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  1. As a response to the patty wagon conundrum: According to the Innsmouth rulebook, Devils Reef can only be reached through aquatic movement, so that's either from chartering a boat at Falcon Point or if you're Silas the Sailor. And since an amphibious patty wagon never made much sense to me, I've always played by that rule.
  2. The other day, one of our 4 person AH group finally admitted to us that he immensely disliked Arkham Horror (I know, how could anyone hate AH?). We've done a 3 player game, and it just doesn't feel the same. We decided we'd have to bring in a new player. I have some other friends but none of them are board gamers. The one who I think would be the easiest to convert to the world of board games is this one I introduced Small World to a while ago, and he loved it. So...how should I introduce AH to him and how can I get him hooked on AH? Is there specific Ancient Ones, expansions, special house rules, investigators, etc that is the best for not only a person new to AH but a person almost new to board games?
  3. One of my biggest problems with the game is how easy vanilla Arkham Horror is. While it may seem rather difficult at first, it got very easy for me very quickly. The only way to improve the difficulty was A) use house rules or B) buy an expansion (which is what i did). Another thing is that in some situations, the game really drags. In AH, there are 3 main things to do: 1. Pick up clues, 2. Close gates, 3. Kill monsters. When there are an absence of these things (it happens more often then you think, with one new gate/clue/monster a turn and several investigators to handle them), there's really nothing to do except wander around listlessly, hoping for an interesting encounter. However, this usually only happens with vanilla AH, expansions get pretty hectic. A third thing that bothered me initially was the fact that luck is a major game mechanic. I'm a big fan of tactical, strategic, war games (War of the Ring FTW) where you win if you're good and you lose if you're bad. Here, you could be a gunslinging spell-wielding monster-crushing badass who has taken some heavy damage from a shoggoth and your down to one stamina. You decide to hide out in Velmas Diner, draw an encounter, and BAM your grizzled veteran monster killer gets sick from some food poisoning, loses a stamina, goes unconscious, and loses half his possessions.
  4. I think a RTL campaign with two players may turn out kind of well, with one person as the overlord and the other as the band of heroes...but what do you think?
  5. hi dosan, I also had a similar problem with wanting the quality of FFG, but worried about their price, and my suggestion is to only buy sleeves for cards that are handled and shuffled all of the time. For instance, the most handled cards are the Arkham Encounter cards, which are constantly shuffled/fanned out/etc. I noticed that these began to get a bit natty on my 5th or 6th play. However, something like the Mythos cards are shuffled once at the beginning, but are then handled very frugally compared to the Encounters, which mean that they are less subjected to the huge mess of grease, moisture, and dirt that are our hands. They should last a good long time. So, imho, just purchase sleeves for encounters, innsmouth look, and maybe some of the mini cards that are constantly used (magical effects/relationships/allies etc). You'll save a lot of money, I promise .
  6. These look amazing, esp. Daoloth. I want to print them, but i want the material to be as close to regular GOO cards as possible, not some flimsy printer paper. Any suggestions?
  7. Thanks Tibs! I've already ordered the King in Yellow, but I may just go ahead and order Lurker. I appreciate your input for Kingsport. Overall, I totally agree. I really like Kingsport's new components, especially the epic battle cards and heralds, and the overall theme and atmosphere of the game. However, most people agree that the rift mechanic is just plain annoying. While people rave about Dunwich and Innsmouth, the rift mechanic always makes reviewers hesitate on giving Kingsport a 10/10. Also, I doubt that dilution will be a problem, since I'm probably going to use big box expansions one at a time. Right now, I'm leaning more to Innsmouth, then Dunwich as soon as it is reprinted.
  8. First of all, I'm sorry. I know that this sort of question must have been posted 1 million times, but I can't find any. So I've played quite a few vanilla Arkham Horror games now and lately they've been incredibly easy and boring. We usually end up sealing gates long before the Ancient One awakens, and if it somehow does we usually beat the crap out of it with minimal casualties. So I'm currently looking for expansions for the game, perhaps 1 bigbox and 1 smallbox. I want something that increases difficulty and adds a lot more variety to the game. I've heard that Dunwich has the bang for your buck (the most new components), Innsmouth adds the most difficulty, and Kingsport is kind of meh. Smallbox wise, I've heard that Curse of the Dark Pharoah and the Black Goat are also somewhat mediocre, The King in Yellow is excellent, and the Lurker makes the game easier. So many choices! Any suggestions?
  9. And also, why do some figures, like Goethia, Romeo Exxet,High Saint Eleinai,St. Hazael, XXI, and others, cost more than ten bucks? Is there more figures, or do the figures use more material?
  10. I don't know if i missed it in the rules or what, but what is Special Impact? Dark Cheshire's ability, Summun, uses this term.
  11. if a troll were to have dark power (monster rolls all 5 power dice on attack) cast on it, would it still miss on a blank? Because you aren't technically using the bash power...
  12. Thanks a lot for the help! Another question I have is regarding the gameplay of these games. I got Arkham Horror recently, and I didnt like it. The theme and art of it is really great but it really lacks when it comes to strategic gameplay. Its a lot of drawing cards to see what happens to you. So it seems that I just don't like these kinds of games. Is Talisman and Runebound also depend on a lot of luck and little strategy?
  13. I currently have Descent Journeys in the Dark with the Altar of Despair and the Road to Legend expansion, and I was wondering about Runebound and Talisman. Descent with RtL, Runebound, and Talisman seem very alike to me. Runebound even has the same characters and the same artwork for some cards! However, which one is better? More importantly, if I currently own Descent, is it worth getting any of these games? Or are they too alike that it wouldn't be too much of a different game?
  14. 1) I've just completed my first quest, called the Arena (under custum), and I would really appreciate it if people could take a look at it and critique it for me. Please tell me if things are unbalanced or unnecessary or anything like that. The Arena uses The Altar of Despair expansion. 2) Is there any way to get a Descent Editor for mac? The one on the FFG website says it works for mac but it never works for mine. I have it on my Dad's PC, but I can't always use it. My mom's Mac i can use whenever I want. Since I'm "just" 14, my parents havent given me my own PC, so it would be nice if I could find a way to use it for mac.
  15. This is a very imaginative line of sight question that is clearly contradicted in the rules, but I think it would make more sense anyways. Suppose a large monster with a ranged attack such as a naga, demon, chaos beast etc wants to attack a hero but LOS is blocked by multiple small monsters (beastmen, skeletons, sorcerers, etc). Since the creature is so much taller than the small creatures, wouldnt he be able to attack the hero anyways since he sees over the heads of the small guys? <====big guy (demon, dragon, etc) O <O> O O / little guys (beastmen)===> <===hero
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