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  1. i was wondering,as Imperial and rebel player, wouldn't be effective a simple swarm with no specific or complex card combo swarm against this meta? I mean, by raw statistics 6 -8 ship which concentrate upon a single although big target should be a lot of damage, and with the right ship 2-3 enemy ship list should go in trouble easily... Also, rebel swarm can be a little less numerous but as resilient as an imperial swarm... What do you think? those "top tier" list seems to focus on prolonged fight agains similar 2-3 aces list. Not that I think swarm are the absolute counter to the Meta, but a good answer. What do you think?
  2. Yes I downloaded the rules, and studied them . I found it is a nice break from standard card game. I really want to get it and give it a try. In my neighbor there are others game played form stars wars. I wanna start by having the two sets and some starter to give 30 card to each deck . What about that, I thought about 6-8 boosters should suffice to complete two deck ( yes, not a perfect tuned deck but just a valid 30 card deck. Well reading from the rules I intended the two dice should have accompanied the card, and then for those epic hero, you could choose to pay the higher cost value for two dice or th cheap one for the one dice.
  3. Wanna start the game, reading on Internet because local store and distributor doesn't have it at the moment. I read some hero have double dice, if I ever found them in boosters, I also found two dice ?
  4. saxcloud

    epic scum ship?

    I've seen a shot of a scum huge ship accompanied by a starvyper.... Joke or reality? It was a presentation screen, nit actual product....
  5. saxcloud

    and so i bought.

    Allright people, thank you all! I will try the Rebels with a three pieces list, against an imperial miniswarm phantom/interceptor/2tie/howlrunner..... Then i'll ad just!
  6. saxcloud

    and so i bought.

    They are nexr on the list with inquisitor and veterans... Maybe a medium ship but which? For rebels I plan on millennium veteran b and k wing. Maybe in the middle the scums ship with 2 autothruster... Don't know if I go to a tournament, but if I go I will use imperial Maybe some large ship can be of use?
  7. saxcloud

    and so i bought.

    Thanks everyone, I already have righteous imperial fleet ( red box tie, tie exp, interceptor,advanced and aces,phantom) I have build a rebel fleet to have a 2nd fleet... But as imperial I prefer swarm, I wished to know if rebel can swarm too or prefer beefy ship.
  8. saxcloud

    and so i bought.

    A Classic xwing, a t70, and awing. So with the red starter xwing t65 i have a small fleet. How do you advise to assemble them? Three ahip tooled or four naked ship?
  9. Oh and yes I do not plan to have tournaments soon...just play with friends
  10. Sorry to ask but.... What jumpmaster are? And, btw, there are faction specific help on the first few pack to buy? At the moment I buy more on the look of the ship
  11. Falcon is THE ship. Hope I can double on it with the new pack... If I field Vader and Han is autowin
  12. So at the moment, other that interceptor or inquisitor atm my priority is to begin a rebel fleet millennium or aces are my priority. Just in case I can buy two of these ships K wing T70 (65 if cannot find the 70) B wing Y wing I aM going to a con on Sunday 19 so I will see what I found. Millennium has few upgrade which can benefit imperial fleet too corect? Well, one of the next buy will be starvyper... Cost less than buy the thruster on internet.....
  13. Anyway yes, millennium falcon is a candidate too it's more or less like Vader Hummm I understand t70 with boost and additional shield for only 3pt more is good, but are there useful card in the t65 blister? Btw I wish to collect ALSO a rebel fleet but as second choice.... I'm going to see what I found in that order Interceptor as 1st or inquisitor Rebel aces or millennium, or two blister (k and x wing maybe) So in any case, considering I have only the basic red box t65 in the dire eventuality I should buy a t-65 or t70?
  14. I have a small imperial fleet 7 small ship, I wish to buy for the equivalent of 2 blister to add up for a small rebel fleet for entry game . I have the xwing from the red starter, I was thinking on buy rebel aces, with a few addons I should reach easily 100 points , or alternatively a kwing and bwing or second xwing. What you suggest ? For comparison my imperial fleet is comprised of 2 starter tie plus tie expansion Imperial aces Phantom tie Tie advanced( you couldn't do an imperial fleet without Vader!) And I am going to buy a tie interceptor expansion ( the one with soontir fel) So which ones should. Buy?
  15. I was usi gli empire with Soon Tir fel w/ push the limit Advanced tie which choose the crit between 3 card title X1 and adv.targeting computer 2xacademy tie Howlrunner My tutor played Z95 with some missile Y wing ion turret cluster missile Yt-2400 ion turret one crew which reroll a focus in defense and a card which removed tlock and added a defense die I won initiative, clustered all ship except fel on the left side fel was on the right side 50 degree versus a corridor between the debris/asteroid, to arrive on flank of enemy formation He placed the ship in front of my cluster, partially free from obstruction. My tactics worked, but I get the advanced ionized first turn, he loses z95 but I drived the ship a bit goofy in second and third turn, between asteroid so I get three damage on the two academy, and howl gets 3 turn to get back in game. Fel is a beast, between barrel roll, boost, push the limits and his ability drain the shield of the yt2400 ( he mistakenly used a card which let him reroll a hit on every attack) while the advanced in the next few turn gets the edge by pulling a few crits on a target locked yt2400. He try to reach my table edge and lean back in the protection of the asteroid but my defense die works and I evade all damage from his ion turret, while blockin my ship with stupid manouvre ( yet to remind the sequence in which ship moves....) fel remain on the tracks of rebel ship and with three eyes on attack roll and a focus token, gives few damage to the fleeing yt2400, while the advanced puts two critical of double damage and down the yt200, while the y wing down an academy tie. In the last pursuit, maneuvering right this time I am out of asteroid and all ship pointing to the y wing, howl runner gets two damage and down the last ship.... Victory! Nice game, I really love it, especially the rewarding manouvre phase! Well I am not a novice of miniature game, but my opponent didn't expected I wasn't so much of a novice
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