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  1. So I finally have everything printed out after much fiddling around. What an awful program to print from. Can understand why you use it though, appears to be easy to adjust templates. The printouts look awesome on high gloss photo paper. Now to buy some coloured cardboard and I can start with next step. Don't know if it was just me, but the terrain box was tiny and I couldn't get it to print at the correct size. I ended up just pulling the images of the front and sides and sticking them on the variabox. The remnant box also didn't have tabs on it. Easy enough to fix though, even with my pretty much non-existent computer drawing experience. Going to have a go at building the Ultimate Box as well. Probably wont have an open top. I'm thinking of sticking the top of the lid to the box from the main game on the top and a couple of the big box expansion lids on the sides. (maybe, might be too much)
  2. Scratch my last comment. I always get Runewars and Runebound muddled. Haven't played Runewars yet so can't really comment.
  3. If it's a wargame you want, War of the Rings. Both are great games, however I wouldn't class Runewars as a wargame, more an adventure game.
  4. Check out this thread over at the geek for an awsome Mount Doom Model for the Collector's Edition. No word on cost or when they'll be ready yet. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/460343/mount-doom-miniatures-sized-for-the-collectors-edi
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