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  1. I asked how Sifo afforded the army. Who was bankrolling him? The Republic didn't. They weren't even aware of the army until Obi found it on Kamino and reported it to the Jedi Council. Ditto the Jedi Council. It costs a lot of money to make millions of people. Food, clothing, education, tools, weapons, vehicles all cost money. That's before you even consider paying the cloners themselves. A Jedi ordered an army, someone paid for it. Even if the Jedi Council denies knowing about the clone army prior to its discovery by Obi-Wan (and they didn't seem to but that's hardly the point), how do you suppose that looks to the public? I was actually asking for you to cite canon about the timing of the army's creation. Sorry if that wasn't clear. My original post states that the clone army was created before there was a need for it. In other words, long before there was a war to fight, Sifo Dyas ordered the creation of a clone army. Then, years and probably billions of credits later, there's a war, started by a political movement founded by a "retired" Jedi and in response (all MtG players just shuffled their hands nervously) the Jedi trot out an army of slave soldiers they claim to have no prior knowledge of but that the people who made it claim it was ordered by the Jedi "for the Republic" and their official position is "Hey isn't that convenient? Lucky us!" Credulity... strained. Most of this is covered directly or indirectly in Episode II, although the Clone Wars episode you would want to watch is S6E10: The Lost One (link is to Wookieepedia).
  2. I would suggest posting the character your trying to play in a play by post. This would attract more GMs if you have a character already made. Can't speak for Matt, but I'm personally usually inclined to take rough ideas or concepts I have and shape them depending on the needs and concepts of a campaign. But if this is a valid suggestion, I could be all over it. On that note, yes, I'm also a bit interested in a PbP. Itching to brush up on some writing and RPing, as well as up my activity on these forums again. So if there's something brewing, I would be all ears. (also, I have been brewing a little something for a Clone Wars Era campaign for a table campaign - I could be persuaded to make it PbP if there's enough of a PbP subcommunity here)
  3. A warhammer certainly isn't a sledgehammer, though (And I actually would consider giving it Pierce). I believe D&D actually used to call the warhammer for a war pick. Which basically is what it was. In any case, yeah, I see where you're going. Although I still think you're best off with a simple baseline without so many Pierce quality weapons. Slight damage and/or crit variances (and of course weight and price) would be the better way to balance things out. As well as rarity, if you're keeping that mechanic. So as not to reduce the meaning of soak and armor. Similarly with Vicious and Crit rating, actually, at second glance. Crit rating 2 is very potent with a Vicious 2 weapon (never leave home without your hatchet!), for instance. However, I agree that it very much portray a gritty hack and slash reality of combat with medieval weaponry. And at that it succeeds. But then it needs to be offset somehow by other mechanics, else I fear the players will get a little tired of getting critted all the time. And because of that, if you're always getting your limbs chopped off, you would want armor for its Defense rating to negate some advantages or successes (and with the current viciousness of the weapons, I think you did right by having a few armors with defense at hand). However, the armor's other function - to dampen blows - is negated by the fact that practically every weapon it's designed to protect against will pierce it. Maybe that is realistic, maybe it's not, I'm not completely sure, but it's something to keep in mind when balancing out player and adversary options. Then again, the weapons must somehow be able to reach through a target's soak, so it might not be all that off. However... Take a Light blaster pistol, it does a minimum of 6 damage before soak when it hits (5 base +1 for the minimum success needed to hit). An average person does a minimum of 5 damage with an Arming Sword, for instance. So far it's slightly worse. Although, accounting for Pierce 2, against an unarmored average person, the blaster pistol thus does 4 damage, while the Sword still does 5 damage. Not comparing technology, just mechanics. Even comparing heavier pistols, the sword is comparable. Especially if you put an extra point or two in Brawn. Just adding to the considerations
  4. I figured as much. And although I don't necessarily disagree, the trouble with this system vs the real world is that it's fairly abstract. Most medieval weapons designed for piercing armor in the real world would likely not have the Pierce quality in this game. Already existing weapons in the game would prove some guidelines, although the problem with that is that melee characters in the SWRPGs are likely to use high end weapons like Vibroswords/axes/rapiers (or lightsabers, for that matter). There are simpler weapons around, though, like the gaffi stick and such. And there's the Corellian Compound Bow for ranged weapon comparisons. How you should think, I believe, isn't necessarily converting vibro weaponry into medieval weaponry, but rather comparing your (melee) weapons up against each other the way you would compare the standard (ranged) weapons of the SWRPGs. Holdout Blaster - Light Blaster Pistol - Blaster Pistol - Heavy Blaster Pistol Blaster Carbine - Blaster Rifle - Heavy Blaster Rifle - Light Repeating Blaster; etc. Once you have a similar "base scale" in place for your medieval weapons, you're set for specialized weaponry, I think.
