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  1. The new update (v 1.2.2) seems to solve all the problems. We can start delving again! =)
  2. It worked for me. I purchased Delve on my tablet and now it is also avalaible on my smartphone (both android, same google account) =)
  3. Burning Wrath quest Tested The only bug is the single minion activation for the master (elemental or ettin) with no more choices as you said. I played this quest last night (app version 1.2.0) and the bugs still remain. The elemental doesnt activate properly. The app only gives commands to the minion. I also find strange that the button at the bottom of the screen instead of the usual "All minions activated" says "All elementals activated" maybe thats where the problem lies. Also the double door message still remains. When you pass the rumble test for the second time the app tells you to place a door but it doesnt show where to place it. Then when you pass the test at the third pair of rumble it tells you again to place the door and now the door correctly appears in the app. One last thing. During the traveling phase i got the event at an old inn full of people where we stop to drink, dance or rest. The second button wrote with capital letters JOYFULL_INN_2 (something like that) so I couldnt know what this option really is. .
  4. Checked yesterday with the last update, everything it's ok. Arachyra has plenty of normal activations with pincer attack. Happy to hear that! =) I also have some minor nitpicks. For example i dont understand why the applicaton gives +1 surge to monsters that dont use surges like Sorcerers. It seems like a waste of an effect Last night we played with the family for the first time a story quest that used portals to travel to different areas. Very cool concept But It was very confusing for us to decide if the monsters could use the portals or if they are stuck behind. We played that they can't use the portal but it would be nice if the application was more clear about that.
  5. I have a problem with Arachyura. In an earlier verison of the application they always used their Pincer Attack action during their activation. It was written on the activation card. Nowadays everytime they just do the usual engage hero then attack one hero. No more Pincer attacks. No more engage os many as possible. I houseruled it that by attacking it always means Pincer Attack but it should be written on the instructions as before. Can someone verify that Arachyura activation no longer Pincer Attack?? Sorry for my bad english
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