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  1. I picked up one of each Black Crusade book, including the GM screen. I think it's good news, maybe they want to see how much continued interest there is in the line before they make the Nurgle book? I know I want a Death Guard sorceror and some vicious Nurgle spells.
  2. Hey all, I am making a Darkholder Adept PC from the Radicals Handbook. In the description of the Darkholder it mentions four ships. The Bountiful Beast, Blinded Saint, Pale Sepulchre, and the Chalice of Fire. On page 30 in the Radicals Handbook it gives a full description of the Bountiful Beast. On page 139 also in the Radicals Handbook it gives a description of the Pale Sepulchre. I am trying to find the other two, the Blinded Saint and the Chalice of Fire. I would like to read the descriptions of all four to see what vessel I would like for my character to be a part of. Thanks
  3. would a collectors edition be announced well before it actually went on sale? if it's anything like the original Dark Heresy collectors edition that sold out in I believe 7 minutes I doubt a lot of people would receive one. Though Fantasy Flight may intend on producing a significant number of Deachwatch collectors editions to satisfy most customers.
  4. does anyone know if Deathwatch will be capatable with Dark Heresy? is character generation the same? I've been using the Adeptus Astartes unofficial fan made content to create a Space Marine so this book is particularly appealing to me to re-create that character with official rules. Thanks
  5. Hi all, One of my friends is starting up a new DH game with 5 of our other friends. I chose the background package for my Adept in the Radical's Handbook called,"Thy Name I keep". It's on page 37 for reference. My 6 page typed character history aside I have three questions regarding this background. 1. the background claims I, as a character have a portion of the name of a demon and that with that name I can command it to do my bidding. Under the "power of the demon" I chose the power of a "Knowledge Familiar". My question is, are the demon and knowledge familiar two separate entities? or if I ask the demon a question through my mind will the knowledge familiar respond? 2. In relation to the Knowledge Familiar itself, if they are in fact separate does the knowledge familiar need to be something of form around me? I have heard of familiars before they are usually small things that follow you. Is that the same in this instance? I would choose a small creature this knowledge familiar would represent only I have some type of mental connection with it as I do the demon itself? I would love to know how I am going to explain this random creature following me around places. 3. The knowledge in Daemonology and subsequent Talented in Daemonology as well. Is this knowledge gained from the demon itself? So if I as a character run in to a situation where I can use it I simply roll basically a +20 to my intelligence and I simply know that knowledge? even though I have not had any formal training in it through books or anything? Thanks all
  6. Hodgepodge said: I would probably depict it via a halucinogenic sequence which inflicts a good portion of insanity points and corruption on the PCs present, leaving whatever the desired result was in the wake of its visitation or conveying information via a soul-rending flash of mental contact. Likewise for major (possibly) unaligned daemons such as the Radiant King. Otherwise, it might simply send a relatively minor incarnation of itself, in the form of a rather nasty unbound daemonhost. hey, I like that! that is a great idea!
  7. yeah, I understand as far as stats for me it's more of what it could conceivably know. Like if it had Daemonology +30 then I could ask it a question in hopes of getting an answer I can understand. Though, I think the GM said the knowledge familiar would be a seprate entity. Not to say I could not ask something of this Lord of Change directly. At least the GM mentioned this demon has selected me for a reason that is unknown to me.
  8. oh wow guys, heh not really what I was going for. I'm not the GM it's actually for my own character. I am playing an Adept with the "The Name I Know" starting package out of the Radicals Handbook. The GM decided to roll a dice for what chaos power the god would be from and the power the demon would have. It turned out Tzeentch and Lord of Change. He told me to come up with a storyline for this Lord of Change to speak to me. He gave me a brief rundown of what it was capable of. He said these things are capable of changing reality. I usually write stories for my characters including background information and things of that nature. So I was thinking that this Lord of Change was conspiring for me to know part of it's name for the last 50 years, since before I was even though to be born. Then I was going to have a series of journal entries explaining the characters thoughts. My particular character is heavy into the Forbidden Lores of course none of the other players in the game know about my character history.
  9. Hello, I was wondering if any veteran roleplayers of the Dark Heresy world could speculate as to the statistics for a Lord of Change in the Dark Heresy world. I am unsure of how they would convert from a model in the Warhammer Fantasy tabletop game. I do not have the book "Creatures Anathema" so if it is in there I will most likely pick it up. But surely it would have a lot of daemonic powers and warp abilities. I just wanted to see what it could conceivably look like on paper. Thanks!
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