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  1. Thanks to you both for taking the time to comment. I think I've got enough to take to the GM and let him tighten it up. It only has a 10m spray. I think there is an argument to be made that the smoke would fill the complete spray. BTW, guess what also has a 10m spray? The Hand Flamer. Hence I think there is a argument that it could be used in melee. But again...I'll leave that up the GM.
  2. Page 296, Black Crusade Core Rulebook: "The character is gifted with the ability to summon forth a stream of unreal matter brewed from the raw stuff of Chaos. The stream is generally projected from the recipient’s mouth, and the exact nature this matter assumes upon leaving the character’s body varies enormously. The character may make a Standard Attack Half Action to unleash a projectile attack with the following profile; Range: 10m; Rate of Fire: S/-/-; Damage: 1d10+5; Penetration 3; Spray, Smoke. Obviously, the character may not make this attack if he is wearing an enclosed helmet!" My character picked up Projectile Attack and there seems to be a lot of data missing. 1. What is the attack's "Class"? Does it count as "Basic" or "Pistol" or "Flame"? For example, can it be used in melee? Seems like it should be. 2. What is its "Type"? If a critical hit is scored, which charts do we use? 3. What is its Smoke rating? Smoke(10)? Smoke(5)? Plus Smoke weapons aren't supposedly to do damage, but Projectile Attack clearly does.
  3. How does a Rubric Marine heal? The rules in Tome of Fate don't cover this. Obviously they can naturally heal, but I can't imagine Medicae working on them. 1. What about Biomancy powers like Unnatural Healing? Fluff-wise, I'd say no, but rules-wise, it would work. Even the name, "Unnatural Healing", suggests it may work on a space marine that is animated by sorcery. 2. Since its essentially an empty suit of armor, would Tech Use repair it? How have your groups handled it?
  4. Captain Ventris - Actually, that makes a lot of sense. Just like the Space Marine weapons do more damage than the Imperial Guard equivalents.
  5. Darshaagan, thank you for replying. Two points. First, my main premise was to ask why the designers of the game completely "nerfed" weapons that in the real Warhammer 40K game are fully capable of killing Space Marines? What is the point of giving Elite Tyranid Warriors weapons that have zero chance of hurting the hero? Second, my players went through seven sessions of a long genestealer/tyranid invasion campaign. If the Tyranids are 1-trick ponies, e.g. only dangerous in hand-to-hand, the game becomes quite boring since the heroes can take measures to ensure the Tyranids rarely get close enough to use said 1-trick. Having said all that, by giving the Tyranid warriors Touched By The Fates (0), they now can affect the Space Marines. Still requires some lucky shots, but now the sense of danger is back, so the players take them seriously. Do I shoot the charging genestealer, or the Tyranid Warrior with the Death Spitter that may also be the battlefield commander?
  6. Bogi_Khaosa, nice catch. Thank you. And a quick correction of my own post, Devourers also have Storm.
  7. Bogi_Khaosa, thank you for replying. The Devourer stats I quoted are directly out of the Living Errata v 1-1-1. By your interpretation of Righteous Fury, Elite Tyranid Warriors are no threat at range without a heavy weapon. It greatly saddens me that the Deathwatch Living Errata has not been updated since May, 2011 to take advantage of all the new rule improvements.
  8. Kshatriya, thank you for replying. I agree with you on Hordes, but not NPCs. There is nowhere I can find that states it's up to the GM for Righteous Fury. It states Righteous Fury rules are activated when "the attacker" rolls a "0" for damage. I understand that it seems wrong for an enemy of the Emperor to get Righteous Fury, but without it, the only adversaries that have any chance of harming the marines are hordes and boss monsters. For example, the standard ranged weapon for a Tyranid Warrior is a Devourer. A Devourer does 1d10+9, PEN 0, Tearing. Since most marines start at 8 Toughness and 9 Armour, that means the most damage the TW can do is 2 damage per hit. Once the marines gain a few ranks, they are usually 10 Toughness with 9 or 10 Armour. At this point, Devourers are meaningless. However, add in RF, combined with Tearing, and now Tyranid Warriors are dangerous again.
  9. Do NPCs, Adversaries, and Hordes use the Righteous Fury rules when they roll "0" on damage?
  10. So here's how it went: I told the Dark Angel player that he can either pick who to challenge, or he could pick the manner of the trial. He picked his opponent…the biggest Space Wolf in the room. The Space Wolf accepted the challenge and chose "Holmgang" as the manner of trial. I adopted much from Polaria's suggestion on how "Holmgang" works. I restricted them to standing on a large wolf skin, stripped down to the waist, and armed with a primitive shield and primitive hand weapon of their choice. I gave the shield 20 wounds each (usually took two hits to shatter). Each combatant had three shields to go through. The player picked a sword. The Space Wolf chose an axe. The challenged Space Marine was granted first strike. So each turn went like this: 1. Challenged space marine rolls to attack. If the attack hits, the target may either Dodge, or parry with a shield or weapon. If the target successfully parries with his shield, roll for damage (standard weapon damage plus strength and Talent/Trait bonuses). 2. Challenger attacks, defender parries or dodges. 3. Repeat until someone either gives up, passes out due to damage, or falls off the wolf skin. I had the players roll a Toughness test with a modifier based on the number of critical hits they had received to see if they pass out and fall off wolf skin. It was possible to die, but I made it clear that deliberately killing your opponent would result in a loss of honor. However, if a marine died because they refused to give up, that was on them. In addition, I allowed the Dark Angel player to pay 100xp to take Ritual Duel Fighter (RoB, pg77), but he had to agree to live with the actual result of the duel instead of rolling randomly. For the record, the player lost, but because he was the first to issue the challenge, challenged the biggest Space Wolf in the room, both combatants lost all three shields, and he fought till he took his first critical damage, there was no honor lost. This meant Result #2. Therefore, he lost the use of his Chapter Trapping until he has an opportunity to duel again. However, his opponent was so impressed with his melee prowess that he gave him a wolf tail from his banner that acts as a Charm and grants +5 Fellowship when dealing with Space Wolves. The player was a Dark Angel Librarian fighting against a Wolf Guard. [Hey, I didn't tell him to pick the biggest mo-fo in the room!] Bottom line: Everyone loved it. It wasn't over too quickly and no one died, but the possibility was there. There were ethical decisions as well as the player contemplated cheating, i.e. using his psychic powers. My thanks to all of you for your awesome suggestions and debate. Respect!
  11. Awesome! Thanks to all that replied…you really got the creative juices flowing. I'll be using aspects of all your posts. I'll report back later with the results.
  12. Gurkhal said: Just some ideas but I'm sure other posters have better ones. Apparently not….
  13. Do any of the books break down how to conduct a ritual duel between Dark Angels and Space Wolves? I have a Dark Angel player that is about to encounter a whole slew of Space Wolves and I'm looking for cool ideas to make this more than just a 1-round first-blood contest.
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