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  1. From what I hear, it's possible to install it in XP Compatibility Mode or something--but then I'm only slightly more current on Windows releases than on Starcraft releases
  2. So, I started college in '97, and lemme tell you, the RTS wars were very hotly fought in my dorm. Mostly it was between the Starcraft revolutionaries and the Red Alert loyalists, but there were a few who evangelized for Total Annihilation too. And since it was by far the more innovative and ambitious offering, I really wanted to love its strategically complex and meticulously crafted nondescript planes and cannons more than the Protoss cracklestorms and shouting balls of energy, but the whole thing just felt so boring and sterile. I guess I'd rather play a fun game than a good one (or, less provocatively, I guess I'm more of an Ameritrasher than a wargamer)
  3. The Cylons won; the humans need more than to just travel 8 distance: they need to travel 8 and then complete one more jump after that in order to win. As for the timing question, if the final "victory jump" would deplete your resources, the cylons do still win. It's not terribly common, since the last jump doesn't require you to resolve a destination card, but can happen, for example, if your population is at 1 and you botch an FTL control roll. (The rules talk about this scenario on p. 14).
  4. It's funny; much as I've loved Starcraft, I was acutely conscious of the usual criticism that the game is overwhelmingly about base and economic management, and much of the actual fighting is just an afterthought (at least at the level I play at; I dunno what the pros are like). But then they made Warcraft 3 and "MOBAs" and such, and I realized that wow, combat really isn't the fun part.
  5. Oh wow, I'm sure I'm really late to the party on this one--in my defense, I haven't yet used the Demetrius--but it just sank in how good missions are for disposing of those 0-point treachery cards
  6. Hm, good point...even apart from the question of card knowledge, Caprice is definitely The Other Tricky One (though for her "name a plot" dark cards, we usually just refer to them as "[Detective], Green/Blue/Orange," so the only thing to remember there is that Raymond doesn't have any orange cards).
  7. I actually like the idea of Joining the Winning Team much better in a solo situation, since you get the satisfaction of a Nonstandard Game Over without pissing off your friends. As Faust says, it really is a cool idea on a thematic level, and I'd be totally into defector victories happening every once in a while in some other, shorter game, but it's a helluvan anticlimax to a game that's been going on for a few hours.
  8. Well, if I were to recommend any, they'd be your 1 and 2. A lot of the rest are ultimately matters of taste, and I'm generally of the opinion that one should get a sense of the game more or less as intended before deciding what to change about it. (For that matter, even having an overpowered Broadcast Square only becomes a problem once your players figure out how useful it is and start abusing it.) Regarding lead placement, it's worth emphasizing that under normal circumstances, the placing player will be the last one to get a shot at that lead, so making them place it farther away usually just puts it more directly into other players' hands. As for the conspiracy, yeah some people definitely think it's too valuable--personally, I disagree--but those groups that find themselves caught up in a conspiracy rush usually do so for the bingo VPs, so if your group ends up in a similar dynamic, I'd recommend 7c as the most direct response. 7b probably isn't a good idea, as favors are pretty well balanced as is. As for Raymond, using all the memory cards is a reasonable tweak in principle, but Raymond is so hard for new players, he probably won't need it just yet; hell, you might just want to leave him in the box and stick with the other characters for your first game
  9. Yeah, my first painting attempt ever was to apply a light black wash to my Mark VIIs and Assault Raptors to give them a little more contrast. It would be so great to be able to get anywhere near that level of detail as on the Mark IIs or ARs, but as it is, mine just look like regular raptors with black splotches all over them
  10. subochre


    Yeah, you just mail in a page from the back of the novels and a couple of bucks for shipping. I know that Free Fall, Golem, and Strange Flesh each come with a card (they're listed as expansions on Android's BGG page, if you'd like to see what they do), but I'm not sure about Mimic
  11. Just give her some research materials to lean over </inappropriate>
  12. The discussion's moved on quite a bit, but Schwaig, if your Arkham Diplomacy list isn't full yet, feel free to add me too. I've only ever played it once, and have found that Rex largely scratches the "bullying, backstabbing, and deterministic combat" itch for me, but I'd definitely be interested in exploring it further. (Wargames too, for that matter, although it's been really hard to get anyone in my group interested in such things; I keep meaning to pick up something relatively popular and accessible, like Memoir '44, or Rommel, or Napoleon's Triumph, or one of those new GMT counterinsurgency games like Cuba Libre, but we'll see...)
  13. Strange is the fight where staminas rise And strange clouds break on shores, not skies But stranger still is Lost Carcosa
  14. Ooh, good question. I'm gonna say yes, partly because the way the Selection phase rules are worded makes it seem like the delayed restriction is a special exception, but also because the discussion of the Interface and Download actions gives the impression that they still technically resolve whenever their conditions aren't met, but without having any effect. Oh! Come to think of it, it has to be allowed: if you're delayed and itemless in a room with no data or interface tokens, then you wouldn't have a legal play otherwise. Now, there's a trickier question, which is "could you have played Advance, hoping that someone ahead of you was about to reveal the Halo room?" My gut feeling is that even that would have been permissible, though that's a much harder claim to defend.
