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  1. Marius- you mean that everyone will be playing Yog right, right? I know that right and wrong are often confused so I am happy to help you out..
  2. Hey Mr. Hata! I request that you explain how Doppleganger works. There seems to be some argument over whether it can copy coming into play abilities. This needs to be addressed officially. Thank you.
  3. Unlike story cards that form a general pool for all players in the game, conspiracy cards are "owned" by the player who placed them in his deck. Just like how any character, support or event card included in a player's deck that says "your" is speaking to the player that played (or now controls) that card, conspiracy cards act the same way I believe. If a card you played or control says 'your" it means you, the person who plays or controls it. Just because conspiracy cards look like story cards doesn't mean they are. This makes the most sense and is how I play it.
  4. ...how hard would it be for FFG to actually step in and answer a rules question? I used to try to post rules questions in hopes of getting an official answer, but all that ever happened was a group of very thoughtful, polite, well-intentioned players would attempt to help me. I really did appreciate this very much, but I was always taken aback by FFG's silence on the boards. It was suggested that I e-mail FFG directly with questions as well, but never got any answers via that route. Occasionally I read these threads and do you know what I find? A group of very thoughtful, polite, well-intentioned players asking honest questions to try to play a game they love (or at least like alot), and getting no direct assistance from FFG at all, except by way of a faq that is itself confusing and randomly released. This burns me up. At least back in the day we had the Marius/ Canon dream team in FFGs absence. I tended to always follow Marius' rulings, as he has always been very trustworthy and knowledable, but Canon seems to have been dragged into the deep. I read a post awhile back, sorry I can't seem to find it right now so I can credit the author ( If you're him/her please speak up!), wherein the poster said something like: FFG only seems interested in selling us the cards, after that we should just shut up and play them (paraphrase, apologies if too wrong). In the first place, that's wrong because a company should stand behind their product, become involved in the community it fosters, and do everything they can to engender trust in said community. We're giving them our money, they should give us support. And second, if we are to just play the cards then perhaps they should be proofread, QC'ed and completely playtested before they're released so we as a community won't have to bother them with rules questions and such later. It is awesome in one sense that new cards are being released (never, never on time) at all. And that is the battlecry of everyone that continues to put up with FFG's attitude toward CoC. But their actions belie a near total abandonment of any involvement in the community. Being on the outside of the company I have no idea why they have this attitude. There might be a really good reason, I just wish that the conspiracy of silence could lift and let the people responsible for their paychecks in on the matter. It's this silence that is the real problem. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but I don't think I am. This opinion is the result of a very long time seeing this develop and it saddens me to see so many awesome people spinning their wheels in the mud. Well I'm done. Lovecraft deserves so much better. P.S. I truely hope things improve. Cthulhu bless you all!
  5. Nowhere does Julia Brown's text say anything about CHOOSING anything. So that ruling in the FAQ is questionable at best. Look through your cards, any card that chooses a target ( or targets) has the word CHOOSE in it's text. Julia Brown does not. Because of this fact, discarding two cards would seem to become a "do as much as you can" kind of effect. So, I stand corrected (in light of the FAQ regarding Julia), but it just shows that these rulings seem a bit off, at least to me and my group. Without the established use of the word CHOOSE, it just makes no sense.
  6. No, there is no compromise between crazy broken and pointless, but in this or any ccg ( lcg...whatever), I will always opt for pointless. Because crazy broken cards and combos make people games. No one wants to play a game that's not fun. At least pointless cards can still be used in casual games for a bit of a laugh. @Donald10- It makes me sad that FFG would choose not to listen to it's playtesters. It explains alot, but not everything. Like, I still want to know why CoC Lcg is not getting all the care it deserves.
  7. I saw the video. The only remaining errata that the ccg (And for the record I do support a Legacy format) really needs is to errata the messengers. Just add that the drain token must be moved to an undrained domain controlled by the owner of the sacced messenger, not just any undrained domain. That's crazy broken and the playtesters should have caught it. In fact, I thought that's how the messengers were supposed to be played when I first saw them, I thought they were pointless. There was a lot that FFGs so-called "playtesters" let through. Oh, well... this isn't "The Only Game that Matters" after all, so why bother?
