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  1. Hereticool said: If you can't use Enhanced Healing to remove Critical Damage then the multiplier is still an issue for any Astartes who is Heavily or Lightly Damaged. I assume, folks with Critical Damage and Hardy would be in the same boat as well. If Brother Eniram had Hardy and Apothecary Setratsa rolls a 5 for Enhanced Healing then does he remove (1x2)+5 damage, bringing him to 3 wounds? Or does he remove (1+5) x 2 damage, bringing him to 8 wounds? Sorry for the double post, but I made an error above and couldn't edit my post. If Brother Eniram had Hardy, then he would be considered lightly damaged and thus the base heal would be Setratsa's Intelligence Bonus. For this example let's say it's 5. So it should read: If Brother Eniram had Hardy and Apothecary Setratsa rolls a 5 for Enhanced Healing then does he remove (5x2)+5 damage, bringing him to 11 wounds? Or does he remove (5+5) x 2 damage, bringing him to 16 wounds? The first set of numbers would have held true if he didn't have Hardy and it was ruled that he could apply the Enhanced Healing to Critical, and the order of operations for the Narthecium would still being unclear.
  2. I've played all of the 40K RPGs to date, and I have become accustomed to coming across seemingly contradictory or confusing parts of the rules that would greatly benefit from further elaboration in either FAQ or Errata form. The one I keep coming back to with Deathwatch is how Critical Wounds, a Narthecium and Enhanced Healing all are supposed to interact. One good concise example could have addressed all of this in the rule book (or errata). I find it particularly frustrating that in DW every time there has been healing in a game I'm in it is by an Apothecary with a Narthecium, and almost every instance the Apothecary has Enhanced Healing, yet the none of the examples include these ubiquitous factors. I've played with different GMs and I have run games of my own, and it seems like everyone interprets these rules differently. I am curious how folks interpret the rules in this regard, and please point out if I am missing something obvious. I'll use an example to address the specifics. Brother Eniram has 20 Wounds, a TB of 8, does not have the Hardy Talent and has just taken 28 points of damage after adjusting for Armor and Toughness. This reduces Eniram to 0 wounds and Critical 4 (True Grit cuts the Crit Damage in half, and like all DW marines Eniram has this talent). Apothecary Setratsa arrives on the scene and wants to apply first aid to Brother Eniram. Setratsa has the Enhanced Healing Special Ability and is employing the use of his standard issue Narthecium. The Apothecary succeeds on his First Aid roll. Now the question is, how much damage is healed? First lets check to see whether Eniram is Lightly, Heavily or Critically Damaged. One would assume that he is critically damaged, as he has taken 4 Critical Damage. However the wording of Lightly Damaged says "A character is considered lightly Damaged if he had taken Damage equal to or less than twice his Toughness Bonus." (pg. 262 DW Core) Since the Apothecary has a Narthecium, though it "raises the threshold at which the patient is considered Lightly Wounded to 3 times his Toughness Bonus, and doubles the amount of damage healed by First Aid." (pg. 173 DW Core). Three times a TB of 8 equals 24, which is the amount of damage that Eniram took (20 normal and 4 crit. If you want to count the additional 4 crit that True Grit kept him from taking, then use an example instead where he took 24 damage, putting him at crit 2 before healing). Is he Lightly or Critically Damaged? One would think that Critically wounded characters couldn't ever be Lightly Damaged, however there is the Hardy Talent which does just that (which is why I specified above, that in this example he doesn't have Hardy). I think that Brother Eniram in this case would be Critically Wounded, however I would appreciate it being spelled out in the rules to remove any doubt. So, assuming Eniram is Critically Wounded, he would ordinarily only be able to remove 1 damage. But now we get to the real conundrum. Setratsa has a Narthecium which as I quoted above "doubles the amount of damage healed by First Aid." A simple matter if you don't have Enhanced Healing, as it would double to 1 Critical Damage removed to 2. However, like all three Apothecaries I've played and nearly every Apothecary I've encountered in the more than a dozen different play groups of DW I've been in, Setratsa has Enhanced Healing which allows him to "restore 1d5 additional Wounds with any successful Medicae Test for First Aid (see page 102)." (pg. 69 DW Core) Enhanced Healing is problematical for two reasons: 1) It doesn't tell us how it works with the multiplier of the Narthecium. Do I double healing with First Aid and then add 1d5, or do I add the additional 1d5 before I multiply? 