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    mrspank got a reaction from mysticpickle2 in Petition against NetrunnerDB Cease & Desist   
    Signed.  I can't believe Fantasy Flight would shut down netrunnerdb.  It's lunacy I tell ya!
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    mrspank reacted to randomblink in Petition against NetrunnerDB Cease & Desist   
    Signed... in triplicate.
    I purchase 3 data packs per release. That's so I can have a collection set and enough cards to build multiple decks with my friends and family. I use NetrunnerDB as my sole online card management option. CardGameDB is crap, not mobile, and clunky as Johnny Five.
    FFG needs to pull their heads out, grow a TRUE pair (don't mistake corporate bullying as confidence or leadership), and work with the people that actually pay your salaries.
    Or I'm out... I can think of a hundred other places to put my time, money and effort than a company that backhands it's fan base with vague and threatening C&D's.
    I don't keep friends in my social circles who act like you are FFG... I won't support this kind of nonsense with my hard-earned money.
    Wake up...
    Peace, Love and Gaming... not bullying
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    mrspank reacted to MBarber82 in Petition against NetrunnerDB Cease & Desist   
    I retrieved my rarely used FFG account just so I can say this: I am truly disgusted by this move and seriously considering boycotting FFG because of it. Don't be that company FFG! It is not too late to diffuse the situation!
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    mrspank reacted to Peekay in Petition against NetrunnerDB Cease & Desist   
    I'm signing here because of netrunnerdb in particular, although the general premise of C&D against fan-made sites seems incredibly stupid to me as well. 
    Here's the thing about CardGameDB: it's completely useless on a mobile device. This is the reason I moved away from CardGameDB back in the day and that reason has remained valid for their remade deckbuilder as well. With my current lifestyle, a deckbuilding site that I can't use on the move to jot down deck ideas, flesh them out and/or make quick tweaks to my existing netspace decks (thus making synch with their meatspace versions possible) has very lmited usefulness to me. At the same time, these are simply features essential for me if I am to remain reasonably active within the game's community. 
    So, yeah: if you want to shut down all other sites besides CardGameDB, at least make an effort to find out what they have that you don't, and implement it. Otherwise, you're risking actually losing active players, including people like me that actually single-handedly built up a national community from the ground up. 
    tl;dr: get cardgamedb usable on a mobile device before you assault sites that are already filling that particular need. 
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    mrspank reacted to fab74 in Petition against NetrunnerDB Cease & Desist   
    Signed !
    You have all my support.
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    mrspank reacted to Robin Graves in Petition against NetrunnerDB Cease & Desist   
    Fantasy flight is the new games workshop.
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    mrspank reacted to ErPanfi in Petition against NetrunnerDB Cease & Desist   
    NetrunnerDB is a solid site, with precious features and much data stored within and extensively referenced in various communities (Reddit, bgg, etc...).
    I understand that copyright issues needs to be solved but, honestly, a whole site takedown is not the right solution.
    By the way, I just gave a try to the new version of CardGameDB today... It's literally unusable with small screens, and it doesn't provide nothing more than NetrunnerDB, while presenting more setbacks in various areas.
    Seriously, if that is the official deckbuilding tool there much work to do on it.
    A few hints:
     - import is only by plain text (export is also on OCTGN format, though), and often it fails with "Data column(s) for axis #0 cannot be of type string". No user readable error messages? Seriously?
     - Information about cost/strength graph must be filtrable by card category: I want to se the strength of my ICEs paired with the cost of ICE rez... Not Ice rez+Asset rez+Operations
     - Maybe I'm not that savvy, but... is there any use for the influence pie chart?
    Maybe part of your agreement with Alsciende may be to have his consulence on how to improve CardGameDB? ;-)
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    mrspank reacted to Mixxathon in Petition against NetrunnerDB Cease & Desist   
    Very much SIGNED!
    This is a really bad move on the behalf of FFG.
    I am already hearing people in my gaming club quitting both NR and X-Wing, and cancelling their pre-orders and subscriptions for those new games that are coming. We love the games but we will not feed FFG any more money or goodwill if this is how it is going to be.
    It will hurt FFG to a small degree and the FLGS alot more I'm afraid.
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    mrspank reacted to faith_star83 in Petition against NetrunnerDB Cease & Desist   
    Yes, yes, we all saw the C&D for Jinteki.net coming, but I am disappointed that FFG does not bother to involve itself enough into the community around one of their major LCGs to actually realize that a complete shutdown of netrunnerdb is a huge slap in the face of a big part of the community.
    Just doing away with a generic C&D does not do justice to the great contribution of netrunnerdb to the community. In my eyes, a C&D for jinteki.net and approaching netrunnerdb to discuss a possible future for it (e.g. no images hosted on netrunnerdb or no API or whatever) or giving it some restraints might have been the desirable approach.
    Edit: Signed! (Obviously)
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    mrspank reacted to Volstruis in Petition against NetrunnerDB Cease & Desist   
    Signed that one too. The more noise the better. Not for the meta though, tee hee.
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    mrspank reacted to Volstruis in Petition against NetrunnerDB Cease & Desist   
    Let's get the ball rolling. Threatening legal action against the best fan-made content is really stupid guys. Your paying customers (who pay you money for your cards, not for your websites) are going to show you they are not too impressed with this action.
    Sign below if you agree.
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