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  1. so I was wondering... Terrinoth integrated into the Dragonstar empire? What do people think about this? I mean you will have to deviate from the cannon lore of up-and-coming books that expand on the future of Terrinoth, but if I remember correctly, Dragonstar had players come from generic fantasy (and not necessarily the same homeworld). I feel like a really well fleshed out fantasy setting that was a common background would give players an excuse to go out and adventure because they share a homeworld they don't want the Dragonstar empire to mess with too much. anyway just putting it out there to see how stupid I get called :-).
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    ok so Iv'e searched the message boards and I couldn't see anything on the subject, but with only war out, could that mean that the next rpg would be one about hive gangers?….. … Please ;-)
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