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  1. I actually pencilled out (never used) a wedding themes scenario. It'd need fairly high level characters to run, but was basically an escalation of the fight over Lucins Breath, where the players had to kinap Aspyce Chorda and Calligos Winterscale and force them to mary whilst their fleets were in battle over the planet below. It contained kinapping major players (NPCs) to act as witnesses. Quite Space Opera. Lots of consequences.
  2. What would you say are the strengths of the founding chapters and their successors? The Ultramarines follow Guilliman fairly closely with a strength of around 1'000, but most other chapters didn't agree (but weren't in a position to object, as they were either decimated, missing their Primarch or had peed off too many others to carry much weight, you know who you are Russ), so what are the strenths of the other chapters (roughly) today (non codex primarily)?
  3. In the Golden Age of Sail (which RT draws upon), officer volunteered for dangerous missions because it was the way to get noticed and promoted, this included the vessels captain if he ever wanted to get another ship again. Historically exceptions were those who had so much much pull politically they didn't need to bother and even then they faced an enourmous amount of peer pressure (which could be fatal with dueling). Officers who later aquired political connections (which is most if they wanted to keep advancing) still had the history of daring-do that got them noticed in the first place.
  4. I was working on a character that would have had divided loyalties, not neccesarily against the group, but definately with an alternative agenda. It could all easily have turned against the PC, with the group out for his head (not neccesarilly), but I was working on putting him into a position where his escape (amid massive collateral damage) was probable. I was planning on dropping a few subtle hints so it wasn't a total suprise or people went 'oh, of course' afterwards. Unfortunately, the campaign imploded (unrelated reasons), so I never got to see how it would have turned out.
  5. Just the Operator and Medic careers are pretty iconic for a game called Amethyst, based on D&D rules that sounds somewhat similar to what you're proposing. The game features Disruption rules quite heavilly where magic and technology collide (to the detriment of technology, magic gets along just fine).
  6. How do you handle the Disruption?
  7. I'll add that that semi auto fire also helps the Astartes version, though it is creep (to a degree). It shouldn't matter in RT much though (I know this is DH).
  8. MDMann

    Only War

    The simple solution is to have all Orgryn PCs be Bone 'Eads. If they bring them out I'd expect rules for abhumans (including Ogryn) to be in RT though, as I think it would make a better fit. There's still plenty of materiel available for OW but I'd imagine these and Vehicles to be in RT (seperately).
  9. RT has +- 60, so I roll with that generally.
  10. It's possible to get ships with Turret Ratings of 4 easilly enough (Flak Turrets on a base of three) or 6 if you allow Xenostech. There are a few anti-craft things out there if you equip your vessels for it, without needing to get your own fighter screen, such as Mineleyer Bays (admittedly it's space intensive). Also, remember whilst they're not as versatile, taking an extra turn to launch, ships can potentially carry a few small craft per point of hull space with a few more per hold. No reason these shouldn't include Aquilla and Guncutters or other general purpose craft that can double as fighters to provide a screen (not ideal but very good in defense).
  11. Enjoying this. Makes me think of Suffering Marshal's making an appearence in the not to distant future (either planetary Enforcers or actual Arbites). If they were Arbites they would know eactly how much Inquistorial henchmen or Acolytes (or Throne Aggents or Inquisitors) could ignore the Lex Calixis and how much authority they actually posess. They'll likely know the different Carta and kinds of authority that could be granted too...
  12. BFK says around 10% of a crew are typically armsmen. This should solve your problem. Also, the Sharks aren't neccessarily full, and complement of normal Voidmen are likely present aswell (roughly equal numbers to the armsmen in each trip). Compare it the Age of Sail (which RT is based upon) where roughly half (or less) the boarders in a typical Naval Action would be Marines and the rest ordinary sailors (of all ranks), even though the Marines made up a much smaller proportion of the crew (as many crew were busy elsewhere, sailing or fighting the ship). Typically gun crews were used. It could be a means to rapid promotion for those willing to face the risks.
  13. Sandy Mitchell touches on this in the Ciaphas Cain voicebook Dead on the Water, where the Guard (and PDF) operate watercraft. Local smallboats mostly, but with some larger gunboat sized vessels, operated at the squad and platoon level respectively. It implies there are larger vessels used but since the world in question is lots of small landmasses scattered throughout small seas they're not appropriate to his mission. The gunboats are STC (or at least standard guard vessels).
  14. Kinda both. It's pretty vague on this and doesn't go into it. However, sine Matt Farrer contributed to the book, I'd go with his dicriptions. I liked the book generally. I particularly liked the armoury (though the lack of availability/ costs for Augmeticsis very annoying), the upper echelons of the Arbites, Hive Subrique and the alternate career ranks. I thought hte adventure was pretty weak (I like adventures) as was the investigation rules. I'd generally give the book a thumbs level (a good result).
  15. It's impressive. There's also Hostile Aquisitions (soon) and Book of Judgement to add in.
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