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  1. My gut reaction seems to agree with everyone else. GREAT idea- veil the real world religions. Whatever you decide to do with your game- repost. It seems like it could be very interesting.
  2. I've got a DH group that I've been working on converting from D&D. They're all fairly involved with role playing aspects but I know I'd have some droopy eyelids if a 5 hours game session didn't involve -some- bloodshed. I think other people have covered it pretty well but encourage PCs to use cover, semi-auto fire, aiming, dodging. Maybe throw in a friendly guardsman NPC who can also impart some of these tactics to your PCs (like a tutorial in a video game) and then later be used to advance or alter the plot. The first fight we had in the game was very long (PCs and NPCs went to hard cover right away). Everything was going very well for the PCs when the psyker got shot in the head with a las pistol and subsequently was blinded and knocked out from crit damage. Luckily the battle resolved SHORTLY after that and the psyker was able to heal himself pretty decently. The reaction from the other PCs was pretty epic as the psyker hadn't done anything with his psy abilities up to that point and they had the perfect blend of being impressed and VERY unnerved.
  3. Sorry, I realized I put a question mark in the title of the thread...echk...
  4. My friend and I were jousting lately. He was Stark, I was Lannister. The game went for a long time and it was very close, in fact, he had 14 to my 13 power and he won initative. Now, he went into battle with Eddard, who has reknown, and won. Immediately, I dropped my "A Lannister pays his debts" to kill Eddard. Now, Eddard already had 1 power on his card and would have claimed the second, game winning power, when I played my card. However, would he still have gotten the power for reknown ahead of that? FYI- As soon as it was my turn (we kept playing after this, niether of us are that big on winning if we're having fun) but the next turn was mine and I had an unopposed intrigue challenge (for 1 power) and used my lannisport card to pay 1 gold to gain additional power for the victorious intrigue challenge (I would have one on dominace also that turn). So the question- did I "repay my debt" before he claims his power? Did I win or did he? Thanks
  5. I just picked up the game yesterday and was rather impressed. I did however find one particulair item troubling. Mind you I only have the core set, and my playing wasl imited to 1 on 1. First question: One of the core set targaryen plot cards allows you to pick an opponent and then that opponent chooses a character to be killed. We played with the cards straight out of the pre-wrapped decks and I would not choose this card again. Is there any reason to use it (mind you in a 1 v 1 game) other than that it's 5 gold? Second question: I enjoyed hte game and would like to expand my deck by purchasing more of the addtions/chapters. Reading the descriptions is not terribly helpful. (40 cards bla bla bla) but are certain additions built better for certain situations/play types? Is there anyway to really anything specifically I ought to know about one versus the other? I know with the (upcoming?) Kings of the Sea is going to be specifically Grejoy but what of the other additions? Thanks a lot!
  6. The first time I ever played this game half of us (2) had not seen the show. I was in the group that had never seen it and as a matter of fact, the board game got me intrigued in the show. I believe my exact comment was something to the tune of "If the board game is this interesting how could the show be bad?" I started watching the show after playing the game- and laughed quite a bit because I kept commenting as our population was dropping "We've got to start making babies!" (an almost direct quote from the show as it turns out.) I'm currently about to start watching season 3, and I'll say that (as others have) having seen the show the enjoyment does go up because some of the cards- specifically the crisis cards are direct scenario's from the show. It's a nostalgic pleasure more so than an enhancement to the game.
  7. At what point in the game does an Ancient One/Great Old One begin to stir in their slumber? On their cards many of them have abilities that occur at this phase- I'm inclined to think that it happens as the critter is drawn from the deck, but I'd prefer not to make any mistakes. Thanks a bunch.
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