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  1. I'm here. My son and I love playing campaign through the app and I plan on making purchases of stuff we don't have til we finish our collection.
  2. Do we know what other houses were in the winning deck besides Brobnar?
  3. Our 3rd episode is now available. We talk houses, tournaments and community.
  4. Hey fellow Forgers! Episode 2 of Off the Chain is live. Now with improved sound quality! Hope you enjoy. Keep Forgin!
  5. It's a good ability, BUT you have to be fighting AND survive the fight. If that was played against me I would ignore it until I had a removal or stun card. Keeping in mind Keyforge isn't like many other card games, it's not all about creature combat
  6. Magic is the mighty(some might say evil) empire. While I see some Magic players coming over and playing Keyforge, Magic isn't going anywhere.
  7. Got my first Maverick last night (my 9th deck). Got Mind Barb as a Logos card
  8. Thank you so much for the kind words. We appreciate it and strive to improve as we go
  9. Now easier to find and listen to the first episode. Find us on Pocketcasts Google Podcasts Spotify Breaker Radio Public
  10. Hey folks, my best friend and I love this game so much we're giving the whole podcast thing a shot. We've done our first episode, and we're aware that the audio isn't perfect and we'll be constantly working to improve. So join hosts Kenny Blaze and Bald Mike as we discuss this great game. https://anchor.fm/offthechainpodcast
  11. Yeah it would have been nice to see a close up shot of the model that won him the award.
  12. Just read it and I'll just say WOW. Great story, love how you brought it full circle. I like how you gave the leonx a more direct form of communication with the elves rather than treating it like a pet. This story makes me wish ffg would publish novels set in Terrinoth. Of course I would have to stop painting to find time to read one. Again, great story hope you do more.
  13. So much to listen to. Good thing I have a lot of painting to do
  14. Since the box sets usually have previously unkown heroes, I would like to see a Gungan hero at some point.
  15. Ewoks Ewoks Ewoks We've waited long enough. Give us out Ewoks!!!
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