to Like anything on principle…and, as I say, I think that level of alarmism is not a sign of acumen, but rather the opposite.
  23. jhaelen said: JerusalemJones said: I don't recall any of the other FFG games/articles asking for "X likes" to get additional content, but as far as this game is concerend, it really makes sense. We're talking cyberpunk and computer hacking here. Utilizing Facebook to promote the game seems like a no-brainer. I'd argue the opposite. Anyone who's interested in 'hacking' is likely to be also interested in computer security and caring about what happens to your personal data. Feeding the Facebook corp your data without thought or recompense seems like a weefle-move. It's like granting the corp a free tag every game turn - good luck with that tactic, neophyte runners! Yeah but at the same time, our hypothetical hacking enthusiast is also going to understand that "Likes" on a social networking site (of all things) are more like usenet posts than they are like social security numbers, and would be less susceptible to the knee-jerk "they're mining my datas!" alarmism that seems to have gripped the popular consciousness.
  24. Yeah, my big hope is that they'll do another Cylon Leader release with another set of Treachery cards, compatible with Pegasus but playable on its own, and that we'll see D'Anna, Doral, and Simon. As for the other characters, Hotdog seems the most likely pilot, Billy/Romo for the political leader (more likely Romo, since it'd be a Season 4 thing (poor Billy)), maybe Hoshi for the military leader, and I don't know who the support would be…Cottle would be nice, though he's hardly an Engineer; I suppose they could make Seelix a Helo-style non-Pilot-with-piloting. But yeah…we'll see. We'll see
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