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  1. It's an interesting idea, but I definitely have some reservations. First, balance. I'm very surprised that you think a human+sympathetic cylon game might be too hard on the colonials--unless you got hit really hard by those out-of-color skill checks, I'm guessing that the only reason your playtest wasn't an absolute cakewalk was that your cylon drew one of the two "cylons win" agendas. Second, this version obviously loses a lot of the intrigue, since the loyalty/agenda of only one of the players is even in question--it seems to have all the downsides of playing with a cylon leader, but no particular advantages (compared to, for example, the "official" two-player variant). (It does, however, give me a related idea: a cylons-only game (The Plan?) in which one player is sympathetic and the other is hostile (this would require an insane amount of adjustment--just for starters, we'd want to rearrange the agenda decks so that it's actually cylons-win/colonials-win as opposed to sympathetic/hostile, I don't know what would be done about the titles, and I'm still envisioning a lot of games in which both players lose).) In any case, let us know how your further testing goes; I may have misjudged it.
  2. Tibs said: I'd rather not generalize it to losses. That way you could make the case that a character with 3 sanity is unaffected by something that forces him to lose 4 sanity. Not necessarily; if a full effect is impossible, it can still have the largest possible partial effect. The only thing it would preclude is choosing an impossible effect as a "cost-like" prerequisite. Unfortunately, looking over the wiki, I notice that even this does seem to be in slight tension with such encounters as "A man is being thrown violently by an unseen force. If you help, lose 3 Stamina as you suffer the same fate. Even if you are knocked unconscious, the man, David Packard, remembers your bravery." So, never mind, I think. (Still not seeing the thematic issue, though. Spending items, trophies, or sanity is a cost because the transaction or spell won't be completed without the investment of items or mental force. Blood and soul pacts are underspecified, though--is the Lurker really paying you for each pint of blood that hits the altar, or, like David Packard, is he just rewarding you for your loyalty and service, as measured by how hard you're willing to stab yourself? It doesn't seem to me that there's a decisive thematic interpretation one way or another.)
  3. Hah, and here I was just citing this as an example of an unproblematic ruling. I guess it would be easier if it was a cost, but I think the "can't choose to pay more than you have in order to gain a benefit" rule can be generalizable to losses too (see, for example, FAQ p. 14). Otherwise you wouldn't even need the statue; you can just say "I lose 10000 stamina and am knocked unconscious. …Do power tokens come in larger denominations than this?"
  4. The other thing about house rules is that they're inherently an expression of personal preference, but a lot of these mainly strike me as cases of weird hair-splitting. In general I tend to give the FAQ the benefit of the doubt unless there's some overriding reason to do otherwise (as is clearly the case with the Martial Law check--but, on the other hand, I'm not fully convinced that they got Wrack wrong). This was my initial reaction to Two_hands' post in the other thread…namely, in the confusing and arbitrary economy of costs and losses, why not treat Pacts one way rather than the other? Same goes for (for example) being surprised by an Elusive monster; there's nothing particularly unbalancing about giving the investigators a lucky break on those very rare occasions, so, rather than forcing an encounter with someone else, I prefer to stick by default with the official, more realistic, and fairly hilarious scenario of an investigator and a serpent person mutually surprising each other and then running away.
  5. subochre


