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  1. Colour for me and my group. It's just simpler and requires less rules-jargon at the table.
  2. Melitto: Willpower 1, Presence 2. Presence 2... for a faceless insect that has to communicate through a vocoder, consumes sugar water as its only sustenance and can't even breathe the same air?
  3. I like that idea, shame I never listen to your podcast ;-)
  4. Hmm, using your super strength to hit your enemy with an empty bus. *PC rolls dice* A success but 2 despair and 3 threat. OK, Captain Amazingpants clobbers Dark Naughtyboy with that handy bus. Unfortunately while you thought it was empty Billy the innocent school kid had fallen asleep in the back of it AND IS NOW SPLATTERED ACROSS THE STREET! Oh and for your three threat bystanders have captured it on their phones and are about to upload the video to you-tube. ...the possibilities are endless... :-)
  5. Hygric

    Genre Books

    Oh gods please not a Trek based setting! Can't you just imagine the nerd-rage as people compare ship stats between Trek and SW?!? The forums would implode! For me as a wishing on a star type of pick, I would want Fading Suns done. Love the setting to bits but the rules system is just so 80's. :-)
  6. Oh yeah, bring on the threat and despairs in super-powered combats in urban environments! Thinking about it, some version of Morality could be woven into a supers game fairly easily.
  7. Best 4 pieces of advice I can give when dealing with this games dice system: 1: If the roll is a success, it succeeds. Doesn't matter how many threat or despair are generated, the task attempted still succeeds somehow. 2: If the roll is a fail, it fails. Doesn't matter how many triumph or advantage are generated, the task attempted still fails somehow. 3: PC's choose what happens with their advantage and triumph, and what happens with the GM's threat and despair. 4: GM chooses what happens with his/her advantage and triumph, and the player's threat and despair.
  8. I've had a PC ask to use 3 threat that was generated with an attack roll from an NPC rival throwing a grenade at him to have the bad-guy setting too long a timer on the grenade so it didn't go off until the end of the round (bad-guys roll was a fail but with triumph that I used to activate blast and 3 threat). He was the only PC left to act so I assumed he was going to try and dodge behind cover or something like that, possibly leap on-top of the grenade to save a badly wounded PC from the blast damage (player is known for such heroics). As such I ran with the rule of cool and said sure, no problems. Never underestimate the cunning of a PC fighting for their life. He used force move to grab the grenade, boink the bad-guy in the head with it and then used advantage from the force move ranged-light check to trigger blast quality to get the minion group next to the bad-guy as well. I did give him a black dice on the check as he was trying to focus, stay calm and use the force WITH A BEEPING EXPLOSIVE DEVICE two feet away! He even had to use dark side pips to get it off, so he gave into his fear and that led to some great role-playing after the encounter. Have I ever mentioned that I really love this rules system, and the situations it helps facilitate? :-)
  9. How about Juyo as a universal spec in a non-career focused book? Give it a rather torturous talent tree that has a few "waste xp" gate-keeping talents and requires going through multiple 25xp talents before plunging back down the tree to get to the really good talents to reflect how difficult a style it is to master and to offset the XP reduction for it being a universal spec. And no force rating talent. I've got a really strong gut feeling that Niman should remain the only lightsaber style with a +force rating talent. I guess I am still holding out hope for a "Secrets of the Force" book that they can chuck a lot of stuff into that they haven't been able to fit into the six career books. Odd force powers, odd lightsaber styles, more meat about dark-side force users, more fluff about other force traditions, all that sort of goodness.
  10. Alisair is right. F&D grants you a force rating point for choosing the career, not the specialisation. So a character could start as an Explorer career with the Fringer specialisation he could pick up say Niman Disciple spec, learn the talents and gain access to the skills, but gain NO BENEFIT from any force talents he learns, and be unable to learn force powers as he has no force rating. Please also note that the Force Rating talent (for +1 Force rating) is itself a force talent, so is of no benefit until you have a force rating, so no side-stepping it that way. Of course, if a player has a really good idea, and the GM agrees to go with it, the GM can just give your character a force rating. If I was the GM it would want to be a pretty darn epic story arc to make that happen however, or come at massive cost (Obligation of 50: Palpatine Owns My Soul should do it). ;-)
  11. Just to throw my 2 credits in the ring, I'm also in the energy shield + armour = yes but armour + armour = no camp. My reasoning for this is that a physical shield counts as a weapon with deflect and/or defensive, so it will add to your armours defence stats while you are using it. These shields are not that expensive relatively speaking for what they provide, although the good ones are somewhat rare. The personal deflector shield, while classed as armour, is almost as rare and just as expensive as a light-sabre, so we should be talking about some seriously good gear! Personal house rule: re-stat the personal deflector to be defence 0, soak 0 but with the deflect and defensive qualities at 2. As for wearing 2 physical armours, in my mind the best one works and the other one just adds weight. If you can wear them together at all! Armoured clothing under a concealing robe, go for it. Flak vest over the top of laminate armour... umm...
  12. How about his own special crystal that can only be mounted in a non-powered mellee weapon (such as oohh... a cortosis staff for that real wizard vibe). 2 hard points, base ability of +1 advantage to force related skill checks. Mods could be along the lines of +1 to range, strength or magnitude of individual force powers. (ie +1 range to force move is 1 mod). May not be balanced... GM beware!!!
  13. So that takes care of my wobbly table leg, and tequila shots for both me and my opponent! Crisis averted!
  14. Given how the GR-75's were allegedly used at Endor, I hope one of their fleet support cards is something along the lines of this: Fire-Ships: When overlapping another ship, instead of resolving the overlap normally do two black dice of damage to the overlapped ship per hull point left on the overlapping ship then destroy the overlapping ship. Lets use these flotillas as flying bombs!!!
  15. Your forgetting the one true best use of this card: folding it in half to chock the leg of your gaming table to stop that slight wobble it had... ...or using it as a coaster for tequila shots while playing Armada. On a serious note, good psych warfare use of the card in multi-player. Well done!
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