2) The phrasing "restore 1d5 additional Wounds" differs from "removes Damage" (First Aid pg. 102 DW Core), which is the phrase used everywhere else that healing is addressed. Was this difference intentional, implying that it can't remove Critical Damage (if so why didn't they say so) or is it simply an oversight, and restoring wounds is meant to be the same as removing damage? If you can't use Enhanced Healing to remove Critical Damage then the multiplier is still an issue for any Astartes who is Heavily or Lightly Damaged. I assume, folks with Critical Damage and Hardy would be in the same boat as well. If Brother Eniram had Hardy and Apothecary Setratsa rolls a 5 for Enhanced Healing then does he remove (1x2)+5 damage, bringing him to 3 wounds? Or does he remove (1+5) x 2 damage, bringing him to 8 wounds? An additional complication if one interprets the second issue in such a way that 'removing damage' and 'restoring wounds' are indeed intentionally different and that at the same time nothing stops the Enhanced Healing ability from kicking in and that you can restore wounds without having removed all Critical Damage. In this way, the First Aid would remove 2 Critical damage bringing Eniram to Crit 2, but would also add 1d5 to his wounds. Of course in practice this doesn't make it much different than simply allowing the Enhanced Healing to remove the Critical. The only exceptions I could see is when Talents such as Crack Shot were used. I don't think this was what was intended, instead I bring it up to point out what seems to be a problem with the word choice of the Enhanced Healing Special Ability. Thanks for reading! What do you think?
  3. Hereticool

    DH 2e?

    In my (still theoretical) plans to make a BC style chart system for Deathwatch, and then possibly the other games, I was considering level prerequisites for abilities. Something like, you need 2nd level for 2nd tier talents, skills at +10, and 3rd level for 3rd tier talents, etc. I like BC's open system (in my current DW game I'm allowing characters to take any advancements on their allowed tables regardless of level), but for folks who wanted a similar flow chart style without all the restrictive tables, but still wanted some level requirements, then something like the above could work. As far as the topic of the thread, I'd personally like to see a WH40KRPG Core Rulebook, that covered the basic rules for all of the games. The four games have far more in common than not. Having bought nearly everyone of the books, it would be nice to have a core book that covered the basics and then have separate books for what are now separate games. I would like to see nearly all of the changes in BC brought into the other system though, regardless of how they go about that.
  4. Not an answer to your question, but you might check out this thread: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=179&efcid=3&efidt=409360&efpag=0#467716 Dark Reign probably has some rules for them as well.
  5. I am currently running a DW game where I decided to implement nearly all of rules changes made to the core system for BC. I intend on coming up with a chart similar to the one in BC for loyalist marines. Since I am busy doing other things, in the short run I decided simply to remove level restrictions on advances and for elite advances use the tables in BC for guidance. I allow parry as a skill (which it is in BC) and came up with the cost for each specialty based on their WS advancement (since parry is a skill most related to WS) to determine whether they use the true, unaligned, etc. There are certainly opportunities for min-maxing with opening things up, but as long as you are not playing to win, and want the characters to have character then it shouldn't be a problem. Since DH I have always felt the advancement charts were too constrictive and left too much out. I've been a firm believer in being liberal with elite advances but that is not as helpful as a streamlined flow chart type system. I might increase pre-requisites on certain skills and talents to discourage min-maxing, but for now to keep it simple I just keep it open. Once I have played a mission or two like this then I'll decide if further tweaks are necessary.
  6. Siranui said: Things that I'd like to see: THE REST OF THE LOYALIST FIRST FOUNDING CHAPTERS. The first founding chapters are a must have. The other thing I'd like to see is an alternate rank for some kind of scout specialist. The scout gear is pretty well covered, but skills and special abilities that would be ideal for stealthy character are not easily obtainable where they exist at all. Even the most anti-stealth chapters still have scouts, and there are some chapters which use stealth and hit and run tactics preferably (Raven Guard, etc.). It is something that can be home brewed relatively easily but it would be nice to see something official. Along that same line, it would be good to have some non-deathwatch marine rules for scouts. I have played in games that are specifically non-deathwatch, as well as games where the players start out as scouts. Reverse engineering from DW and house ruling the rest isn't too difficult, but again, since this is a what would we like to see thread, that's something I'd like to see.
  7. To add to what deinol wrote, Alliance's website still lists RoB as NYA. I can't vouch for how accurate that is (they may physically have some in stock and haven't updated their site yet). Assuming the status is accurate, when this changes it should only be a matter of days before it arrives at a game store that orders from them frequently.
