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  1. Your off to a great start here I'm really currious as to what you come up with for there "Primarch" Curse.
  2. The first one's pretty simple, do Summoner's need to buy "The gift" To summon? The second one is about Elementaly charge weapons, I saw ae few art examples in the book of flaming swords and what looked like a "Light" Katana, but there's no hard rules for magic weapons? How would one go about making something like these?
  3. This game really issn't overcomplex, But it does require you to read the entire rulebook, probbly more than once, which I don't really see as a terrible thing. Calculating Damage feels like a chore and i'm sure when I run my first campign of this I just know at least on PC is going to forget to take something important like "the Gift" Advantage for there Magic user or something but that feels like the worst of the problems I'm going to have with this game.
  4. flervk said: Swordwraith said: However, if you really can't stand Final Fantasy because you don't like the Japanese RPG take on the fantasy milieu, you'll probably end up skipping it. The whole Asian spin on Western fantasy thing is pretty key. ah well, there are like gazillion other RPGs out there, I guess I'll find something else thanks for the info, though. Probbly a bit late to influance this guys Decision, but I didn't honestly get a Final Fantasy vibe really at all from it, I was more reminded of Anime such as Beserk and Claymore, On one of the other forums someone is making Rules for Mecha, which is a testiment of the versitility of the system. If I have a slight complaint it's the potential for being a very brutal "Fast kill" system, if your players are used to the "Yo-yo Healing" of dnd 4th Edition, then there going to be in for a shock when theres the potential for low level characters to be cut down swiftly by a lucky swing, and critical hits are marvously brutal with the potential to permantly cripple major organs without Magical aid. Of course I would have to see how they work out in an actually game which is why I use teh word "Potential" allot.
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