  8. As for the "one card in hand" question... Julia brown does NOT say "Discard two cards from hand if able", she just says "Discard two cards from hand, then..." . Because of this wording, I would rule that you DO lose the one card you have, then because you did not perform the entire effect before the "then" you DO NOT draw two cards. For precedent, look to Byakhee Attack. If you are hit with it and hold less than two cards in hand you do not discard because it says if able. Then again, the rulings in this game can be screwy so that's just my ruling.
  9. FFGs boardgames are above awesome, it's handling of CoC is not. Up until now I have bought every expansion of CoC and up until it's lcg phase I have had no real complaints. The ccg did what it needed to do and when it didn't, it got through on it's flavor and great atmosphere. In comparison, the lcg is a sloppy mess with no real engaging gameplay, dull cards ( with one or two execptions if used with the ccg), and seemingly no concept of the atmosphere of Lovecraft's writings. I bought the Julia series, but unless the current designers actually read a Lovecraft story or two and learn how to proofread, that will be the end of it for me. If they don't care, why should we? FFG will still get some of my money though, the BSG boardgame is one of the best I've ever played, and I've never not enjoyed a game of Arkham Horror.
  10. I keep checking... as of today (8-2-09) there is still no new FAQ as was promised. I know FFGs stewardship of this game has been lackluster, but please don't make promises unless you intend to deliver.
  11. Cool, just let me know. Btw, I don't know how familiar you are with Tempe, but there's a game shop in the shopping center on the northwest corner of McClintock and Southern called Game Depot that I frequent. I have played CoC with a couple of people there but they weren't serious so that kinda fizzled, but if you ask the lady at the front counter (Patty) for the guy named Robert who plays CoC and has a kid on the way, I'll hear about it and maybe we can set something up that way. Otherwise, I'm still here
  12. Thanks for the reply! It will be awesome to finaly play again. Sorry it took so long for me to post back I only have sporadic access to the net, but yeah, just send me a pm or leave a post when you get all situated and we can get going!
  13. Hi, I also live near Phoenix ,in Tempe to be exact, and have been playing CoC for years. I generally just play casually, not too competitive and if you've read my posts you'll see that my decks are a mixture of the CCG and LCG (Perfectly legal if not playing in official settings (yet) and using card sleeves). I would love to get together to play, so just shoot me a reply if you're interested and we'll see where to go from there! Thanks, Robert
  14. Frankly, my anger with FFGs handling of CoC has gotten to the point where I would actually welcome a discontinuation of the game. I do not appreciate the rug-pulling that resulted in a LCG only format. The LCG should be treated as a new block in the continuing game, not a **** reboot, to do so cheats all of us who own CCG cards out of our hard earned money. ( and frankly I don't think too many new players picked up the LCG anyway, you know it was mostly just current players who were excited for new cards after FFG told us our game was dead). If treated as a new block, they can do all the set rotation they want as long as they also provide a format for those of us who want to mix blocks. My decks are mixed, and will continue to be as long as I play. The people I play with have mixed decks, is there room from us in FFGs future plans? Doesn't look ike it. There should be some consideration for those of us who have played and collected for more than 3-4 months. Have your LCG only format, I'm fine with it, but allow other mixed formats as well. Otherwise, why would I continue to give my money to someone who's going to stab me in the back? You're making a mistake FFG, there are plenty of other games out there...
  15. I think it's absolute crap that FFG is turning it's back on the CCG cards . When I construct decks I use all available cards and see no difference between LCG and CCG in terms of game function. Now it seems they are telling me that I'm wrong. We were assured the two were compatable with the addition of sleeves, which I use anyway. This behavior on their part to "forget" a huge chunk of the game has seriously got me pissed off, if I'd have known that this is the tack that they would take, I would not have bought ANY on the new stuff and just called it a dead game. (which is prolly why they kept quiet). Look, I know that in casual games mixing the two is fine and that FFG will not break down my door and take away my cards. But if they don't support some kind of format in their leagues and tourneys that allows the mixture at some point in the near future, they have just lost a customer. I love this game, and my opinion is that the LCG is ( or should be) a continuation and not a reboot. And I know that not everyone who plays that way is vocal enough to post on these boards, so I speak for them as well. Wake up, FFG, don't betray us like this.
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