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  1. Are you going to post anything about the specific rules for shields?
  2. It could be argued that it is similar to gaining the talent, but I doesn't say that you are buying the Psy Rating talent so I would have to say it is a no go. A valiant effort to be moar powerful
  3. DavidJones said: The problem is not the ability. It is fatigue. Fatigue sucks. I realised this when I saw how a guy with a knife has almost no chance of injuring someone in armour. He is better off putting the knife down and punching him instead because after 4 or 5 punches the guy in flak armour goes down with fatigue. It doesn't seem to matter how weedy you are or how heavily armoured the opposition is. Each successful hit on an unarmed attack inflicts a level of fatigue. I guess people don't box in the 41st Millenium because no boxing match would get out of the first round. My advice is to ignore fatigue completely. If you players are crossing a desert or something, then use it. Otherwise forget about it. I am pretty sure it is not just a successful hit, but the punch has to do damage for it to inflict fatigue. I don't have the book in front of me to check though
  4. I ask this question of armor stacking to Mack since it has come up in my group and this is what he told me "Machine does indeed stack with the armor worn by a Techpriest. Natural armor works the same way, however your GM may rule that only the highest takes hold if your armor values get out of hand!" As the rules goes it stacks, but it is just up to you and your group on how you want to do it
  5. I thought the Strx3 was for standard range, so double that would be long range and so forth. Also when it comes to dodging the blast they have to be able to move the AB to get out of it, so if they are in the last bit of the blast it would be more feasible to dodge.
  6. hahaha sapient pearwood!!
  7. I still think they should have had levels for the phenomena like in WHRPG with the magic perils(or whatever they were). The more power dice the greater the chance something terrible will happen and less terrible things the less dice.
  8. If you scroll to the bottom of the page there is a link to rules questions, it is in light grey writing. Send them all of your questions and Ross or one of the Dev's will answer you back with in a day. FFG is great like that. As far as the melee mech, again All out attack is a full action, I would allow only half actions on a reaction.
  9. Has anyone sent a message to FFG about this issue? Personally with out asking I would say it is limited to a single shot. I don't see how you would get a full action for spending a reaction, it just seems a bit inconsistant with everything. You full auto with guns in your hands on your turn and then as a reaction at some point in the round you full auto again? Two full actions? Just doesn't add up. This kinda came up with some one wanting to full auto with dual shot. The wording says attacks but it is meant for a single shot. Just something to think about.
  10. My group has had this come up before too. I think I really should just be how your group think that powers should be portrayed, even in some of the fluff if a lot of psychic powers are used there develops a layer of frost(which could be a phenomena roll). It would seem pretty fair that if you are using all you power dice that you look like you are concentrating hard(ex. furrowed brow, sweat on forehead, bulging veins etc) to if you are just using a fraction of your power dice it would be harder to notice. But as Dalnor said there are now RAW visible effects unless they roll on the phenomena table. I would just sit down as a group figure it out and then run with it
  11. Here is also some wording from the errata leading me to believe that it is only a single shot If you hit, the target’s armour gets applied as normal to both hits individually, but Toughness only counts once against the combined damage rolls of both hits. A single successful Dodge Test from the target will avoid both shots. It would seem to me it says "both hits" would only be from single shots from each gun
  12. I would just find the link to the rules questions on the FFG page. Ask them, they always respond quickly, usually within the day depending on what part of the world you live in. It just seems that it would be pretty ridiculous if you could fire full auto with Dual Shot. I didn't get a chance to look at the book last night, but it just might be a problem of rules as written over rules as intended
  13. I am pretty sure that you can only fire them as a single shot for Dual Shot. I don't have the book in front of me but the errata says you can use the Red Dot laser sight with it, which would imply single fire only
  14. Any news on the chat log from the interview? I have been dying to read it!!!
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