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  1. Yeah what about the radicals they would easily allow an unsanctioned psyker in their ranks don't you think? You are probably right about the history/personalities though I'll run it by the guy and try help him along. He is usually very good at the whole character thing anyway so it shouldn't take him too long to come up with something decent if he hasn't already. I'm sure that he should be able to come uip with something unique in his own way.
  2. Thanks for the help guys. He has for some reason dropped the issue and is trying to write up a normal psyker. Thanks for the ideas though I hadn't seen some of that stuff in the books. I'll know what to do if it comes up again.
  3. Yeah I know of the verminspeaker. But I'm trying to keep to the normal careers for a while you know i'll talk to him about it though. He has given me a solutino I think I like though He rolls and extra die for casting powers but discards the lowest. All nines are taken into account for the warpy badness. he also doesn't get the santioning side effect. I'll run verminspeaker over with him though.... it may be the way to go.
  4. So I REALLY need your opinons on this one guys. One of my players wants to play an unsantioned Psyker. Not instantly I can see like a million difficulties. Like how psykers got through long mental training and exersises before they are santioned, how the santioning helps to protect the psyker from the warp. Problem is I don't know how to handle this mechanically. He says he doesn't want to play some ordinary psker as they are kind of bland which I agree with, but I still don't know how I can work the guy into the mechanics. I was thinking roll extra times on perils of the warp/phenomena chart, But he thinks that isn't fair which I may agree with, Then maybe adding to the threshold values of his powers, maybe even not letting him gain discpline powers. But these all seem too big for it to be fair on him. Maybe I can increase the chances of getting the phenomena i.e. 8 or 9 instead of just 9. Really need your help. Hoodedcrow.
  5. Nah I think the tyrant star is for us to tinker with. I doubt that FFG will reveal what it is. After all the gaame is meant to be influenced by our thinking and that of our players. FFG is there to help by showing us what tpe of weapons we can have and the like.
  6. MY book's spine is coming away... I've only had it a month and a half at this stage i think. I have giving the book to loan to a few people for making their characters but they are just as careful as me.
  7. That actually sounds like a good idea. It's a kind of been there done that it would be scarier with an extra tentacle though kinda thing. While i'm not sure with the actual rules I may use them as a housed rule like Cifer suggested
  8. Sarius said: verminspeakers are from CA p. 69 Don't have it yet. Still working on getting it. Also trying to get the IH and I really want the radical's handbook when it comes out. But I have a bit more time till the campaign starts up so should be fine.
  9. Sarius said: the maxsimum possible ws for an animalistic enormous predatory, using the xenos generator is 80 and would require three rolls of to come up 10. am fine with a 3 meter tall cat (of death) isnt going to miss you unless you do something defensive. but only 16 wp doesnt that make it extremly vulnerable to surpresive fire and psyskers. fortunately it has more than 20 wounds so verminspeakers aint gonna go out and make an army of death cats Yeah well think about it everything has to have a weakness. So the colkat will get wiped if you bring out heavy guns and a psyker. but a CC oriontated team would have great difficulty. Also standard issue lasguns ain't going to take it down either. He is basically a very nasty boss creature that will require alot of team work and some quick thinking to overcome without the right equipment. Imagine your acolytes hunting down a group of heretics when they come across this monstrosity instead. It may make for a pretty nasty shock. But as you said a psyker and some suppresion fire will rip it to shreds. Don't know much about verminspeakers though so can't comment on that, sonds interesting though. ((also yeah an eight a nine and a ten))
  10. The Laughing God said: WS77 for your elephantine cat is too high, I think ... if he does an all-out attack its WS would be a whopping 97! If you read the fanfictoin he is in the WS suits as it takes 25 trained professionals to take the thing down. but sure I may tone it down a bit. Though I wouldn't intend to have the players fighting the Colkat in it's home territory. You would more likely have captive as some form of entertainment. and only high level characters should go against it. maybe it should be toned down a little. Isn't it an automatic fail if you roll like 95 or more anyway (may be a different system hate having my book on loan). I don't know how much I would tone it down by maybe to 65ish but no lower. this is the highest ranking predator on a very dangerous planet.
  11. My favorite has to be the raging ork in the first set it just sums all orks up in one fell sweep. They love fighting and their crazy. Very well done.
