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  1. - 2 more bosses - more encounter cards for the different decks - new game board or game attachment (like the eldritch/talisman boards) - a dungeon maybe? - laser etched terrain dice - 4 more heroes - more skill cards The most important thing I want so see is...the next big box expansion.
  2. I think this game is a superior design and blows 2nd edition out of the water. There is much more planning, much more customization and a fantastic designed combat system. The whole game is about optimization and maximization. It does not feel like just wandering around and fighting bad guys. It is much more a competitive race that 2nd edition never really was. The meaningful choices are that what makes this game the best adventure board game on the market.
  3. My opinion: The best adventure board game in comparison to Mage Knight, Talisman, Relic, Runebound 2. Ed, WoW - Adventure Board Game, WoW - The board game, Return of the heroes + You can customize and optimize your hero as you wish + Token system is so much better than the dice combat before: Very tactical, very optimizable and full of tough choices + During your turn you have a lot of decisions to make how to play your actions the best way -> You feel free to do anything + time pressure of the board and racing aspect according to the other players is very well implemented + hero progression feels that you have achieved something: More tokens + more chosen skills = more possibilities, more combat choices + better balanced: Everybody can win the game. Nobody falls behind that much like in 2nd Edition +/- direct player interaction is not really there or is not really worth it - downtime is very high when you are not involved in combat - game takes very long - I would not play it with four players again Summary: A great designed adventure game. A huge improvement over the 2nd edition because of the much and many more meaningful choices to make in the game. Do you want to save the trophies the learn the better skill or do you want to learn the 2nd best skill to have it? Maybe the next time you exert you have to discard one of the good skills on your hand... The whole combat system feels so fresh and innovative. It is very involved, but you have so many great choices to make: Boost your damage, flip your tokens, recast tokens of the enemy, exert to boost your powers....fantastic. Big credits to the designers: The have made a fantastic job for this edition. The whole feeling is the same: Level up, get better items, slay the evil bad buy. But, man, it is so much better designed, and that much deeper according to your choices. Thank God, FFG did not create a casual edition with this 3rd installment of Runebound. It stays a gamers` game with a fresh design. And that is a huge achievement for me.
  4. I like Relic very much too. Hopefully they will release more for it.
  5. Musica Cthulhiana - The Fourth and Musica Cthulhiana - Fragments are THE best Cthulhu soundtracks out there by far.
  6. I will sign the petition for sure and I would buy Runebound 3rd edition instantly. The 2nd edition had a few flaws, but all in all the game is too good to let it die.
  7. And now we have to hope that there will be more expansions following.
  8. Hopefully this wiill not be the last expansion for this fabulous game!
  9. Two Steps from Hell - Archangel Two Steps from Hell - Invincible Audiomachine - Chronicles Audiomachine - Epic Great tunes for this game.
  10. Beckikaze

    Relic or Talisman

    Good comparison, guillaumetexas. I will play Relic next Friday and hopefully it will deliver.
  11. Just bought Relic because of the announcement of the Nemesis expansion!
  12. Indeed. Too many mediocre games get big support. And this wonderful masterpiece seems to be the disliked child.
  13. Please help me out. PBF games???
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