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  1. i would like to see one cheers, J.
  2. sorry for the double post: Sneak Attack says "Action: put 1 ally card into play from your hand..." I get the 1 card bit I get the from your hand bit but the "into play" part confuses me. The rules for the Planning phase are explicit "After a player plays an ally or attachment card from his hand, he places it faceup and ready in his play area" the rule for "Actions" states - "...In order to trigger an action on a hero, ally or attachment card, the card on which the action is printed must be in play, ..." it says a hero, not your hero or the persons hero who is triggering the action. so, does sneak attack require you to follow the rules for the placement of ally's in the Planning Phase, in which case, they get played in my play area, or do they follow the "action" rule, which does not specify *Which* hero, only *A* hero, leading me to believe that includes my coop partner's hero? gah! now I'm sounding like a lawyer. Cheers, J.
  3. sorry, I wasn't perfectly clear. I had Gandalf and Sneak attack in my hand. the other player had a threat of 49. I paid my 1 resource to play sneak attack. I took out Gandalf from my hand, but gave it to my partner. now, the way I interpreted things, Gandalf is effectively his for that single phase, at which point he can then activate one of Gandalf's bonuses. The player chose threat reduction, then quested him and at the end of the quest phase, Gandalf returned to my hand. What I am not so clear on is if I can actually play sneak attack and give that ally to my partner, instead of being forced to use the ally myself. My assumption is yes because nothing on the card says to keep the ally for myself. Just wondering if I played that correct? Cheers, J.
  4. so I was playing coop, and my partner had a threat of 49. I played my sneak attack and drew out of my deck Gandalf. However, I gave Gandalf to my partner so he could get the benefit of the threat reduction. I know playing ally's during the beginning of turn phase can only be placed in front of you, but is what I did legal? We felt it was because the card did not specifically say "place ally card in front of you" (or something like that). Thoughts? Comments? Cheers, J.
  5. H.B.M.C said: "Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch and Black Crusade are four separate games. They may have the same (or similar) base rule-sets, but they are product lines independent of one another. This is the way they have been treated since the start." That is not totally correct. I'm currently reading RT: Hostile Acquisitions, which is set almost exclusively in the Calixian Sector. So, in a way this is relying on the fact that readers of this source book have access to DH books to know the different planets, sectors and NPC Characters that are being discussed. I consider this book one of the first "cross over" books between the lines - hopefully a trend to come. But to claim that each line is distinct, that's just disingenuous. Ascension in a way was a response to the power disparity in the other lines and to allow DH characters to play along with the other lines. DH Daemon Hunter in the same vein with DW. Anyway, just pointing out that while they may nominally be different lines, I believe that the designers do consider that the majority or purchasers buy for multiple game lines and they create books that can be mined for ideas in all settings. Cheers, J.
  6. wow, great advice everyone. really like the "stone cold killer" idea, just play it cool totally agree that I should let the dice fall where they may... I just never thought that 4 pc's, who just had their characters made, have no equipment or weapons, on a boat with 40 guardsmen and a clearly dangerous captain would try and take over the boat themselves the major failing is mine however, as the GM, I forgot the first rule of player characters, which states: "A player character will never wait for later when they can do something now" my "boat ride" was meant to last several days, during that period there was to be some story exposition taking place, prisoner faction establishment and hooks created for about 12 gaming sessions. I forgot the first rule, and hence before the ship even moved from the dock, they were already planning their escape and flight to the main land What had me stumped was how WH would handle this. D&D, they would most likely "win" due to "balance", this encounter is clearly designed to be not balanced. Cheers, J.
