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  1. Thanks guys, that's unfortunate but not too surprising. I might still get the Glaaki one (he was my first AO and I have a soft spot for him (in my brain, with a spine sticking out of it)), but tbh the idea of Arkham Horror novels seemed kind of weird to me in the first place. There's so much really good mythos literature out there, and I don't have a particularly burning need to learn the untold story of Michael McGlen or whoever.
  2. Hi all, long time no see! In case anyone's interested, the novels are on sale at Miniature Market (though they don't seem to have Bones of the Yopasi for some reason). Any of them worth reading? I seem to recall hearing that Feeders was pretty good, but at $2 each, I might just grab them all.
  3. Welp, it's a few months later, but yeah, that's pretty accurate. In terms of the chronology of the setting, the stories tend to be fairly ambiguous. For example, Caprice Nisei is actually a main character in both Strange Flesh and Exodus, but there's no particular order in which they need to be read. If you're going to read them all, you might want to put Free Fall as early as possible. I don't love it--really, it reads very much like a game of Android, but with a lot more explanation and background detail, which makes it a good introduction.
  4. Yeah; you can just barely make out their names on the box image:
  5. It seems to me that vision quest should be twice as effective
  6. Yeah when I saw it I just kind of sighed and rolled my eyes, and I don't know why I even bothered to take a closer look, but I did and oh gosh those Dagon coins. And yeah, I'm also considering some Waterdeep coins. I'm just an easy mark, I guess
  7. It just now occurred to me that this is something that some of y'all might be interested in. It's yet another of those "nifty fantasy/sci-fi coin" kickstarters, but IMO the coins seem better than most such kickstarters I've seen, especially their really excellent set of mythos coins. I'm not even sure what I'm going to use them for, only that I need them (okay one idea I have is to use the copper coins for the Deep Ones Rising Track, assuming they're a reasonable size for it). Anyways, sorry for the short notice, but it looks like the main advantage to getting in on the kickstarter is that it's slightly cheaper than buying through their website, so it's not a huge deal if one misses the deadline.
  8. (Other candidates that I couldn't quite make work: "unclean," "marine") edit: saline
  9. Welp, now I definitely have Roxette stuck in my head. Thanks, all. (That sounds sarcastic, but really, thank you.) She's got the look, the Innsmouth look She's got the look, the Innsmouth look What in the world can make a brown-eyed girl turn green and become scabrous, bald, and sprout gills and baleen and I go Iä Iä Iä Iä Iä
  10. Yeah, the cars are really cool. The reporter and snitch feel a little redundant, but that's the thing: while there are a few things I can see streamlining (for example, strong/normal/weak evidence, and I certainly wouldn't mind a "one week" option), that's not the sort of thing that would warrant a whole new edition. My gut feeling is that they probably will make a second edition, and that they'll "polish" it a little too much. ...Which is better than abandoning it entirely, I guess ...
  11. subochre

    Rachel's Time Lost

    Yeah, just events or dark cards that specifically mention "losing" time. If she got six bad baggage per turn, that plot would be impossible! (But for her plot that mentions losing money, I think the FAQ ruled that spending money does count as losing it, which seems very strange to me.)
  12. Yeah, to be honest I haven't used any of them, because from what I remember each of them had one "holy crap yes" ability (retainers for everybody, something involving allies?) and several "why would you ever do that"s. Still, it might make a decent tourism advertisement for players in need of a bit of a nudge.
  13. And of course there's the MU Institution from Miskatonic Horror (photo, text). I haven't actually played it, so I don't know how useful it is--I suspect that the only thing normally worth doing is Advanced Classes, the first use of which is like an improved science building. Of course, since they haven't already been going to the science building, maybe that won't help, but the institution should still make that whole neighborhood feel a little more special.
  14. "Activate" is sort of a misleading word. Basically just think of an activation as an action point. So when Lee uses his OPG to activate six vipers, what that really means is that he can do six things, distributed in any way across any number of unmanned vipers. He can move six vipers once, or have a single viper attack six times, or launch a viper, move, attack, and move another viper two spaces and have it attack, whatever you want.
  15. That's right. It's a little weird that you score both the innocent and the guilty card, but yeah: Innocent: 5 Regular guilty: 15 Super guilty: 23
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