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  1. I believe you are asking this in the Descent 1st edition section, rather then the 2nd...
  2. Hi All, I was wondering if the complete forum for Descent 1st edition is completely gone, including everything ever explained for all its expansions? The only thing i can find back is at " http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_nrep.asp?eidm=19#descent ", but that only includes the rulebooks and a part of some FAQ's. 3 weeks back i purchased SoB and (ofcourse) i have a LOT of questions, which now appear unanswerable… So i'm hoping that al those years of Q and A's is not lost but stored somewhere else; who can help?
  3. If you can follow the combat system with more then one player then solo play is a bit easier. I don't have the rules here but in short and from mind: draw a coresponding monster token and lay it face up in front of you (example: a skeleton with 2 health) you do NOT use power cards that come with your hero (only if you want to retreat, so not if you are actually going into combat). you draw a hand of 5 card from the combat deck (the common deck normally shared by both hero and monster) the monster does NOT get a hand of cards (since you are alone, and no-one can play for the monster like that) you choose from your hand the card you want to play and lay it in front of you (open) you draw 1 card from the combat deck for the monster and lay it in front of you (also open). if you have more points then you win the round and put your card on the monster side (1 damage) the monster's card get's in the middle stack. If the monster can make a counter attack (he has less or the same amount of points on his card, and also the correct counter symbol on his card) you draw 5 cards and all the cards that you can (so from the same sort and with a counter symbol) I guess it's mainly a language issue that people find the rules hard to understand. I have shared this game with a couple of friends who are not really known with these kind of games and they fully understood the rules after a short explanation and whole playing the game (we're from Holland, so not native to english either)
  4. I personally find the rules quite simple. Sure, it's not as easy a throwing a dice and see which number is higher/lower, but it's just basic pare-rock-scissors. As for Solo-play, i've done that myself too and it's easier then "multiplayer". with the hiding of the live value: as soon as you have enough cards/wounds to kill the monster; the player playing the monster must say so. In solo play you turn it around right away so you can see right away what number you have to beat.
  5. harobed said: 1) If you move into a new or existing dungeon chamber you encounter that chamber as described in rules (pp.30-31). If you search the chamber you are in you have an encounter using the Search Deck. If you attempt to move to another chamber but are unsuccessful (eg: fail to open a door or raise a portcullis) and have to remain in the existing chamber do you have another encounter in that chamber again (eg: draw a dungeon card / trap card etc.)? No you don't encounter it again. harobed said: 2) After two searches in a chamber you are obliged to move before you can search again. I assume this means if you attempt to move and fail to leave the room (eg: fail to open a door) you cannot have another search attempt next turn? you cannot search it again unless you leave the room and re-enter it harobed said: 3) If you attempt to move to a new (unrevealed) chamber through an as yet unopened door, do you wait until you have successfully opened the door before placing and revealing the adjacent new chamber? It would seem logical that it is not revealed, otherwise if it were you would be able to decide to avoid the chamber by not trying the door again and leaving the existing chamber by another passage. According to many people here on the forum it seems you do not have to open the door, same as a portcullis, as this shuts after you. Then again i must admit that i have not yet encountered a single room with a shut door on the side where you enter......
  6. SoylentGreen said: Page 22 of rules - top right paragraph. And with that he means "yes", you can put the tile in any direction you choose
  7. Why would you get a reward after fighting a monster? It should be rewarding enough to be able to continue towards the treasure! What's next? draw treasure cards every round since you're still alive? draw a crypt card when you find a new room? this whole dungeon was designed to trap and kill heroes! and when starting to hand out possible loot a lot sooner will only lead away from the main goal! A house-rule for this is fine, but i'm getting the feeling from most that they are just getting greedy and want free perks. I hope you will only find scorpions on the corpes! Once again; the only upside in fighting monsters is that you can continue forward towards the treasure (or outwards when you have treasure) instead of retreating!