  7. laying down the beating on my PCs that is... Quick scenario. the party is off to a prison island. they are all chained to oars, rowing the prison boat. the boat is swarming with henchmen ruffians, with a rank 3 mercenary as the captain. the PC's have managed to unlock one of the chains holding them fast. their plan is this: should anyone "notice" that the chain is now unlocked, they spring and attack, in an attempt to take the captain hostage and hopefully bargain for their freedom. there is no way in hell they can win. the game session ended with the captain noticing the chain is undone and is coming over to investigate... so, my natural inclination is to pretty much TPK the party since this is WARHAMMER, but I'm not sure if that is actually in the spirit of the game. another option is to KO the party, and then go all dark and grim on them for a while. There is simply no way they can win this battle, the odds are so against them, and I warned and warned them... What I'm really reluctant to do, which is my normal inclination is to fudge and make them "win" because that is cool and exciting storywise and for the players.. it just seems to me when the odds are so utterly stacked against you, the last thing you do is boldly declare an all out attack unarmed against 40 soldiers... I mean, really.... what is the proper warhammer way of playing this out? why can't PC's ever just sit still and let the story flow around them for a minute without trying to "do something" thoughts? cheers, J. (who sure had fun statting up his rank 3 merc with all kinds of skill training, action cards, talents, and party sheets to buff him up with)
  8. **spoilers below** well, I ran through this on the weekend as a trial run with 4 players. talk about a time crunch! here's what I ended up doing: a) landing, fighting off the initial hoard and had them deal with a single "gun nest". spoke with the assassin, who told the crew basically everything. need to send a message, use the astropath attached to the manor. need to cross the bridge, and the only way to do that is via support of the garrisoned PDF/IG forces at the manor, where the governor has holed everyone up. must cross the bridge into the Refining district and the Inquisitors last known location was at the promethium refinery. Did this for a couple of reasons. had to modify the objectives, and had to railroad the group a bit more in order to get the story moving and provide them clear direction where they can go. there was much debate if the manor was even important. need to make this part more apparent. b) on to the manor. before reaching the manor, the marines were ambushed by a series of gun emplacements. this was a tough battle for them. 2 of them almost dropped. felt there was a lull, and randomly added this encounter to spice things up. narriated a number of different "running battles" that the marines witnessed through their street by street walking towards the manor. for the convention, I'll change this encounter into one against the Genestealers to better tie the Xenos threat in with the adventure. c) manor. some roleplaying dealing with the captain of the guards to let them in, and to go get the Governor. after waiting and seeing he was not going to come, the marines make way into the manor house to see all the generals, the governor, their wives and other high level functionaries having a wonderful dance/ball. stopping the dance with a well aimed shot at the music player they proceeded to ask pointed questions to the governor and the generals until the group received the response they wanted. Also done here was marshaled the PDF/IG forces guarding the manor to meet with the other loyal troops to be ready to assault the bridge leading to the refining district. this was 95% role playing d) crossing the bridge. big "narrated" battle to gain control of the banks of the canal. a hugely cinimatic "blow up the refinery tanks" on the opposite side to clear out the gun nests. highly enjoyed. by this point, we had less than 1 hour left to play, so by necessity I had to speed everything up. rolling was done to determine success of their plan to gain the opposite bank, but otherwise, I just had my players describing utterly cool things they were doing to "win" the war. e) the promethium works. we were flat out of time. total narration getting to the refinery, moving through the pipeworks, having the genestealers ambush the marines from time to time. while no damage was given out, it did paint a picture of a dangerous maze. Final encounter with the big bad went well, but was easy due to not a lot of options buffing it up via additional genestealers. we ended up going 15 minutes over time. the gun nest ambush and the big bad both was able to hurt the party, though nobody dropped (good thing since nobody picked the Medicae to play). it was fun, everyone had fun. this would be a very exciting module to play if complete. there is a small number of changes I'd make to improve it for a con, but otherwise, after ripping out 80% of the adventure it went really well. Cheers, J
  9. In the first game that I ran (this weekend), I used some of the advice given and had magnitude act primarily as a morale tracker. while 4 space marines firing their bolters all on full auto can let loose a grand total of 16 rounds. when faced against a hoard in the "hundreds" only leaving a couple dozen lying dead, though taking the hoard down by more then 60% in magnitude did not seem right. the marines where shooting objects on the ground and the resultant explosions and shrapenal killed the front ranks, where the next ranks realized the storm they were running into, they broke and fled (for the most part). It seemed to work. however, RP'ing an attack against a hoard with melee weapons was LIGHT YEARS easier than with ballistic weapons because a sword *can* be much more cinimatically described when no ammo was used Cheers, J.
