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  1. Did you not receive an email mid-November saying that the books were on their way to FFG's offices, and that they would start shipping to us early December? Your seeing one on ebay just shows they have indeed started sending them. Given that it's probably taken them a few days to ship all the boxes, and that it may take a few extra days to reach you depending on where you live, it's only normal that some people receive it before others. The important thing is that since at least one person received it, it probably means we'll all get ours soon!
  2. Just got the book. On the positive side, it is gorgeous, loaded with fluff and large pieces of artwork, and it seems that there's a lot of effort in the rules to make everything as clear as possible (can't say for sure, I have only looked at the background of a few characters so far). On the negative side though, that has to be the worst translation of a book in English that I ever read. I'm not a native English speaker and I'm sure I still make loads of mistakes, but this is seriously bad. And you don't even need to start reading the actual content. According to the credits, this is a game "developed and writed by Carlos B. Garcia Aparicio". And of course this is far from the only 'typo', every single paragraph I've read so far (and again that's not very many, but they were picked arbitrarily) had some odd grammar, typos, and/or awkward translation. I'm delighted that the book finally came out, and I hope it starts picking up in the area... But the quality of the translation is a huge disappointment.
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