  5. Edge of the Empire: The characters were told to recover some precious cargo from an uninhabited, and uncharted jungle planet. Turns out the planet weren't so uncharted after all. The Imperials have their cargo. Age of Rebellion: The characters have been dispatched to a remote planet to destroy a research facility producing amphibious AT-ATs in fear of an assault on Dac. Force and Destiny: The characters have heard rumors of a prisoner being transferred by convoy to a secret prison deep within the swamps of a far-off moon. The prisoner was the last to see their mentor.
  6. Interesting idea. Haven't checked out the other fantasy conversions yet, but I noticed at least one thing: There are a lot of weapons with the Pierce quality. Is there a special reasoning for this? It makes armor somewhat obsolete (apart from Defense), as even a simple dagger ignore the sturdiest of plate armors.
  7. He cut the book price in half. Similarly, although it's not likely to happen, sourcebooks for different eras would be interesting. If I ever run a F&D centered game, it would be in The Old Republic or during the Clone Wars. I just don't fully feel the concept during the Rebellion Era. As has been mentioned, though, it's extremely easy to reuse stats on adversaries. Not much else needs to be done, except maybe starting at "knight" level play.
  8. Good point. Wasn't thinking that far, haha.
  9. It's specifically stated that a crit deals WT worth of wounds, thus removing a minion. It contradicts the rule about needing to exceed the threshold to remove the minion, for some reason (and our group seems to go with WT worth = dead minion), but it is clear on the fact that it auto kills anyhow. Interestingly, though, it might appear that the intent is equal to Wound Threshold in order to kill a minion. Or, at the very least, if it's 1 more, that doesn't mean that all minions in a group basically have +1 WT, but the group as a whole does: Three Stormtroopers have WT 5 each. If going as written, damage would go like this: At 6 Wounds, a Trooper dies, and the second trooper has taken 1 damage. At 11 Wounds, a Trooper dies, and the third trooper has taken 1 damage. At 16 Wounds, a Trooper dies, only one above the Threshold. (What this tells us is that anyone at exactly their wound threshold is alive and kicking.) I'd probably be a little cautious about special weapons in too large minion groups - at least at lower levels of play - as it could quickly get out of hand (minions go down easy, sure, but they also tend to pack a larger punch than you'd think while they're alive - and that's with simple blaster pistols or rifles).
  10. Yes, I also thought it had potential. Plus I found the maneuvering of the three different ships suits my play style. I tested the list briefly, and it performs well, although the two games were also against somewhat experimental lists. First game I tried with the flanking Luke, which made the opponent split his forces as Luke and Jake swooped in from different angles with Ten in the fray. For the second game I tried keeping the trio together, effectively ignoring Lone Wolf early game, offering the opponent the choice of focusing on either Luke or Ten - picking which late game evil they didn't want. It was essentially sacrificing Luke since Lone Wolf was inactive and thus a tempting target. This allowed Ten Numb to rip through ships in the late game. R5-P9 impressed me both games. Underrated can on wheels, that one. Also a bit skeptical to begin with, I found that prockets on Jake is hilarious and well worth the 5-point investment.
  11. So, me and friend were brainstorming for an upcoming tournament. I've been back and forth for a while. Having tested a little Scum, I've returned to a kind of list I'm comfortable with: 3 Rebels Elite. How does this look? Hammer, Anvil, Nail Jake Farrell (31) A-Wing (24), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Proton Rockets (3), Push the Limit (3), Veteran Instincts (1) Ten Numb (36) B-Wing (31), “Mangler” Cannon (4), Veteran Instincts (1) Luke Skywalker (33) X-Wing (28), R5-P9 (3), Lone Wolf (2) It's a list with little to no synergy, so to speak, but with individually solid ships. Luke will be the obvious flanker with Lone Wolf and does his typical thing in the end game, with Jake as the early game alpha-strike threat (and he's likely to get in there nice and easy, too) and secondary flanker/end game harasser. Ten Numb, albeit expensive, will bring slow and steady hurt with the Mangler Cannon, likely rolling into position or out of arcs after most other elite pilots.
