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  1. In my own opinion, I would not play more than the two Guilty! 's mainly because there are only 6 cards to pull it off since its rare to come across 3 influence and also since those characters could be the only thing standing in your opponents way. The attachments i would actually consider playing two of at least for Nymeria. For instance, I manage to distract your person with nymeria and i have the plot A Change of Tides (I think? close enough) which says if its winter or summer and I win a challenge i can reveal a new plot and i switch over to Snowed Under it drops off your one and only Nymeria. Speaking of Snowed Under and the Bolton Refugees its very easy to sit there and return your 0 cost refugee (assumng it is still alive) and then play it again next turn. Just something for you to think about.
  2. I require this thread to live so I'm here to attempt this feat. We still play some AGoT down here at the Portsmouth Atlantis Games & Comics and the past few thursdays I've been there, including this thursday, but the only problem is the lack of players to start a tournament. The basic way we intend to play a tournament is with a min of 6 people (2 groups of 3) with the top 2 from each group going on to play for the final for some random assortment of prizes to be dictated by the owner of the store. The tournaments are planned to be on thursdays around 6pm but seeming how sometimes the usual saturday magic isn't too packed it may be possible to move it to saturday but I would have to talk to the store. The layout of the tournament can change and might do so if we get more than 6 people. Just generally trying to make this thread live for those of you who want to play some AGoT down here in Portsmouth. On a side note if you are interested in Magic the Gathering as well, we have weekly type 2 tournaments on fridays that generally start around 6-7pm and we do drafts on Saturdays around the same time I believe maybe a little earlier. If you need food they should have some and there is always other places to eat at within walking distance, i.e. Chinese, seafood.
  3. pchigglez said: Oooh. That even makes the victories that much sweeter. I'm sure our biggest Lannister fan will be disappointed when I break the news to him. LOL of course.
  4. Lars said: I'll spend 2 gold (w/ retreat and regroup) to steal the street first turn. now next turn i have an additional 'gold' to spend and you are short 1 = +2 advantage to me i break out even for those two turns and am ahead +2 for each turn the game lasts and the street is on my side. Lets say you used your war horn on it next turn, i've still broke even and protected the locations that i built into my deck for an additional turn and cost you a location from your deck, card advantage to me. next turn we both have claim 1 plots up i'll spend 3 gold (lets say i didn't draw my 2nd or 3rd R&R, but i got one of my rein character events, heck lets say i play missing recruit since i need the stealth against a stark deck in military) to steal your carrion bird. I'll then use the bird and the recruit to win a military challenge and make you kill one other character (you've now lost two and i've gained one = +3 character swing), and claim a power for renown. then i'll trigger my response to make it not be winter. For my 3 gold i've deprived you of 2 spent gold and 2 characters. I've also made it not be winter turning off a lot of your effects and given myself another extra gold (or made you spend 1 gold to make it winter again) so that for 3 gold i've 'cost' you at least 3 gold (1 for raven, 1 for bird, and the +1 i get back next marshalling or the 1 you play to replay raven). Well thats true but you forget the responses i can use to oppose that plan. 1. If its winter i will generally have at least 1 ranger of winter out there and then for military if you did happen to steal a carrion bird I could easily lethal counterattack away both your army and my bird or i could say stand somebody with To be a wolf or block with just the ranger and play compelled by the north (winning if i have winds of winter out or winterfell castle or holding the trident with fewer characters). I haven't had the chance to run into that quite yet since the CP has only been out for a couple weeks and not many people play around here but i think i would find some way to get around it or deal with it. As for taking out the carrion birds.... as you said the white raven is somewhat vital to my deck and if i did run against lan. or targ. w/ summer well... once i play my 3 white ravens and they play their third after i would be screwed ( though against Targ i would be a little screwed anyways with the i can bring back my ravens trick) but that also lowers my chances of drawing my refugees among event and attachments like needle or ice.
  5. I don't see what you mean i looked at the unaligned cards and the newest CP but there is nothingI haven't somewhat already faced, i.e. Supporting the Kingdom. Can you clarrify?
  6. I feel the need to attempt to get somebody to play my stark deck in a tourney lol. It is based off a solid defense as its offense though it could have trouble against targaryen mainly with Dany's chambers being able to bring back black ravens against my whites but carrion birds can help solve that too by tossing them in the decks. Other than the battle for winter it seems to do quite well most the time. Apparently having an agenda these days can be dangerous with the new CP that came out (not in the UK yet so i hear) but i think i still might keep it. Here's the List if you want to try it for me. House Stark * - Unique Characters: 32 *Ser Arthur Dayne x2 Bolton Refugee x3 *Hodor x1 *Cat o' the Canals x1 (maybe 2 your call) *King Robb's Host x1 Carrion Bird x3 Ranger of Winter x3 Midnight Sentry x3 *Jeyne Westerling x1 *Mance Rayder x1 *Catelyn Stark x1 Vale Refugee x3 *Sansa Stark x1 *Shaggydog x1 *Maester Vyman x1 *Samwell Tarly x1 ( your call on 2) *Ser Rodrik Cassel x1 *Jon Snow x1 *Old Nan x1 *Eddard Stark x1 *Robb Stark x1 Locations: 12 Great Keep x3 Godswood x1 Street of Steel (limit 1) Street of Sisters (limit 1) *Lord Eddard's Chambers x1 *Winterfell Castle x1 Northern fiefdoms x2 Narrow Sea x2 Attachments: 10 *Ice x2 *Needle x1 (use 2 if you have them imo) War Horn x1 The Long Winter x1 Bodyguard x1 (eh your decision) White Raven x3 *Nymeria x1 (Try 2) *Needle x1 (once again 2 imo) Events: 10 Fatal Counterattack x2 To Be a Wolf x3 Winter is Coming x2 Compelled by the North x2 Winter Reserves x1 (2 or more if you have them from the last CP) Plots: Fury of the Wolf A Time For Ravens Building Season Summoning Season Rains of Autumn The Winds of Winter Holding the Trident Agenda- Kings of Winter ( obviously ) Main idea is to get samwell out if you don't have him but have ravens and vice versa. If it's winter, you should search for rangers of winter. The rest should be easy enough to put together i think. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Solid Defense is the best Offense. *** Suggestions are always welcome.***
  7. Hmmmmmm...... Seeems somewhat thought out but there is probably a lack of intrigue in that deck i recommend finding room for Bolton refuges in the one of the pack your have/are getting because they are 0 cost and have 2 str and a military and intrigue icon though like all the refuges you'll notice that if you don't win dominance you have to pay a gold or lose them, but seeming how Stark doesn't tend to lose too easily or at least not my Stark they will help keep your guys in your hand. I prefer having a solid defense as my offense. If you have similar thought i would make it into a winter deck and i can post my if you wish. It seems to win for the most time though my thrown together Targaryen deck pulverized it after 12 gruelling turns lol that and a very bad setup in the beginning to Lannister were my only recent losses.
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