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  1. During a recent session, I have a Chiss player right at the start of combat, look to his left to the wookie player and say " I use my leadership to inspire the wookie" It caught me off guard. So I said it was an average check, and he got two successes. So I said the wookie gets two boost dice on his first attack. Does anyone think this is a good use of leadership. I ruled this could be done once an encounter.
  2. I know it says I can only field one copy of of each unique squadren card. Does this mean I can only field one xwing squadren in luke Skywalker squadren? Or more because all the xwing squadren have his art on reverse side.
  3. Can someone please give me an example of how a command token is used...I know you use the command dial at the start of your turn...what if you also have a token...how does that work. Need big example. Thanks.
  4. I'm seriously considering dropping the who jedi thing. I have a chiss player who is searching for lost chiss technology. But what that is I'm not sure.
  5. I'm sure some of you know of the wizards of the coast star wars campaign Dawn of defiance. Doing a conversion for edge and the first adventure is pretty straight foward. I run into a problem in the second adventure 'a wretched hive'. The players try to please a Hutt gangster through a series of encounters to determine his connection with the empire. The problem I have is in the written adventure the players find a comatose jedi hidden in the dungeons...forcing the Hutt to flee before the players to exit the dungeon. My problem is with no force sensitive players....what would give the players to enter the dungeon...triggering the Hutt to flee... Thanks for any help.
  6. Here is my question. I will use the first campaign scenario Aftermath for the question. I know I can use my threat for the units the you can deploy during setup, like the stormtroopers and the probe droid after they have been defeated. What about the reserve group. Can I use threat to deploy them at all? After they have been defeated? Thanks for the help.
  7. I was looking at the ship weapons in the core rule book and I started to wondering how can I tell how many attacks I get with a ship weapon. Like the z-95 has light laser cannons that are linked. Do I just get one attack with that weapon or two?
  8. For purposes of seting up, are wormhole hexes counted as empty tiles or special tiles?
  9. For purposes of seting up, are wormhole hexes counted as empty tiles or special tiles?
  10. When I cause damage to the other player with units and a hero, do I have to apply damage to his units before I can do damage to his hero, or can I put all the damage on the hero. I cant seem to find this in the rule book. Thanks.
  11. Besides the Crown of the Elder kings relic, are any relics from the game such as the Black Blade, Runeplate, or others ever be found in RTL? Dont have the expansion yet and I was just wondering.
  12. I get the you can use some of your treachery to reinforce an encounter with a lieutenant, but where its says minions on his card, do you set those up with the Lt. in the encounter? Thanks
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