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  1. Finally, I was really getting worried about this, Nurgle is one of my favorites.
  2. I think the faq pretty much covers al scenarios. If the origin area is activated then you need the Relentless Attack order. However, even if you have Khan within 3 areas, he cannot join the battle if he is in an activated area. Were he in a non-activated area though, you are in for a pile of trouble coming your way.
  3. I also started with Hero Quest and Space Crusade. A while later I found out about Space Hulk and eventually warhammer (fantasy and 40k) but unfortunately could afford neither. It was only after I happened upon an online compilation of the space hulk contents that I was able to replicate it using paper since it was already out of print (I am proud to say it was a pretty good replication, I even used the old "Space Hulk, Vengeance of the Blood Angels" PC game box to put it in). I managed to get 40k models only when I first got a job almost 10 years after I fist heard of the game. I always hated how expensive this game is but its quality and background surely makes up for it. It goes without saying that I have all the Dawn of War games. As for Horus Heresy, it's definitely going to be next in my list.
  4. How about "I fear none for I am fear incarnate"? That's from dawn of war. A classic one from chaos gate is "A gift, from the emperor" said to the enemy when a marine is about to use something explosive like a grenade or a rocket launcher.
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