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  1. Campaign Players: What's you opinion of Biv Bodhrik and Saska Teft? I've had players request changing because they haven't enjoyed playing them, either because their action economy isn't good enough, or they just couldn't get their heads around them. I've considered giving players of these particular character 100 Credits as a bonus at the campaign start to help offset these feelings, but would appreciate any commentary people might have.
  2. Is anyone aware of a program of PDF that allows you to create or modify the character cards? Want to surprise some new players with their "Star Wars Name" on the cards in place of the actual names. Thought it would be a good ice breaker. Planning on giving each two options, based on what they've played in similar games before. Failing that, I was going to ask FFG how much to have them mock them up and pay for them.
  3. Greetings Fellow Empire Players (And Interested Rebels). I am currently working on modifying the existing missions, and creating some of my own, to allow for a fifth hero to be played regularly through a campaign. So far, the Hoth campaign has scaled the best by increasing later missions threat and adding an extra Open group to missions after the Interlude. A couple of older threads are here describe peoples experience with 6 or 7 players, but they often revolve around splitting into groups or having one or more players take charge of an Ally rather than a hero. Plus, they're 12 months or more old, and there have been some great expansions since then. One of the missions I designed is a straight up fight. Many of the the Rebel missions revolve around specific timed tasks or objectives. This one has the Heros invade a small outpost to disrupt communications with some Sabatouers. After round three, two AT-ST's appear outside and the Heros need to take them out before they can escape. Looking forward to seeing what people have done or experienced.
  4. Kyu Kage

    Very very frustrating

    YuuzhanVongChamp said: Kyu Kage said: Mil Sims have some stuff on hand, but basically the minute it comes in, it goes out. Are they online? www.milsims.com.au
  5. Kyu Kage

    Very very frustrating

    YuuzhanVongChamp said: Hey man, I'd say you are most definately not alone. As someone stated earlier FF are a victim of there own success, and we have new players losing interest as they can't get the merch to play games with those who have more than 4 ships. In Australia at the moment, it is so hard to get anything. Every Online Retailer is out of stock and each have mass amounts of pre orders for wave 1 vehicles. You can't get even dice sets. I've been wargaming for about 13 years now and I have never seen anything as bad as this. Mil Sims have some stuff on hand, but basically the minute it comes in, it goes out. Defiant have some stuff also to hand. If you are in WA, a couple of stores have good stocks on hand. If you are in VIC, Mil Sims store in Melbourne and a couple of others also have good Wave 2 supplies, but a bit short on Wave 1.
  6. Kyu Kage

    150 Point Imperial Squadron

    Greetings All. Wanted to share an experimental fleet I cooked up for a couple of games. It’s 150 Points, so a little bit over the normal, but the results are powerful. The inspiration for the fleet was two squads with a floater. Vader leads a task force that either punishes Imperials or assassinates Rebels. Maarek Stele backs him up, leading the second Squad of TIE’s. "Howlrunner" keeps the ties in line, making sure they protect the Advanced’s. He moves between the two groups as needed. Four Black Squadron Pilot’s round out the roster, two for each of the Advanced’s, providing covering fire and ablative armour. Everyone has Marskmanship, except for "Howlrunner" who gets Squad Leader. Each group picks a target and pounds them till they are gone, then picks another one. Targets of opportunity are ignored over the main target at the time, unless they are already dealt with. What do people think?
  7. Kyu Kage

    How many of each Wave 3 ship are you ordering (and why)?

    I'll definitely be getting two or three TIE Bombers, a Lambda and one Hawk, but beyond that I'm thinking that should be enough for me for awhile. My play style hasn't really emerged yet, but I can see myself settling on the Rebels long term, with some Imperial to break up the games a bit. If the Rebel Captive works as well as I hope it does, I might pick up another Lambda.
  8. Kyu Kage

    Release date?

    DocIII said: I'd rather send a platypus, but they're in short supply, so platitudes wll have to do. Sorry. Customs wouldn't let you do that I'm afraid. Unless you send a dead one. That could work...
  9. Kyu Kage

    When can we expect the Space Marines rpg?

    Cervantes3773 said: If DH came out in the beginning of 2008 and RT is released in September of 2009, I would expect Deathwatch sometime in 2011. I'd concur with that assessment. Seems to be a good enough timeline for them to develop RT a bit before the next line. .
  10. Kyu Kage

    A word of thanks to Ross Watson

    Varnias Tybalt said: I'll join you in thanks IF someone at FFG took the request from us non-american players to heart and recorded the seminars and intend to upload the clips on the site for the rest of us to watch... I'll say thanks for the seminar anyway, but I really do hope it's uploaded so international gamers (for example, myself) acutally get an opportunity to hear them!
  11. Kyu Kage

    Any GenCon/retail version reports?

    RocketPropelledGrenade said: The Origin paths are a chart that starts at Homeworld, and ends at Motivation, although a casual read makes it appear that Careers are part of it. DON'T BE FOOLED. Here's how it looks Homeworlds A B C D, etc Birthrights A B C D, etc Lure of the Void A B C D, etc Trials and Travails A B C D etc Motivation A B C D etc Here's how it works Choose a homeworld, then choose a birthright that is directly below the homeworld on the chart, or adjacent to the option directly below it. Rinse and repeat. Example A player picks homeworld A. He may take Birthright A or B, and selects B. He may Select Lures A B or C, and selects C. He may now take Trials B C or D. He selects Trial B, and may finish off with motivation A B or C. Seems pretty straightforward. Cheers fro the clarification by the way drgabe. I'd surmised it would be a GM call to do. Dagnabit, waiting on the slow boat for freight is going to test my patience now...
  12. Kyu Kage

    Take me to your Leader

    We're working it that the players are beholden to a senior RT. Whilst they hold there own warrant, it's a subset of the senior RT. Everyone seems happy with the arrangement thus far. Although whether or not it will actually work out in play is another matter entirely.
  13. The map looks fantastic. Plenty of space to include more worlds, and the colours are evocative. Kudos to the team.
  14. Kyu Kage

    Rogue Trader Collectors Edition Available for Pre-Order!

    I'm hoping they'll release a few more online with the personalisation. That really sold the concept to me.
  15. Kyu Kage

    Thoughts on Forsaken Bounty

    I'm thinking the power level of RT vs DH, based on first impressions of Forsaken Bounty, isn't going to be all that compatable. You're looking at two distinct bands of operation, and DH characters would need to be in their second career to be on similar footing to a Rank 1 RT character at first glance.