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  1. The only way this sucker could be any worse is if it had wings like a Wasp and was dressed in a Clown suit !
  2. Hey Nytwyng, is there any chance you could PM me too please?
  3. Thanks for the input. I thought the Fury was bigger than a fighter, isn't it between a freighter and a frigate? I'm sure I read somewhere that technology had slipped a little since the First Sith War and ships of this era were slightly better than the ABY equivalents. It may have been in an interview with Lucas during Episode I or II as to why the ships looked better than in Episode IV.
  4. I roll my dice in the open and let the group interpret the result in collaboration, that way the story grows organically and everyone gets to be as involved as they want to be. Allowing the Pcs to offer ideas for spending threats and despair as well as advantages and triumphs promotes better roleplaying in my opinion. After all they are only suggestions and the GMs result is final if you don't agree with the players ideas.
  5. Has anyone statted up the ships from Knights of the Old Republic, I am looking for a Fury Class Interceptor. I have lots of Images and Deck plans but I'm unsure of how much the tech level differs from the Age of Rebellion Era timeline. My instincts say that the tech levels are not to dissimilar, am I wrong?
  6. My group plays for around 3 hours a week and I award between 5 and 20 xp depending on how much we get done and how good the roleplaying is. I also award 5xp per session if a character diary entry is submitted to me, I highly recommend these as it's a great way for players to express their characters feelings that they would not want other players / characters to know and to catch up on the campaign if there is a break / remember info from sessions in the distant past (handy as my campaign has been running on and off since 2013).
  7. Thank you very much mate this is just what I was looking for!
  8. Thank you C_beck that gives me a starting point.
  9. Is there an up to date master list of vehicle / Starship and weapons / armour mods available? Just thought I would ask before I start creating them from scratch and find it's already been done.
  10. Oooh I like those ideas I might just have to borrow them myself. I also do not use obligation beyond char-gen , and my morality rules are homebrew but i love the temptation of choosing not to use DPs and taking a juicy morality hit.... very thematic.
  11. Thanks for clearing up the dark pip usage I've been viewing them as 'evil' and to be avoided at all costs, but looking at it from 'a certain point of view ' makes a lot of sense. Thank you.
  12. Thank you very much for the info guys, much appreciated. Ive had no real experience with the force in FFGs rule set, so im kind of in the dark so far as how many FR can generate FP to trigger powers.
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