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  1. Like it! Thank you for creating that and for posting it for us to use.
  2. Does each star system have a particular or optimal "Warp Point" on the fringes of the system (away from the major star) or can you go into the warp from any point in the system?
  3. MILLANDSON said: Yep, there is a Drop Pod Launch Bay available, though you had better have the number of shuttles needed to retrieve all the pods (it carries 20) from the planet's surface, otherwise it's sort of a one shot thing. I'd advise using Upkeep tests for the pods (stats for which are included in the vehicles section), since they might end up damaged beyond repair or destroyed whilst being used. *ding* So SOLD!
  4. Are there pod bays in "Into the Storm?" Would be nice to have those for use by borrowed Astartes Marines who might be on board for a specific mission or two. Of course Space Marines might be beneath traveling on a RT vessel.
  5. Errant said: Ogrehound said: Errant, can you give an example? Okay, going for a quick example of a 'perfect' ship for this job. Starting off, we equip the ship with an R-50 Multi-band Auspex. Utilising the Auspex's deep-scan capabilities, your Explorers can find the richest seams in the mine, providing +50AP to the Exploration objective. Next, a Barracks. Using the Rogue Trader's personal army to protect the miners nets the Explorers an additional +100AP; this also leaves you with a handy plot-hook later on. Perhaps the miners come to resent having military overwatch, or if your Explorers elect to bring the soldiers back with them afterwards, there's no longer anyone to protect the miners again... Next, it's time to start hauling that cargo. If fitted with a Main Cargo Hold, you'll gain +125 Achievement Points to your Trade objectives, from the simple raw amount of goods you can carry in your ship. Alternatively, use Compartmentalised Cargo Holds spread throughout your ship to get +100 Trade AP. Depends on how much space you have, or if you're worried about having all your eggs in one basket. Lastly, equip it with a Commerce Bridge. The enhanced cogitator relays and hololithic projector provide greater logistical control of your now-successful mining operations, providing +50AP to Trade objectives. Gives you a minimum of 300AP on top of your completed objectives. I this example, can my ship have multiple compartmented cargo holds for 100 AP for each hold?
  6. MILLANDSON said: Either way, the rules for vehicles are fairly easy, so it's not that hard to make more vehicles, and as N0-1 said, what might be "not as useful" for you will be incredibly useful (and a lot more useful than a battle tank) for someone else. Don't get me wrong - I am definitely buying this book as soon as it hits my local store's bookshelf I see from the posts in this thread the huge value of Into the Storm. I'm a fan.
  7. dvang said: Vehicles, off the top of my head (I don't have the book here at work with me): Aquila Lander, Lighter, Fury Interceptor, Gun-cutter, Ore hauler, Land Speeder, Rhino, Sentinel Walker, Ork Warbike, Sky Yacht. I think I'm missing one or two more. Not as useful for Rogue Traders as I had hoped. I plan to use the concept mentioned in the RT core rulebook of having Imperial Guard regiments attached to the RT for awhile. They would be using Chimera AFVs and Leman Russ tanks! I will have to house rule those vehicles for the time being.
  8. Bilateralrope said: Deadline247 said: So it appears that my players are bound and determined to almost always bring along 10-30 extra armsmen with them whenever they go planetside...they seem to really like the idea that they can do this. My question is how should i handle this when they are facing only a handful of enemies. We're running "Into the Maw", and they next combat is most likely going to be vs. Lady Ash and 2 Battle Servitors on the bridge of the Righteous Path. So that's 5 PCs + XX armsmen vs. 1 Psyker and 2 Servitors. How would I go about handling this? My understanding is that a mass combat group cannot attack a player or NPC...and vice versa. Have I misread the rules on this? If there's no mass combat group for the armsmen to fight, what should I do with them? Deadline247 said: How would I go about handling this? My understanding is that a mass combat group cannot attack a player or NPC...and vice versa. Have I misread the rules on this? If there's no mass combat group for the armsmen to fight, what should I do with them? - First, download a copy of the Deathwatch preview Final Sanction and use its horde rules for masses of NPCs. They work much better than the mass combat rules. While Final Sanction doesn't cover all weapons, MILLANDSON has filled in the blanks in this thread (reply #23). - If your players bring an army, then the opponents should also bring one. If you want to keep things simple, treat each army as a horde and, while the PCs take care of important NPCs, have the hordes fighting each other until one breaks. Then the unbroken horde joins in the main fight. - Make them roll acquisition test for all the troops they bring and every piece of gear on those troops. The Hordes rules from the DW preview should work fine in combination with the RT mass combat rules. Don't want to go off of thread topic but where in the RT rulebook are there rules for acquiring units of troops? I know there is a barracks ship component and that entire Imperial Guard regiments can be loaned to Rogue Traders, but is there a table in the RT book to buy troop units?
  9. My LGS does not have Into the Storm yet - hopefully soon.
  10. Was thinking about making a java client application for creating ships for RT. Pick components and then print your form - are there any applications out there that allow you to do this? if not, I'm going to code one up
  11. If the scenario is a defensive situation use two armsmen Heavy Bolter Teams to help out the players. Those are real crowd-pleasers.
  12. Nalroth said: I thought I saw a post in one of the FF RT forums where there was an "official" response saying that the reload time for the Orthlack was supposed to be 3 Full*, the Ursid was supposed to be 2 Full* and the Autogun was supposed to be Full*. Couldn't tell you where though. *All time measurements were the player doing it alone. Can anyone please send the link to this thread with FFG response? Thanks.
  13. The RT rules say that groups can't target individuals and individuals can't target groups, so if you were going to make the Orks into a group against the PCs, you would still have to use individual Orks from the Ork group to fire at the PCs, according to the rules. What you could do is give the PCs a friendly group of ship's crew and/or armsmen from the RT ship to assist the PCs against the Orks = I mean the RT ships have 1000 plus crew members to use as fodder, ahem, combat helpers. The friendly crew personnel would be a group and could combat the Ork group, thus helping to eliminate some of the Ork group down to a few individual Orks, which the PCs could then combat normally. Just a suggestion.
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