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  1. The link keeps redirecting to some social media page. Is it possible to read somewhere else?
  2. I would try and add 1 Alerie Tyrell, she's a lady, draws a card and her stats are semi decent. Was also a bit surprised to not see a 3 Garden Caretakers. They are great for claim soak, setup and since your deck is almost completly Tyrell always usefull in marshalling. Your deck looks a bit weak on setup. What does your experience with the deck tell you? Personally i'm also a bigger fan of Redwyne straits instead of the arbor. What's your reasoning to take 3 Roseroads and only 2 Rose Garden? It's not that your deck has any shadow, high cost events or ambush. I think I would atleast switch the numbers on those 2 cards.
  3. Someone posted his deck on reddit: https://imgur.com/a/CAu8y3b#MK3KODj Brobnar/Dis/Untamed I have no idea but it looks like a good deck. Lot's of control combined with the elusive faerie's to gather Ember.
  4. I think the main reason this rule was included is so they have the option of printing conditional cards. Like the healing card for example. This seems like one of those rules that got included after gametesting to resolve some fringe cases which could impact the enjoyment of the game. Will you do it in most of your turns, probably not but it's good to have the option.
  5. I don't expect the decks to have much actual major combo's. The algorithm is there to make sure that if you have some kind of tribal tech that their will be some other tribal cards in it. We will have to wait and see how good the actual algorithm is. You should "forget" your previous experiences with cardgames like magic, L5R, vampire, doomtown, etc because in those kinds of cardgames the deckbuilding part is so important. A meta can be so strict that your deck perhaps only has a 20% winrate against another deck. Which isn't fun and one of the reasons that they play several decks against another in Heartstone. It's probably true that some Keyforge decks might have similair bad matchups (but their will be only so many versions of that deck out there, and even 1 or 2 diffrent cards can change a deck drasticly if we are talking about 36 card decks) For me the main advantages of this game are: - The thing I dislike the most about cardgames, especially in tournaments, is that you'll often face the same deck over and over again. In keyforge, if the balance between houses is somewhat decent, this will not be the case. If I travel all the way to a tournament to just play againt 2/3 diffrent decks in 7+ games which I already saw in my local meta or in previous tournaments isn't always the experience i'm looking for and isn't the reason I started, and loved, playing cardgames. - If it's a fun game (and it looks fast-paced and fun) it's easy to just start playing. Hook up with a friend, go to your local gamestore, pick up a deck each, buy a drink, sit at a table and play a best of 5. It's like going out to the cinema, but for gamers. - If someone claims he has the worst deck, don't you, as a gamer, want to take his deck and beat him with it? On reddit someone even suggested a Worst-of-Tournament, everyone takes his worst deck and before the game starts you switch decks with your opponent. It's a fun format and this game is perfect for it. - If people don't take it too seriously it can be a generous community. One of the best aspects of the old L5R community was that due to clan loyalty everyone had cards he didn't use. I started because someone gave me nearly all his crane and unicorn cards. Together with some other free cards I could start playing almost immediatly. Later on I gave entire decks away to people who were interested so they could join. If I don't like a deck, someone else will perhaps. If it's an adult he/she can offer me a drink, if it's a child I've given him a swell childhood memory and he can have another deck for his sibling/friend so he can play at home. Lots of ifs but we'll see. The game is an attempt at bringing back the pre-internet non-competitive magic to cardgaming. It looks fast to play and teach and if it has sufficient tactical depth for my taste i'm willing to lose the deckbuilding aspect (which I love btw) to have a good and fun game.
  6. ****, makes me want to play the game. A shame I skipped on buying a starterset for half price last month.
  7. Smaller model often implies that it's cheaper to produce. Therefor you can have more of them and supply more theaters of war. If the loss in firepower due to being a smaller model isn't really relevant in a lot of cases you don't lose much tactical utility on the battlefield for using the smaller models. @AldousSnow Nice work, could you perhaps add a unit of 6 troopers, for comparing the vehicles with a normal squad?
  8. How many each of the clans got during their run as o5r. A crane kenku, 1 of 4, as an example. http://www.imperialassembly.com/oracle/showimage?prefix=printing&cardid=185&nestid=1&class=details&tagid=34&hash=e8/2c,422,600,image/jpeg
  9. In addition in Dragon's defence, they also had a lot of (direct) defensive boosts in the first game. Higher province strength, cavalry when defending etc The first thing I thought about when seeing this card was the first Dragon Stronghold. http://imperialassembly.com/oracle/showimage?prefix=printing&cardid=8226&nestid=1&class=details&tagid=34&hash=a5/54,426,600,image/jpeg
  10. Or only working against non-imperials. Fluffwise it would make some sense.
  11. In the old storyline the only Clan to support the Crab with actual troops was the Crane Clan. Don't know if this is still the case
  12. yeah, it's a cool list So far I only managed to achieve: Reverse Ambush, Deja Vu All Over Again, Zerg Rush, An Irresistible Temptation, Orator For The Ages and perhaps claiming the same ring 5 times.
  13. Achievements should be achievable So far you can only destroy a max of 3 provinces in one turn. (for those who are wondering it's in unicorn vs unicorn.)
  14. I'm pro. The new magistrates offer interesting limitations and each clan has his own take on them. Don't forget that the Phoenix one only works while attacking, also negates his own with less glory, needs the stronghold against most clans and most importantly he is a bushi in a shugenja and courtier clan. I'm happy to see interesting cards, the reason I got a bit bored by agot2 due to dull cards.
  15. It did with Lannister, they got released second, after stark. The extra options combined with being the strongest core faction gave them several strong builds from the start.
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