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  1. First off clones are **** expensive. This is an army I came up with using the TX-130. The object would be to hit the enemies vehicles hard early on using the TX-130 and the Barc Speeders working together. The Phase 2 and Phase 1 Clones + Rex would be to cover the TX-130 from rear and side shots. Using the Veteran pilot will allow token sharing if needed. # of activations suck, but the army is pretty mobile and is very good against vehicles. Clone Captain Rex [90](107) Strict Orders [5] Emergency Stims [12] Phase II Clone Troopers [60](92) Z-6 Phase II Trooper [27] Fragmentation Grenades [5] Phase II Clone Troopers [60](92) Z-6 Phase II Trooper [27] Fragmentation Grenades [5] Phase I Clone Troopers [52](77) Z-6 Phase I Trooper [25] BARC Speeder [75](104) BARC RPS-6 Gunner [24] Long-Range Comlink [5] BARC Speeder [75](104) BARC RPS-6 Gunner [24] Long-Range Comlink [5] TX-130 Saber-Class Fighter Tank [170](222) Veteran Clone Pilot [7] TX-130 Beam Cannon Turret [30] Armor-Piercing Shells [10] Linked Targeting Array [5]
  2. I have used Gorilla Glue for both the Phase 1 and phase 2 models without any issue and without having to clean the models. IMO for the extra money, they should have included an extra spruce that could have had various options for the figures including misc terrain to put on the base , maybe a few objective token pieces or something. To me it feels really rushed with not much planning when it comes to building out the unit.
  3. Just put together C3P0 and IMO that is a much better model. The arms in the head have nice fitting joins, so realistically you only have to glue the legs and the body. The arms and head, at least right now, fit very snug and it allows you to pose them however you want.
  4. I didn't take pictures, but one thing that was really odd was how you snap the body parts together. The peg hole was really large, so the peg wouldn't fit in snug to allow you to test out the fitting before glueing. I don't know why they made the hole so large. There were other choices made like a 3 part gun setup, that seemed better suited for 2 parts vs 3. The hand pegs were almost non existent, so the hands really didn't snap into place. When you look at FFG's other Star Wars offerings, the name of the game is pre-built and pre painted. This allows a gamer to simply purchase the unit or whatever they want and can start playing right away. Although they didn't go that route with legion, it was still really easy to put stuff together and play. Now it has become a process. Most people I play with don't have painted figures, so they aren't really in the hobby aspect by what I am seeing. They only want to play the game and could care less about building and painting figures.
  5. I put together 2 boxes of the new Phase 2 Clone troopers and I am not at all impressed with the hard plastic vs soft plastic and instead prefer the soft for many reasons. 1. The hard plastic takes much longer to assemble the figures. 2. The hard plastic is basically static poses with no real adjustably or pose options. Example is the heavy gunner. You have to use the kneeling pose, because the heavy gun doesn't work on the other figures the way they are designed. 3. You don't get many extra options except head swaps. 4. The cost has gone up significantly compared to the base unit. 5. I like the feel of the softer plastic figures during game play. They are a bit heavier, so just feel better. 6. Comparing the Phase 2 to my Phase 1, there is no real assertable difference in quality or detail.
  6. On the TX-130 does Ammo take up an Arsenal Spot? Example Armor Piercing Shell Tx-130 Beam Canon Twin Lateral GA-6N Laser Cannons Can I fire all 3 in one round? If I fire the Lateral Laser Canons can I then fire the Tx-130 Beam at the same target? Would this be considered 2 suppressions or just 1 if there is a hit?
  7. Tri3

    Take That Clankers

    Ok so in order to take advantage of the card, the units (2) must do the following 1 Have an order tokens, 2 Use to the first action to aim 3 Use the 2nd action to shoot at +1 to their range up to a max of 4 The card doesn't seem as powerful as it should be. I think you should be able to us shared aim tokens
  8. Tri3

    Take That Clankers

    Thanks. What is the token called if it not ordered by a commander, but is picked at random and then placed face up?
  9. Tri3

    Take That Clankers

    When using "Take That Clankers! command card", do the card's rules only apply to the 2 units Rex gave command tokens to? https://tabletopadmiral.com/static/legion/images/Clone Captain Rex/Take That, Clankers!.png
  10. Are you having much success using BARCs or just leaving them at home. The way I see it, if you're taking 2 BARCs you are pretty much limited to 3 Clone squads, Rex and Obi Wan. The issue here is BARCs are vehicles and can't control objectives, just like Z-74s. To me both these should be considered troopers. If you take 1 BARC instead of 2, the firepower just doesn't seem worth it. Going with 5 core units, Rex and Obi-Wan and no BARCs your activations are easier to know in advance since it will either be a trooper or a commander token, but more limited because to take advantage of the token sharing you have to stick them close together in a blob. In games I have played I have had much more success with just using clone troopers and not using BARCS.
  11. Just wondering if you have any sets available for sale? Looks rather cool.
  12. Biggest thing for Clones is they finally get comms with the Arc Troopers. I suppose RTD2 also has comms, but having it for troopers is nice.
  13. Star Wars 40K. Now you must be joking. My army goes, your army goes...No thanks. You obviously haven't played a lot. The tactical aspect of the current game blows 40K apart. There have been so many games where if I or the opposing player had made a different choice in movement or attack the outcome would have been different. That to me says balance. The only downside to this game is length of time it takes to play an 800 point game. That said there are ways to speed things up by having terrain ready and cards in quick sleeves. IMO the game is one of the better miniature war games out there. Also FFG hasn't nerfed armies or come out with armies that because they are new are so much better than previous armies. Something GW is very well known for.
  14. Although Shore Troopers are good, they don't get the surge to hit or precise. Teaming up Stormtroopers with Veers is the way to go to maximize use out of them.
  15. Now if Stormtroopers had the T21-B that would be the bomb.
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