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  1. I was finally gonna give watching the series another chance in preparation for the release only to find out it's been pulled from Netflix and won't be available again until Disney+ in November. Curses! (Whenever I can watch it, I won't make the mistake of trying to get all the way through season 1 again.)
  2. I believe that the classic deadnaught is going to come in as the Imperial Support Vessel simply because of the cheaper SSD types being called "Star Dreadnaught" on their cards. To me, that implies the possibility of dreadnaught being a key word that could apply to a broader definition of Huge (but affordable in 400 point) ships. Or, at the very least, they probably don't want two ships being called dreadnaughts. (Like Star Destroyers... or MC80's... wait... uh....)
  3. So, if the Star Dreadnaughts are disappointing in a 400 point game, do you think the SF SSDs will be better in terms of balance in a game?
  4. But, " Move as close as you can and engage those Star Destroyers at point blank range!"
  5. How did it look in action? (Also, is there any issue with the plastic pieces that overlap the base in the front and back? If I have to regularly remove the model from the base to play, that's going to make me sad.)
  6. Are these available as videos afterward? If I don't get noticed at work, then I can have it on, but I likely won't get to see the whole thing.
  7. It could probably get away with being a very outsized and point expensive large. Besides, I want the dreadnaught. Forget playability, I have more money than sense. (Just kidding; I don't have money.)
  8. Well, I would rather have the new trilogy stuff. Integrates better into our current setup (like resistance and First Order did originally in X-Wing) and also I really want to field the hugely impractical and almost certainly speed 1 heavy bombers from Episode VIII. They're ridiculous, require the rest of your squadron points just to escort them, probably will all die before they even get to unload their big bombs, and are entirely thematic.
  9. I'm a bit anti-social and avoid playing in public; preferring to play with friends in our houses. This might get me to come out of the shell a bit.
  10. I will never not want to play this. (Black dice for days in this pic.)
  11. While I have little interest in the actual lore of the era, I think the Clone Wars (I will not reference them as prequel trilogy by choice) could be interesting as they could more specialized factions. When watching the Legion part of the panel, though I don't play, I was interested that the Separatists are the "horde" faction with lots of cheap little guys. I could see their Armada faction as a One Ship; a Lucrehulk (still huge, but much smaller and cheaper than an SSD) with lots of droid squads. Sure, there are the other groups within the Separatists with more regular size ships, but I still see them as being mostly bigger. Meanwhile the Republic could finally fill in the currently underpopulated medium base ships along with some really powerful ace squadrons to push around. (Also, FWIW, regardless of what I thought of the films, I still loved the capital ships and most of the fighters. So, I want the plastic!)
  12. Well, they did introduce Iden Versio, and her whole story arc is changing sides.
  13. I wonder if they'll all be voiced by Taika Waititi.
  14. I had hoped this Lando uniform would be for when he's used as a commander (since his maneuvers at the battle of Tanaab are well known). I figured his squadron card would be the creepy wearing of Han's clothes at the end of Empire.
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