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  1. Is there a similar\conversion of Destiny to digital or a game similar in gameplay and design?
  2. They Never showed any fulfillment dates on their upcoming reprint listings, not once ever. The point was so we knew there were reprints coming NOT a when. It was just an effort to give a heads up it was being worked on. They do post their expected release dates on new product even with the "current shipping delays." Nothing ever "bumps lifesaving medical products" They don't ship medical product on over sea shipping (unless it is too large to ship in an aircraft). 99.9% of all board and card game manufacturing ships using over sea shipping. Its always in the interest of and business creating consumables to show expected fulfillment dates because people with be more likely to have money prepared for purchase. This is Economics 101.
  3. At the very least it was nice to know they were trying to get a reprint made.
  4. Once there was a time when Fantasy Flight showed what was being reprinted in the upcoming tab on their website. I Just started buying the Arkham Horror card game and am now faced with the "out of stock" issue with at least 1 pack in every expansion block. Since these expansions are split into parts it's now really difficult to judge whether or not to even start buying a expansion since I might not be able to get a pack right in the middle. Why doesn't Fantasy Flight show what's being reprinted anymore? I want to say the last time i saw something in the "Reprint coming" category was 2017 or so.
  5. I gave up on finding this one. It's really unfortunate as I don't trust Fantasy Flight anymore. I recently got the base box for Arkham Horror the card game and purchased the first big box expansion (The dun witch Legacy) only to have the rest of the expansion block seemingly become unavailable right after. Even my local stores can't seam to order them. Anything fantasy flight makes you ether get the day it releases or its gone...
  6. Unbelievable,.... watched the first copy I’ve seen in months of unbreakable bonds go on eBay for $205!!! Come on....... reprint this please!
  7. Still can’t find expansions for sale... super annoyed.
  8. It’s just sad. I’ve been burned by ffg dropping support right after I get a new game from them 4 times in a row. They have moved to scenario based games and when they don’t sell the new scenarios these scenario based games lose there playability really fast.
  9. I’ve sent several emails to fantasy flight about these expansions being scalped for high dollars. They only ever give me incomplete responses. It’s super irritating. Wish they would reprint.
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