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  1. Word. I am slightly OCD when it comes to card games, especially LCGs. I like to have complete collections...even if I don't use them all. You never know when some weird theme or bizarre idea for a deck pops into your head and you need a card never thought to have a purpose for you.
  2. By print-on-demand, is that ordering from FFG directly or that just means that as stock runs out, they'll just spin up the production run again for websites like CoolStuffInc? On another note, in your signature, what are you wanting from Summons of the Deep?
  3. @Dboeren: Did the Order get some cards in the later Cycles? I'm guessing, compared to the other factions, they don't have near the card pool. @Tau: I'd think you would need two Core sets if you plan to play with friends and arent' playing the same factions, but that's just my opinion. Actually, I'd totally left CoC LCG behind since I didn't have any local players and my (at the time) local game store players were, let's say as a 44 year old player, had players surrendering games because their mom said it was time to come home. Yeah, that actually happened. Back on topic, I recently ran across someone at Board Game Geek that created a way to play solo against a procedural bot (i.e. Minion) and got me back into the game. Discusses development: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1155106/solitaire-variant-cthulhu-rising Link to excellent PDF instructions: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/118485/updated-solo-variant-cthulhu-rising-v20 So, I then discovered that at some point, they stopped making Asylum Packs and recently went on a purchasing spree to gather them up before they disappeared Into the Gate. Unfortunately, I have the first two cycles before FFG got their shinizzle together and figured out that 60 card packs were the way to go. They were reprinted, but I don't know if those will ever get reprinted again since I get the feeling that CoC LCG is little more niche than, say, Star Wars or Warhammer. Safe to say, the first two cycles are not available using Amazon or CoolStuffInc.
  4. Well, yeah, that's where I got the word 'random' I'm sorry, but the rules were taking painstaking detail with the Corporation's hand dealing with a Runner choosing the cards when attacking HQ, yet didn't really say much about the Runner player doing the random thing for Net/Meat damange. I figured it was just that, but I had to ask to be sure. I know one of my friends will ask about it.
  5. I've scanned the 12 pages here and didn't see anyone ask this question, so it's either a dumb question or I'm reading it correctly. Is it really random or does the Runner simply choose two cards to discard? To me, random means I shuffle my hand, keep the cards facedown, then select two cards.
  6. As a 42 year old, my last experience at a local game store was a little weird. I think I was the oldest guy for a Magic draft tournament by two decades...one player had to forfeit because his mom said it was time to come home The truly hard part is not even being able to practice any of the LCGs until someone comes over, then it's more explanation than playing. I understand where you are all coming from, but I don't live near a FLGS and my friends are a bit narrow-minded when it comes to card games since they simply believe that everyone else is trying to copy Magic and the copies aren't enough to make them invest in other card games (they don't have a lot of disposable income). It's okay, I'm over it. The good news is that our kids new school's principal is a big board/card gamer, so there is a little light at the end of the tunnel if we can find one or two more people. Plus, my son is showing some aptitude for gaming, so there's always a player at home...eventually I still have the cards, I'm just not going to be investing further into the game for the foreseeable future.
  7. Yes, I'm sorry to say that I had to leave CoC behind since no one but me and one friend really enjoyed (or understood) the mythos setting. So, I got two core sets (one for a friend if they visited), the first two cycles (not including the one that is now considered the "first" one on BGG), and Secrets of Arkham...before they decided to do the 3X packs. So, I'm not bloody likely going to re-purchase the first sets just to get the extra cards for decks that would require 3X copies of a card. Yeah, I'm one of those completionists who like ALL options on the table Hell, I was so excited about the whole LCG model, I even bought Warhammer, too, with the first cycle and expansion. Alas, none of my friends dug the fantasy game because it was Not-Magic and found it less enjoyable. I guess I need to get some new friends. I will always thank FFG for creating the LCG model and I think CoC helped 'spawn' it. Unfortunately, I think CoC is just too niche for the masses and the story resolving is a bit clunky for my friends who don't get the whole Insanity angle.
  8. Okay, as an extremely casual 40 year-old game player of all kinds (board/computer/console/card), I absolutely hated the idea of Common/Uncommon/Rare/Ultra Rare. Sure, it was fun to have some envy when you whipped out a card that was hard to get, but that was usually "the one" card you had. Forget the other one or two that might be necessary to complete your combo/deck/theme. Hence, the chase. I didn't mean to start a downer thread, but I just wanted to state that I'm not a hard-core player (actually, I'm having to use Lackey anyway since no one near me wants to play the game), but I still like to have three copies "just in case" I need them. The same reason people are talking about the chase is why most people get out of it once they realize they are chasing the carrot. I'm probably the core audience for FFG and their LCGs...for better or worse. Hell, they probably love a guy like me that still buys the whole cycles...and never plays anyone in person. It sounds like I'm Whining, but I'm not a soccer player www.despair.com/whining.html
  9. So, while waiting for my pre-order, I was reading the manual. On Page 11, there is this item: "If a player successfully completed one or more tasks on a Monster marker (or a task which includes a Monster marker, as in the case of a partial monster task) before failing to resolve the Adventure card it is on, he still gains the Monster marker, removing all dice from the marker, taking it, and gaining any reward mentioned on the back of the marker. He does this before suffering the penalties for failing to resolve the Adventure card." Is this just badly worded? I haven't seen the game pieces yet, but do monsters have more than one task? The manual just shows this with one task row of symbols. When I read this, it sound like if you complete just one task out of two on a Monster marker, then you get to keep it even when failing the Adventure card. It seems a bit odd to me unless you might run out of dice or something if trying to resolve all of the task lines.
  10. Hey, DD. I'd be interested, but I have some questions/caveats since I'm a total noob (prime caveat): 1) I think I have the basic interface of Lackey down, but I can't seem to do the Domains correct with a card on top like in reality. For now, I'm just "Resourcing" them and putting them on top of one another. 2) I've never gotten to play since after getting the Core Set and the first two cycles, none of my friends liked the game (biased toward M:tG). I think I understand the rules, but have no real-world play experience to back it up. 3) This experience will determine the continuation of purchasing APs, because really, I never get to play no matter how much I like the theme If you have some .dek files for good "starter" type decks, they would be greatly appreciated. Again, I've never gotten to really play the **** game, so if that is off-putting, I'm letting you know now before wasting your time Anyway, I'm in the Central time zone (Texas) and will usually be around online about 9PM-ish. My name is the same as my Lackey ID.
  11. Yeah, I'm thinking about a Core Set for a x-mas present to give to a friend of mine. So, I'll just give him the extras from the first two Cycles and consider it cool. Okay, you're probably thinking, "Some gift, man. You just hope he'll want to play with you". If so, you ARE psychic...and I guess I'm not totally altruistic
  12. Now you're just being sarcastic My insanity is even worse...I've never been able to play the game...no one really interested in the mythos in my group...so I've just been collecting the cards since I like the artwork and have faint hopes that someone will want to play in the future. So, yeah. Madness!
  13. Is there any news that they might reprint the first Cycle with 3X like they are doing with CoC?
  14. Well, I guess people are happy...that missed the APs the first time around I guess plunking down another $120 if I want to go that route (I know, no one forcing me) just isn't appealing. But, then again, I guess it sucks more for the people who bought 3 APs each release the first time around. I wanted to get into the LCG format to save money
  15. I'm really happy they are printing the AP packs with 3 copies of every card, but it kind of sucks to have the single copies from the original two cycles of APs. I guess there is no plan/chance for maybe a direct sale from FFG? There were 10 singles in six AP cycle, so if you think about it, you have 60 cards for a box right there
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