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  1. PastorJK said: As I understand it, the entire roll is changed as a result of a dodge. For instance, you roll your breath attack and the hellhounds do enough damage to kill every single villager. Unfortunately, the hero causes a reroll. You roll an X on the blue die. The end result is you miss the attack! Sorry. What a shame. Thanks.
  2. This question probably pertains to all breath weapons, but it came up last night in my campaign with Hell Hounds. Here goes: I'm in the dungeon where you have 6 villagers that, if killed, allow me to bring in a demon (or if they survive, they give heroes conquest tokens). The level is almost finished. I spawn two hell hounds and move them up to blast the villagers with my breath attacks. BUT, one of the heroes moves into the middle of the villagers and puts a "dodge" order on herself. I make the attack, and she decides to make me reroll the dice with her "Dodge" order. The question is: Does her "dodge" order make me have to reroll my dice for the villagers too, OR does the reroll pertain only to her hero figure (meaning that the first roll still applies to the villagers)? It seems kind of strange that the reroll pertians to the villagers who are, after all, not under dodge orders. What's the rule?
  3. I looked to see if this was a topic here and I didn't notice it so I'll add one now. My appologies if this has been discussed in the past. I'd like to see the WARGAME SERIES by Games Workshop re-made by FFG. These boardgames included BATTLE FOR ARMAGEDDON, THE HORUS HERESY, and DOOM OF THE ELDAR (or TYRANID ATTACK, depending upon which edition you received). These were great little board wargames. FFG would do a great job re-vamping them. Also, SPACE HULK. FFG is already very familiar with dungeon crawler style games. Why not this one? DRAGONMASTER would also be a good one to re-print. CURSE OF THE MUMMY'S TOMB, a boardgame by Steven Hand, original creator of FURY OF DRACULA. These are my picks. Any others?
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