  12. So, got a tournament coming up this weekend and I have no idea what the meta will look like. Due to a rather small environment here, I don't imagine I will be seeing a lot of Hans with C-3PO, but you never know when someone's put down the money for that CR90... What I do know is that Phantoms will probably be more prevalent along with Interceptors. For rebels, most indications are high hit point four-ship builds. But that's mostly all guessing - I'm basically flying blind. So far I've tested two builds: Wedge (29) Swarm Tactics (2) Rookie Pilot (21) Blue Squadron (22) Advanced Sensors (3) Ion Cannon (3) Green Squadron (19) Chardaan Refit (-2) Push the Limits (3) Swapping the usual Biggs for Wedge and Swarm shenanigans with Rookie or Blue, with added versatility in the A-Wing flanker. The list has performed rather steady and surprisingly well, The A-Wing is doing exceptional work as a flanker, and Wedge does some work with himself and whoever he swarms with before he goes down (usually after a couple of rounds of shooting, but he's usually taken at least his points worth with him). By then, most enemy squads are severly softened,and it comes down to a mix of endurance and flanking maneuvers. The list lacks severly in PS, though. And against Elite builds, especially Phantoms, I would have to play a game of attrition with my hit points. Despite being quite fun to play and maneuver, the list felt a little lacking, without knowing why, so I slapped together an alternative: Wedge (29) Veteran Instincts (1) R3-A2 (2) Luke Skywalker (28) Draw their Fire (1) R2-D2 (4) Keyan Farlander (29) Advanced Sensors (3) Ion Cannon (3) I'm personally not that fond of Farlander without a way to stress him completely at will (Push the Limit, etc), but AC and Ion is a lot of value, plus he is a B-Wing. Luke is exceptionally good late game and Wedge is Wedge. I haven't tested this list as much as the first, but even so it sits somewhat right with me. It will, however, take a lot of beating without that A-Wing harasser. It makes up for it with some interesting anti-Phantom options. I guess I could downgrade Farlander to add some more tools to Wedge and Luke, though. In any case, I'm not really sure how to develop these lists, or even which one to choose. They feel kind of "mid-range" to me. Thoughts and input are highly welcome!
  13. I ran Farlander for a few of games this weekend. Originally I went with a Wes + Opportunist combo with him, but it proved too situational, even with Wes. Only had a couple of rounds where I was able to Utilize the combo fully, and then I would have to rely on red maneuvers for stress in order to use Farlander's ability. While there are more than enough red maneuvers on the B-Wing, it simply didn't cut it. I felt that Opportunist was a wasted option, since I was quickly outmaneuvered and locked out of using it. That's why I'm partial to Farlander + Advanced Sensors + Push the Limits + Engine Upgrade above, which I tried thereafter. High maneuverability and stress at will proved much more potent and fun. I only lost that match due to a horrible run with the dice the very last round, but it felt like a lot more bang for the bucks than Opportunist. I reckon one could do without the Engine Upgrade for some E2 shenanigans or a cannon (or to save points), if one wanted.
  14. I put the Ion cannon there for some utility after chatting with a friend, although the list is about blasting stuff to bits, so it really doesn't fit the theme. Aaand... I somehow thought the Advanced Sensors were 4 points (I blame it at not enough coffee at the time). Sensors is of course the way to go! In some variations I toyed with Engine Upgrade on Wedge and/or Wes to better line up those shots against low PS pilots. Not sure how to best fit those points in, if at all (at least not with a named B-wing). It will also be interesting to see whether the R2 on Wedge will help enough with the stress or not.
  15. OK, so I know 3-ship lists isn't necessarily all that hot, but I've been doodling around with something like this and thinks it looks a little fun: Wes Janson (29) Veteran Instincts (1) (30) Wedge Antilles (29) R2 Astromech Droid (1) Opportunist (4) (34) Keyan Farlander (29) Advanced Sensors (3) (edit; out: Ion Cannon) Opportunist (4) (36) (100) Full on offense, low on defense. Ion Cannon for a minimum of flexibility. Might have to work on the defense a little. Haven't had a chance to test it out yet. Just cooked it up during my lunch break Link to list
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