  8. One way to improve the combi-weapons would be to have the secondary barrel have a full clip of ammo rather than a single shot. If most weapons can get a fire selector and have three clips, why can't a combi-weapon have one full clip for each of it's two barrels? Old TT school combi-weapons had d6 barrels and there wasn't any one shot only restrictions. I'm pretty sure the one shot only feature came about for balance in the TT game which is understandable. I was hoping that the RPG would go back to having the secondary barrel be more useful, but I understand the FFG folks wanting it to match the current TT incarnation. More than two barrels would be a little absurd, but I think the one shot clip for the secondary barrel seems funny when compared with the fire selector upgrade.
  9. I'm looking to play a low tech Deathwatch game online. Play by email or something. I've looked at rpol.net, but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of available space in games. I don't have the tech or the schedule to allow me to do a real time game. Anyone know where I can find a game? I've been playing and running DH since it came out, and have run RT, but I'd really like to play some Deathwatch but my face to face gaming group is more interested in the first two 40Krpgs. I'm a vet rpg player but a luddite when it comes to online tech, so all help is greatly appreciated!
  10. Baradiel said: When I found out that there was going to be six Chapters, I expected that, besides the four big ones, that the Raven Guard would be one of the other two, because they fill the stealth archetype. Baradiel said: When I found out that there was going to be six Chapters, I expected that, besides the four big ones, that the Raven Guard would be one of the other two, because they fill the stealth archetype. The Raven Guard at the top of my wish list. The chapter rules are a double edged sword. On the one hand I'm disappointed I can't easily generate different chapters, on the other I'm happy to see they did such a thorough job making the chapters so distinct. I'll be disappointed if the RG don't show up in the rules soon, especially if they get bumped for position by second founding chapters.
  11. I'm somewhat baffled. You can get the GM kit from Fantasy Flight. If they are back ordered and your local game store can't get it, you might try Paizo.com which is where I got mine. ~hereticool
  12. Thanks for the suggestions! I did find a small piece of b&w art at the back of Dead Stars (page 64) that has a wasp like creature I'd wager is a psychneuein. It's much clearer in detail than the translucent apparition on page 26. Thanks for the comments about the size not being really dependent on real space. I was thinking about that yesterday, particularly with the 25% chance of adult psychneuein popping out rather than larva. Either way it's going to be messy. I wish that the description of their appearance on page 42 (last paragraph) was more clear on what "the psycheneuein are staring out" would be like considering it's a pretty dramatic part of the adventure, but I'm sure I can come up with something suitable. The adventure over all looks great and I'm looking forward to running more of it.
  13. I have started running Dead Stars and I was hoping to have a little more info on the Psychneuein in the book. From what I can see the only info about them is on page 353 of the core book and it leaves much to be desired in terms of physical description. I own a copy of the old school rogue trader book and I'll dig that out for ideas, and I've done a little poking around online but still feel a little uncertain about size and appearance of these "wasp like" creatures. The larva are puny, and if up to ten can fit in someone's head that gives me a good idea, but since the mature Psychneuein don't have a size classification am I to presume they are the size of human? Suggestions?
  14. As has been already stated, marines aren't cloned but the geneseed can alter their appearance. Aside from Horus Rising, Legion is another book that talks about this. The some (most? all?) of the Alpha Legion had a striking resemblance to Alpharius their Primarch(s), so much so they could impersonate the primarch to those who couldn't tell the difference between a marine and a primarch.
  15. One thing to keep in mind with TT vs. fluff is that in the TT game a "dead" model doesn't necessarily mean the model died, he/she is just out of action, just like when a squad fails morale is lost. Certainly some of the casualties from heavy weapons fire may be taking out astartes but most likely they are injured. I still miss the old days when medic characters could revive casualties, though the book keeping on who had what injury slowed the game down it was still fun. Obviously some balance has to be struck with other armies for the TT game, but it doesn't mean that "dead" means really dead. I'm sure the Deathwatch characters will make starting characters in both DH and RT look pretty weak physically but they will probably lack much of the resource/influence of say a RT or Ascension character. Either way, I'm excited to see what the game has in store. I'm keeping my expectations low, I figure if it's a good supplement to RT and/or DH then I'll be happy. I do hope I'll be pleasantly surprised though and then have a third game to vie for my roleplaying time.
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