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  1. Types of Zombies

    How the do you delete a post
  2. The Problem with the Magic Attack Action

    Need to add rules for time, make the spell take long to perform for a reduced cost. Do they have anything like that in the game?
  3. When you use an encounter action on a space does the space become inaccessible to you? What keeps you from sitting in a spot and doing multiple encounters? When do you put out new inactive enemy token, when the first ticket moves off the spot or when it's killed? If the latter how do you track enemy origins?
  4. Direct Porting Force Powers?

    O love the idea of the force in other realms or far far away galaxies. I was thinking a modern, post-apoc, or even stone age would be fun throwing in 'the force'
  5. Fallout crawl

    Dear FFG, Please announce it already. There is no way you are only doing one Fallout game. I want to go vault delving!
  6. The Mona Lisa is on a $20 piece of canvas and was painted with about $10 worth of paint....who can I sue
  7. Will there be generic characters?

    Do you mean generic squad commanders? or a generic overall leader? I am sure they will make additional command leaders for squads like they did for IA and Runewars but the overall command will most likely be named. Although the named leaders might be made up just for the game, like they did with heroes in IA.
  8. When will the next preview be?

    or a Descent/IA style game like the old Fallout game...wait... haha Every single combat scenario in the older top down was just like descent/IA, Every time you go into a vault, building, cave, section of destroyed city, shanty town is a opportunity to create a decent/AI map. Fallout is designed for a crawler much more than star wars will ever be, because it started as a top down computer game adventure crawler
  9. When will the next preview be?

    I still hopeful for a Descent/AI style Fallout game being announced
  10. Who is Buying This? Who is sticking with IA?

    I kinda of wish they did an earlier era is all
  11. Jedi Order - Exile & Custom Jedi

    the hero/leaders (whatever) have slots to add abilities, pretty much can customize them within reason
  12. Tiers of lore be damned?

    I think I got lost while searching the internet
  13. How can they claim its simplifying...

    the bendy gadget is one of the most innovative adds to wargaming, I love them
  14. Scared to choose faction!

    don't be scared “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” hey WAIT go with the Empire!!!
  15. Cover is not meaningful enough

    Maybe they plan on a specialist card for small units, 'if your unit is under 3 figures convert one hit to cri't sort of thing. Maybe the cover rule is to mitigate the advantage smaller units have in command and control. you will have more units to choose from and maneuver and will be able to act after the opponent Also if a small unit takes 10 hits but only has 4 guys that's is inherently an advantage, you still get full defense but will never take more than 4 casualties.