  15. I mean, I definitely understand where you're coming from. On a counterfactual approach to causal explanation, it seems like Kate didn't prevent a gate from opening unless a gate would have opened in her absence. But the opposite argument could also be made; the existing gate didn't prevent it because she was there. So, which of these is what happened? There's actually an important difference between the two; if the new gate had been prevented by Kate, then the DOR track goes up but nothing else happens. If it had been prevented by the existing gate, then there's a surge, and monsters jump out of all of the other open gates. This is because, despite the FAQ's lax choice of words, Kate doesn't have the ability to "cancel monster surges" per se, all she can do is keep monsters (and gates) from appearing in her location. So really, it's usually a very good thing that her gatebouncing ability kicks in even before the game checks to see whether there's already a gate there.
  16. It would certainly be nice if it were a little more active, but I wouldn't read too much into it as an indicator of sales. Some (indeed, most) forums are just quiet.
  17. The colors indicate what kind of encounters you're more likely to have. Green encounters are more beneficial on average; yellow tends to attack your sanity, red attacks your stamina, blue attacks your items. As for the monster shapes, their main purpose is to indicate where a monster is from; so, like, that's why closing a gate to Yuggoth (circle) clears all the Mi-Go off the board. Unfortunately, the expansions muddy the shape/world correspondence a bit, so closing a circle gate to Lost Carcosa also clears the Mi-Go for some reason. But yeah, + is Cthulhu's buddies in R'lyeh (edit: by God someday I will put that apostrophe in the right place), square is time-traveling/interdimensional oddities, hexagon is Shub's kids, who are apparently from the abyss?, and so on... Also note that the moon symbol doesn't appear on a gate marker. These are the mundane guys like maniacs, cultists, and zombies, whom you can't just make disappear by closing a gate.
  18. There are a few minor cameos in Netrunner (Hugo appears on "Inside Man," Monica on "Freelancer," and Monica and Animal on "Infiltration"), but Gabriel is the only one with a prominent role so far. (...You may not have recognized him because his character art is uncharacteristically stupid-looking )
  19. Yeah; I dimly remember from the previous threads a lot of fruitless debate over what counts as "before" the combat check, but I don't think there's any way of reading the FAQ such that you're allowed to use the flute in Step 2 without having first weathered the horror check in Step 1. That said, I'm surprised to hear you both say that it's a loss; even though it uses the word "lose," "Lose X to do Y" seems like pretty standard cost language*, although it would be very difficult to use if that were the case. And, as I frequently mention, I've long since despaired of ever understanding the loss/cost distinction. *cf. Lightning Gun, Blue Watcher, etc. (also, the discard pretty clearly has to be a cost for the usual Finn reasons)
  20. Well, there's a very easy way to test whether what you're saying has any truth at all to it. Someone should play our way and then report back as to whether the cylons dominated. ...Fortunately I took the liberty of playing a few dozen games with a group that uses that approach. The humans have always done just fine. So, now that we've put that concern to rest, I still don't understand why "winning or losing with your team" implies that sleeper agent cylons should spend the first four distance trying to make the other team win. Seems to me that if you want to win with your team, then you should help your actual team, not the team that you spent the first half of the game mistakenly assuming you'd be on.
  21. That's such a ridiculous straw man. All Quit's saying is that you should play so as to increase your individual chances of winning. You're the one who says that the "sportsmanlike" way to play is to do your absolute best for a team that you might not actually be a member of. The one who's really sabotaging her team is sleeper agent Cain who jumps the fleet as early as she can; "oh why wait to find out what team I'm on?...I'll just use up all my abilities now to help the humans as much as possibly can; after all, I'm not a cylon yet." That is throwing the game. But even if you think that the rulebook is wrong, that some maverick writer somehow tricked the designers by sneaking in advice that was contrary to the spirit of the game (as understood by them, you, and nobody else I've ever heard of) without anyone noticing, why did the designers go on to further develop this very tension between individual and team interests in the Ionian Nebula endgame? Hell, why did they even include the sleeper agent phase at all? On your way of telling things, the only purpose of the sleeper agent phase is to arbitrarily ruin a cylon's chances half the time.
  22. Oh, yes, totally. Well, first, it's important to note that main board doesn't have to be completely empty for cylon ship activations to advance pursuit; for example, if there are raiders on the main game board, the pursuit track will still advance if you draw a basestar or heavy raider activation icon. But that restriction only applies to that particular method of advancing the track; the basestar bridge can move the track even if all three kinds of ships are on the main board.
  23. I'm not completely sure I understand the question, but here's what the faq has to say on the subject:
  24. Man, it's pretty weird that the rulebook's strategy tips (p. 29) encourage players to violate the spirit of the game
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