  12. Have them rewarded richly for their contribution to the Inquisition. If you ask me they are doing what they are meant to do. How about you reward them extra cash when they hand items over to the Inquisition. This way they get to do what they want but they don't run low on cash.
  13. I originally intended for this topic to be for the creatures in my Fan Fiction; they hunt us like we once hunted others. But now that I realise it we could do with a place where we can put our new and interesting creations. Be they boss monsters or simple cannon fodder. Post the bad guys here that you think others might use. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Colkat: WS: 77 BS: 0 S: 68 T: 48 Ag: 44 Int: 8 Per: 37 WP: 16 Fel: 0 W: 30 Form: Animalistic Size: Enormous Classification: Predatory Traits: Fear 2 Enormous Quadruped Unnatural Strength Dark Sight Natural weapons (Claws and teeth 1d10+SB Rending, non-primitive) Natural Armour 3 Heightened Sense (sight) Death Frenzy Talents: Sprint Frenzy Iron Jaws Catfall Skills: Concealment Silent move Tracking Dodge Description: They are big as elephants but their body is that of a tiger. Their fur is mainly green and brown for camouflage. Their hind legs are designed for pouncing on their prey while their forelegs claw the poor creature to shreds. They will easily a full grown man in one sitting and three a day. They are the most fearsome creature on their home world of Shepros Prime. But they can be found on various other planets smuggled from birth to be bred. This is very risky but the rewards are great for their hide can be used to make fairly strong armour. Their favourite food is edrin meat and will eat two or three of them a day ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edrin: WS: 31 BS: 0 S: 30 T: 41 Ag: 45 Int: 15 Per: 45 WP: 23 Fel: 0 W: 18 Form: Animalistic Size: Average Classification: Herd Creature Traits: Quadruped Natural Weapons (Horns 1d10+SB Impact) Natural armour 2 Heightened senses (hearing) Talents: Sprint Catfall Skills: Awareness +10 Concealment Dodge Description: The Edrin look like a cross between Bison and Deer. They are nimble and fast yet sturdy enough to shrug off most attacks. They travel in herds of up to twenty. The largest herd on record was fifty three. Unfortunately such large numbers attract Colkats. The herd was wiped out three days after it was sighted. They are designed to run from predators but are equipped to deal with them if need be. This usually only happens when their children are threatened. Otherwise they generally run. It must be know that any intruder on breeding ground will be attacked by these creatures, likely a whole herd. ------------------------------------------------------------ Mashnor: WS: 23 BS: 29 S: 28 T: 31 Ag: 33 Int: 18 Per: 42 WP: 24 Fel: 0 W: 8 Form: Crawler Size: Weedy Classification: Darkling Traits: Blind Unnatural Sense (30m) Breath Weapon (5m; 1d10+TB Energy; S/-/-; shots unlimited Acid; Can dodge can’t parry) Natural Weapons (Teeth 1d10+SB Rending; Primitive) Fear 1 Talents: Resistance (poison) Skills: Climb Awareness Silent move Description: The Mashnor was once described as no more than an over grown rat. This person then led a group of people into the nesting grounds of the local mashnor. It was then discovered that they could spit acid. Only one person of the group returned screaming about how the leader was reduced to a pile of ooze. It is now known that to go near their nests is to invite death as they will attack in hordes to try to rid them of intruders. They have been known to take down an unlucky Colkat. Their diet is mainly the roots of plants as they live underground. But they are known to eat meat.