  10. so. Magnitude on hordes is supposed to be abstract. a mag 50 hoard could be 10 opponents, 50, or 200. Yet when we're firing away at full auto on our bolters that have a full-auto rate of 4, how do you role play the damage/carnage? Seems to me that the potential "damage" caused to magnitude can sometimes exceed the "realistic" stats of a weapon being used. How do you handle this descrpency when only a few shells could do comparetively more damage to a hoard than what the ammo expenditure would seem to be possible? Only way I'm thinking of it is to make gun-fire highly cinematic and discard ammo counting alltogether, so the marine can be standing on top of the bodies of the fallen and simply mow down the oncoming hoard. but then that takes a bit away of the "survival horror" aspects of being dropped onto a planet with 2 clips and trying to survive... *shrug* Cheers, J.
  11. uggg. that's what I thought. OK. major rework going to happen tonight. here's my initial thoughts part a) landing and hoard encounter as is. maybe throw in 1 of the optional extra encounters, and get right into meeting the assassin. She'll totally railroad the adventure saying something to the tune of "the Inquisitor managed to find the lair of the broodlord at location x, and she went off on her own to deal with the matter herself, however its currently impossible to reach that area due to rebel blockades etc... must get the support of the generals, lords and governor from location y so the PDF can provide support and engage the rebel forces" part b) the palace. have a couple running battles with magnitude 5 or 6 hoards (though they fight as if they were magnitude 20-30) because I want it to appear chaotic, I don't want to bog the game down overmuch with these "random" encounters. having their "fight" at normal levels but magnitude very low the chances of a single round of combat before they break and run might be much higher. Kill-team makes it to the palace, some role-playing ensues, and possibly have the genestealer encounter (time permitting). part c) breach the bridge with the support of the PDF forces, go to the factory and fight the broodlord. based on the time, and how fast the game is going, throw in an additional encounter in parts a or b. but figure each part to last an hour and a bit... a total railroad, I know, but perhaps a way to pare back this adventure and still make it through in a 4 hour game slot? oh, and a note to FFG and all game designers in general. why is not the very first adventure released designed around a "single evening of play", in that in my experience most games start as a one-shot to see if the group likes it (or in this case, running it at a con), and making it to the end is IMO an important accomplishment... Cheers, J.
  12. So, I'm planning on running Final Sanction at Hammercon in a couple of weeks. I am prepping for it, and having read the adventure there is a LOT of potential combat and encounters. quick question. has anyone run it, if so, do you think it can be played within a 4 hour "convention" timeslot and still manage to make it to the big bad at the end? any tips or hints from past players or GM's would also be helpful. cheers, J.
  13. so, making a few in game assumptions here that might be wrong. say a starting marine has a BS of 50 Maximum bonuses will "stack" to a maximum of +60. (saying using a full turn aim, full auto attack at higher elevation) no, suppose you make an awesome roll and get a 01. do you count your degree's of success to 100, or to 110? Cheers, J.
  14. yeah. that is a pretty good system for the distribution of Thrones. thanks for sharing! Cheers, J.
  15. Has anyone done this yet - converted the requisition mechanic and the psychic powers from RT/DW? the people with whom I've played with, their #1 "take them out of the drama" complaint in DH is having to buy stuff when they are supposed to work for the Inquisition, and well, Requisition seems at first blush to be an awesome compromise. and converting the DH psychic powers to that found in RT/DW, well, that seems to be the single element missing to "unify" all the systems together. Cheers, J.
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