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  1. Verpi

    Anytime actions

    Thanks for the answers. For our group we dicided on 5) for non spell abilities and 3) for the spells. I think it would depend on the group thats playing on what they consider legal or not.
  2. Verpi

    Anytime actions

    My friends where discussing the timing of anytime. The rules state that you can ditch your items and followers anytime. Now lets say that a thief wants an item from the warrior. but the warrior doesn't want the thief to have the item so he plans to ditch it. Its the thiefs turn and he is 1-6 spaces away. When can the warrior still ditch his item? 1) before the thief rolls the die 2) After the thief rolls the die 3) After the thief lands on the warrior's space 4) after the thief declairs he is going to encounter the warrior 5) after the thief declairs he is going to steal from the warrior Same thing with spells Lets say character A casts Aqusition on character B, again to take an item. When can character B still ditch his stuff? 1) before character A announces he's casting the spell 2) after character A announces he's casting the spell 3) after character A states who his target is
  3. Cool Thanks Tibs. Good to know that I've done it right all these years. er…So does that mean when it says cast and discard it's a one shot deal, succeess or fail discard the spell?
  4. I've always played that failing to cast a spell the first time exhaust it and can't be attempted till it is refreshed. In the Rules it states that when a spell check fails the spell has no effect. On most spells it says something like this: Any Phase: Cast and Exhaust to… Which made me think… the spell is only exhausted when it is casted. If that's the case, can I still pay the sanity cost and attempt the spell again till: 1) I quit trying 2) I can't pay the sanity cost 3) I casted the spell. ? along the same line of thought, combat spells, would they: 1) use up another hand in combat for each attempt ie: The Wither spell could only attempted twice. If Both attemptes failed, to bad you used both hands and can't use another weapon till the next round. (i'm kind of leaning towards this.) 2) It just uses the one hand: The Wither spell would succeed automaticaly (since it's a measly +3 in combat anyway) because you can attempt it forever till you succeed. Thanks Verpi
  5. Just wondering... Where does it say that you can use more than one defence action card. Thanks!!
  6. Well now that I read the updated F.A.Q.. I see that you loose the use of the talents (Pg. 7). if you have no socket for them. Well thank you FFG for answering my question! And thanks to all for some interesting view points. It looks like I'll do what's best. I'll disscuss it with my players and see what they think; after all, it is their game too. And if the game gets to imbalanced; I'll send a troop of giants after them to mash the extra Talent sockets out of them!!
  7. I Agree on having a few extra slots open so the characters can use those talents that the players payed for. I would like to know for sure what FFG's ruling for it is though. Not that I'd follow it, unless it made sense, but it would be nice to know. Oh well the game's not perfect. FUN though and to me that's important!
  8. I can see it is a balance issue. The players are faced with the choice of keeping the use of certain talents over others. As a GM (which I am 99.99% of the time) I think it would be fun to have to make the hard disision on what career path to take,and what talents do I want to keep using. I also know my players (which I GM'd for over 20 years). They would not like it. Their point of view would be that there charatcter shouldn't suddenly forget the Talents that he learned in the past. to contradict myself: If I was a retired warrior of sorts and I found myself in combat, I'd be using some of my old tricks to keep myself from getting killed. I don't think I'd forget them just because I've become a...a....(****! don't have the character sheets with me!!) ...let's just say a student. In other words I do see both sides of the coin. Well I think I'm going to have to make a house rule about it.
  9. Well I thought of this overnight. I'd say that after first level the character gets one free slot for each type of talent. 1st. eg. 1st career has talent slots, focus and reputation. the next career has two tactic slots. The character would also have one focus slot and one reputation slot. 2nd. eg. 1st career has two talent slots of tactic.the next career has one focus slot and ond reputation slot. The character would have one tactic slot to use his tactic talets that he learned from the previous career. I just can't get around the idea that one of my players characters can't use his flanking manoevure talent he learned from a previous career while locked in deadly combat. That goes for any other special talent cards. The Zealots insanity slot comes to mind.
  10. I've might have missed something here but... When a character has a talent, let's say Silver tongue (a Reputataion talent) with his first career. Later the player decides to do a different career that doesn't have a reputation talent slot. So far as I can tell, this mean that he looses the ability to use the Silver tongue talent. To me this does not make sense, that the character looses the use of the Silver tongue talent. Did I miss a rule somewhere?
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