  8. For me it is/was pretty clear that you have to do a strength test first, and if you fail to do so, you can not actually enter the room. The reason for this was a long look at the "closed door and then straight after a portcullis explanation: In order to move into the adjacent chamber, Hugo must open the door and lift the portcullis. The door is in Hugo’s current chamber, so he must open it before proceeding to the portcullis. Hugo draws a card from the Door deck and encounters a “Hidden Trap” card. After the trap is resolved, Hugo’s turn ends without proceeding to the portcullis. On Hugo’s next turn, he attempts to move into the adjacent chamber again. He must first draw another card from the Door deck. This time he draws a “Door Opens” card and can now try to lift the portcullis. Hugo succeeds at testing his Strength and finally moves into the adjacent chamber. If Hugo failed the Strength test for the portcullis and wanted to move into the chamber again next turn, he would have to start the process again by drawing a new Door card. So for my point of view, (removing the closed door, since even if you succeed in opening it you still have to do a strength test to open it) you are in the room you started from (so you have only placed the new tile in front of your hero but you're not standing on it), and have to do a strength test; if you fail you are still in the same room, only if you succeed you will enter the new room and encounter it.
  9. You get a hand of five cards (unless you are that dwarf who gets 6 cards in total each round). This will be at the start of each new combat round. But at the start of a new combat, you FIRST draw one power card at random (you draw one from your pile, and the monster from his own pile, both at random). After this first card, you fill your hand up to 5 cards (so you draw another 4 combat cards from the "community" pile). When the first combat round is over (and both still are alive) you both fill up your hand to 5 cards and continue untill one of the fighters is dead.
  10. Gregaria said: Rueswise, you are just being picky. There is no Crypt room, it is just a type of dungeon card which lets you draw from the crypt deck - identical to the Corpse mechanic. We always explained that the dungeon room was itself a crypt, filled with corpses and the like. I agree with this
  11. I might be remembering wrong, but i thought that if you run away/evade/escape from a monster you have to go back the tile/room you came from. This can be really annoying and somthing worth fighting for to avoid. I personally have only played 2 games, 1 solo and a 2 person-game but already succesfully escaped a fight, returned to the previous tile to find myself in a much worse situation (forgot that i had nowhere to go other then searching for a secret other way or go 3 tiles back for another door/opening). So i guess the main upside is that you can continue your (hopefully shortest) way to treasure!
  12. And a lot of money to sponsor me! But if you can afford it, i'll surely come over!
  13. Lol DemonNiko, you completely ruin the fun for me reading these threads where you post. way too long to make your point imho For what i've read you're only negative (perhaps you are possitive in some points, but that would have been after the 200 words mark?), anyways we're all entitled to our opinion, and it appears you like to enlighten us all on the "negative" side. Thanks for that!
  14. DemonNiko said: Do you know what a handicap is? When you go bowling and because you suck so bad at it they give you a 20 point handicap it means that they're giving you 20 free points so you have a chance at winning against them. Determination Tokens do the same thing, they incrementally give you a 1 point per token handicap so that you will be more likely to win at the task. In the old version of the game, if you had a 4 strength, it pretty much meant you had to be more creative about getting through the dungeon because you knew that you couldn't open that porticullis except by a miracle. It meant you didn't waste time trying to screw around in the same room unless you were forced to. With Determination tokens you're instead telling the players "Don't worry, you just keep wasting time with that bridge or porticullis because if you're determined enough, then it'll just fall over eventually." In the old version, (the starting) characters were more or less balanced because they each had strengths and weaknesses and thus different playstyles. Who needs a playstyle when every task you have a problem at you can just barrel through eventually. That's not game design, that's being lazy. Dammit, ranting again... I don't like the idea of carving rules *out* of a game, but I don't see a choice. Haha oke, i guess you're from the USA, normally when people here are talking about a handicap it means you get it harder. So increasing the handicap will make it harder to achieve the same. (For me it still appears this way in this game, you get the opposite of your handicap, you get points extra to aid you, instead of giving points to make it harder). Anyways, i get your point now
  15. DemonNiko said: Oh, and what's this determination token garbage? "Whaaah, I can't make it out of the pit trap so you have to give me a handicap." Seriously? Seriously? Did you not read the rules properly or what? determination tokens make it easier, not give you a handicap! the amount of tokens you can add up, so in due time you will always succeed .
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