  14. Now for the main character to appear: I hide in the shadows of Commander Marcus Varn’s office. My grey cloak hides my features. I’ve been standing here for more than an hour, but I can wait. The rest of my team is searching the town for anything they can find. Lidia is looking for a reasonably priced place we can stay for the night. Zane is looking for weapons we could use, I doubt he’ll find much but I let him search anyway, he has proven very good at finding the odd rarity in outposts like this. Brent is looking for information, sifting through the rumours and false truths with a fine tooth comb. All the while I wait for the commander. I can’t say I’m impressed by what I have seen of his work here. We arrived at Kadra three hours ago as the sun set and the fourth moon rose. The guards barely looked at us twice as we strolled in the doors. There should have been a close inspection of our persons before we entered the outpost. Not that they would have found anything as we had already snuck our more precarious items in earlier today. After we got inside we decided to have a look around the compound and find out what the defences were like. Zane had given the auto-cannons a once over and found they were in complete disrepair. Lidia had a look around the outside walls for traps, how she got out there and back in through the closed door escapes me completely, she didn’t even find the most basic of traps. Brent checked the equipment of the guardsmen, this at least was adequate. I worked on getting into the Commander’s office. After having discovered what the rest of the place was like I had expected the infiltration to be a breeze. I was wrong. Varn had his guards here on complicated patrol routes. I had taken more than one guess about timing and had proven only barely accurate. But I got in. Thinking of the flight across the courtyard with the sniper in the tower set my heart racing again. I brush my hand through my black dyed hair, unconsciously trying to calm myself. The commander’s office had been easy enough to find. It was the only room with anything of quality in it. The desk would set you back over five hundred thrones easily. I already hate the man. He seems more concerned with his personal security than the security of the outpost as a whole. A click draws me from my thoughts. I step back further into the shadows and watch as Varn walks in. He is of medium stature, brown hair, blue eyes and a slightly crooked nose. His armour is purely decorative but would certainly make a lesser man’s head turn. He is completely unremarkable except for the scar going from his right eye to his left ear. I think it is from a sword fight but who can tell, for all I know his mother had hit him one when he was young. I really don’t like this guy. He turns on a light and sits at his desk clearly completely unaware of my presence. I creep up behind him as he writes something down. Suddenly he stiffens and reaches for his laspistol. I let him stand and turn to face me gun pointed at my face before I react. I grab his held out right arm and twist. The gun drops to the floor but I twist his arm further. He is on his knees before I let up the attack. I turn my back on him “Stand Commander Varn” I say with all the authority I can muster. He picks up his pistol, again pointing it at me. This time I let him feel like h is in control. Without turning I speak to him “Killing a trusted acolyte of the Inquisition will get you nowhere Marcus Varn” I practically spit out his name. I almost hear the man’s face turn pale white as he drops the laspistol. I smile to myself “so what if I enjoy this moment” I think “he deserves this, he is more concerned with his own security than that of the outpost”. Varn stammers behind me as he tries to regain his composure. I turn back around and hand him the paper I had received from my Inquisitor. While they didn’t give me the powers of the rosette they gave me more than he has. The official document in hand Varn starts to regain control of his speaking functions. “Red seal and everything” he was trying to calm down. “Well it looks official and has all the needed code words” I was growing impatient. “Of course it does do you think I would just march in here and pretend to be an acolyte of the Inquisition” I tried to say it calmly but it didn’t come out that way. Varn paused for a while before thinking of the obvious question. “Why are you here?” he asked looking around uneasily, maybe for an escape route. “Don’t worry commander if you were wanted dead you would be so already” I tried to calm him down “I am here about the message you sent the Governor Militant Rambert”. Now he looked confused “But I only sent that two days ago it takes at least five days to reach the hive let alone his personal chambers”. I sighed “we intercepted it”. The commander visibly paled when I said we. “In the message you called for the Adeptus Astartes and that is not going to happen they are too far away to respond to the matter personally” I turn to face him pulling down the hood of my cloak. He jumps back. What he was expecting I don’t know. But it definitely wasn’t my tattooed face with twelve scars one eyebrow missing and almost canine teeth. I smile, flashing the modified teeth. “The message has been change to requesting a platoon for the defence of this outpost” He looks shocked beyond belief that his report would be altered. But if he has any protests, they will have to wait. “I have left a note in your desk detailing exactly what needs to be done to improve the defence of the outpost to give you a chance to fight off the Tyranids should our mission fail”. He blinks a few times before I start to leave the room. “Eh... What is your name and mission may I ask?” somewhat unsure of himself. “I’m Grishnar and my mission” I pause for dramatic effect “extermination”. Without further ado I leave the commander to his thoughts. ((in the last post I meant to say that if you want to use any animals that show up in this Fan Fiction I have stats that you can use and will put them up in a topic in the gamemaster section soon)) ((also thanks for telling me what you think. Any and all comments are welcome. Especially if you have tips on where I can improve))
  15. which book do you mean tattered fates or radical's handbook (which I have to get)
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