    Floyd has a tech card (an emergency power source?) that gives him a one-shot time boost. It's unfortunate that the sheet is confusingly built around the maximum possible time; a lot of new players have been thrown by that.
  6. It's time all right; she gets 7 time per turn when she's at max sanity, and only 5 time at min sanity
  7. I know some people have indeed made that house rule, but Emotionally Attached makes surprisingly little difference either way, so I tend not to worry about it. As for the Super Crisis, I'm also a bit rusty on my Cylon Leaders, but I'm pretty sure that you can't use Critical Situation to play or draw more than one, because you need to be Infiltrating to use a non-treachery skill card for its text, and you need to be on Caprica to play Super Crises (and on the Res Ship to draw them, obviously). You can, however, definitely use Aggressive Tactics to draw (or play) multiple Super Crises, but you'll find that this ability (and Cavil's others) are very effective at destroying the colonials outright, but are somewhat less good at winning most Cylon Leader Agendas. Such is the cruel irony of being Cavil.
  8. TheRealLeo said: Again, though, I feel like FFG has undermined the new identity before it is even released by putting it with a card that promotes the use of the core set itentity. I think that's a good thing, to be honest. Fetal AI is good enough that I would use it with either identity, but the synergy with Personal Evolution is probably the one thing that'll keep me from putting PE back in the box and never taking it out again. Forcing a run on a central server is huge. And you don't need triple tollbooths or Archers or even Katanas for Replicating Perfection to be worthwhile…a simple Hunter on Archives is enough to add insult to injury, but even if it's just a wasted click for the run, that'e enough to get more mileage out of your Bullfrog and Nisei II delays, seriously hurt Wyldside, and so on. So by subtly boosting their comparatively lackluster core set identity, they're encouraging a more diverse range of viable Jinteki strategies, which is definitely welcome news.
  9. Everybody's comin', leave your body at the door
  10. My first instinct was to look through it for hotly debated topics so as to find out who told whom so, but then I realized that this thing is 43 pages long, so I'm just going to assume I was right about everything until forced to confront evidence to the contrary
  11. All of 'em. Any of your twilight cards can happen, regardless of plot (but the in-plot cards are slightly easier to play, due to the twilight cost modifier).
  12. vermillian said: Seriously? Someone recorded 1500 games? Not 1504? … How?Where was / is this database? This ANDROID netrunner or… The results are from games played online using OCTGN. The guy who developed the A:NR implementation has been tracking the game stats; here's a thread
  13. The way I understand the Fight stat is just that it can be used for all sorts of (intentionally vague) things, for example, dodging whatever objects a ghost is throwing at you to interrupt its exorcism, whereas the +4 from a .45 Automatic can pretty much only be used for shooting. (A shotgun, on the other hand… )
  14. In my opinion, there's no way to use the expansions without some amount of deckbuilding. At the very least, you will need to maintain correct agenda point totals for the corps. More importantly, however, a pack only adds a couple of cards for each faction, so it's likely that just adding whatever's available will result in very unbalanced decks. It's hard to provide specifics, since we don't know much about the contents of each pack just yet, but, for example, it probably goes without saying that each runner will have a fairly uneven mix of icebreakers at any given time, depending on what's been released for them already.
  15. 3. All of the unconsciousness stuff (discard/move/regain 1) happens immediately, so Investigator X goes unconscious and insane in the same turn. Similar deal as if it'd been a Chthonian instead of a Colour; you'd just get knocked unconscious twice. It's a good reason to get rid of those guys!
  16. Force9 said: I dont think that this deck is supposed to do the "Tag´n Scorch" combo or? Because with only one SE its not very sustainfull^^ So what was the tactic? Fastadvance with some dmg output? Yeah, I'm betting it was mostly there to make the runner (needlessly) panic, but if they ever let their hand drop below four, so much the better. Always glad to see people playing NBN (especially when they do so well ) I'm a little surprised that you kept it at 21 agenda points instead of 20. Was the third Breaking News to get more use out of the Scorch and Closed Accounts? If so, did you find that you didn't need the SEA Sources as much?
  17. subochre

    Missing token?

    Julia, yaaaay It's been a while since I unboxed the thing, but BGG images to the rescue: the center piece of PB-2A/2B is indeed the one already stuck to the board. Welcome, and be sure to let us know what you think of Android!
  18. That reminds me, is there any kind of agreed-upon nomenclature for the revised AOs, aside from New-thulu? I suppose Hastur could be "Has-two," or "2 Hast 2 Hurious," or something
  19. It happened to me once, in a very long game against Noise…as Haas, I kept scrapping his icebreakers (and ran a couple of unsuccessful beta tests), and he responded by Parasiting my agenda server, leaving us in an late-game stalemate. As Silent Requiem says, the condition is mostly just there so that games like that will eventually terminate; otherwise, I suppose what would have happened is we'd both sit there drawing credits until either he had enough to break into HQ or Archives (if ever) or I decided to play into a remote server (and probably lose). Although smaller decks generally are preferable, the corp can make whatever size deck they want (subject to card limits and agenda constraints), which makes milling sort of a weird strategy.
  20. I've been seeing a lot of love for Wyldside, much of it deserved, but losing 1 click per turn is pretty huge, especially against HB. Obviously having to spend a whole turn to get past Heimdall unscathed is pretty suboptimal, but it's a nice option to have in a pinch. More importantly, though, I want to be able to charge into unrezzed ice without worrying that Ichi's gonna try to scramble my brain (or worse, my rig! )
  21. You'll just have to fill it with expansions
  22. Tibs said: Luckily, the Cult accepts blood as payment. All the more reason to have an Elixir of Life handy, I suppose. Still, if I have to pay in blood, I prefer to use someone else's.
  23. That reminds me of how many weird easy-hard synergies there are out there that I really haven't explored. For example, I bet you could make an interesting game out of Charlie and Patrice vs. New Hastur, Dagon, and Hydra. Or Rhan and the Lurker.
  24. Otherwise, I think the Elixir would be too circumstantial to ever see much use. It'd be different if Madness/Injury encounters were more common, but hanging on to an Elixir "just in case" seems about as practical as always having two toughness worth of monster trophies in anticipation of the day you get that ichor-embossed invitation to join the One of the Thousand Cult
  25. Maybe I'm just biased against Kingsport, but honestly, its Allies are the only small-card content I have much interest in. Okay, Ancient Language, Credit Rating, Makeup Kit, and the pay-to-refresh weapons are kind of cool, but most of the cards seem either cheap (Eltdown Shards, Crystal of the Elder Things, Livre d'Ivon), redundant (most of the skills and spells), or unmentionable (Massa di Requiem). On the other hand, I still adore Personal Stories despite all their imperfections, but that is probably my secret theme player side showing (don't tell Avi).
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