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  1. CaliAlpha, I'm at Game Empire all the time maybe we know each other. Name is Tyler. I couldn't figure out how to PM you, but I'm thnking of hosting a Conquest tourney around the 19th. Waiting to hear back from Travis.
  2. That shuttle is a real card, balanced and good. Feel like it would deserve some fun other cards in it's set.
  3. Hey gang, so it's my understanding that if you lightsaber deflect and/or take the damage on a shield then Bobba's damage is prevented, or more accurately never dealt to the character it's self. So he wouldn't capture it.
  4. I think theres a lot of good points going around but for me, I want to play two games vs one opponent. No matter what. I've played to many games where I just drew (even twice) a really bad strating hand. I'd hate to loose a whole tourny cuz of that.
  5. I would love to see this happen. Considering how good Fantasy flight is I feel like this is doable. It's hard to find people to play theses games unless I know them personally.
  6. I'm a long time Star Wars card game player and play tester for this game ( althought an older version then what came out ) I loved the tourney rules used in the Star Wars TCG game by wizards of the coast. Star Wars TCG: Each player would build a 60 card light and dark side deck. They would roll off to see who started the bidding. Each player would normally start with 30 build points but they would bid away some in order to get th e deck they want. Ie I would bid 29 dark side. Then if my opponent wanted to play dark side they would bid 28 dark. You continue in that way until someone folds. You play a round and then after one game the loser gets to start the bidding for the next hand. Best of three. This model could be adopted to Star Wars lcg by bidding starting hand size or number of focus points that they must start with or something. That way if someone really wants to play one of the other they have to pay for it, hence hedging their hypothetical advantage. Also if people think light or dark is better that will constantly change with new sets. It's the Meta game. I will also change just basted off the group you play with.
  7. theres some really good ones on the main forum page.
  8. Naa guys I've been in 5+ campaigns with 7 or 8 people and yes they don't get that awesome kind of attention but it does mean you get to have 8 people you care about in one room and watch some funny **** happen. I've been GMing for over 10 years and I know where to put the focus on the players who care about personally attention and story and those who want to just blow stuff up. Now I am in fact going to run this game with 8 players. If anyone has advice about tips for obligations in an 8 person group, I'd love to hear some tips, even bad ones.
  9. It's not perfect, full of typos and my personal short hand to try and remember what skills do what man does it help. I hope you enjoy it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/a2fyo0i865xxepe/SWEOTE%20-%20Skills%20Reference.pdf I'm open to any notes or changes.
  10. Forgive me if these two points have been brought up but: Why is Negotiate not opposed by Negotiate? I understand the reasons the book explains how cool works (keep calm and understand what they are really asking for in a negotiation and use that to your advantage) but its Negotiating, not insult throwing. By the very nature of the way negotiating works if you are good at getting something you are good at understanding what the other person is trying to get. If you didn't you wouldn't be able to offer them what they want to get what you want! Maybe its a game balance issue but If I have a high negotiation and a low cool it means when I make the check I'll mostly win, but if someone negotiates back I'll loose. You can use Negotiation to both buy goods and sell them, but somehow if someone wants to buy or sell something TO/FROM ME instead of me buy or sell something FROM/TO THEM I somehow use a different skill. See my point? Once a skilled haggler always a skilled haggler. If the book had stated it was vs Negotiate from the beginning no one would say it should be vs cool. Second, and I'm sure this is being talked about elsewhere: Why on earth is ranged (light) not a more common career skill? Every character in start wars carries a blaster, especially on the fringe worlds. I think the only characters we never see with a gun in the triology are thedroids. Its a dangerious world. I'm not saying every class should have it but a lot more should. All the following should have it. Assassin, Survivalist, Scout, Pilot, Thief, OUTLAW tech.
  11. Many of the specialization tree’s lack fun abilities that make the trees really worth taking, while others have many abilities that do not have restrictive paths that are just flat out better and more rewarding to play. Below is a detailed list of my thoughts on each. Hope you enjoy a long read ? The assassin tree is one of the best tree because its almost a solid grid connecting everything to everything and it has 8 activated abilities that are all really cool. Furthermore it only has 2 repeats (lethal blowx3 and Stalker x3), and they are both good ability’s that are useful. The gadgeteer talent tree seems limiting to me due to the split nature of the tree. It just sorta sucks that after spending so much exp to get to the bottom you can’t cross over to get the other high levels of the tree. Makes it very divided. Survivalist is just an awful tree. The tree is bent off hunting people in the forest. And although there are campaigns that will matter…most often it wont. Forager, and outdoorsman and expert tracker just…frankly aren’t very good. Traveling through the environment, and tracking a target while looking for food is something that rarely happens in start wars. (Not tracking people but doing so in nature). And when it does happen they are quick and fast scenes mostly because they are boring. My point being it seems like a waste of a Bounty Hunter talent tree. Why couldn’t it be Galactic tracker? Have street wise skills, or a talent that gives you a high grade tracer for free. Maybe keep expert tracker, but add it surveillance master or more activated abilities. Also Heroic fortitude is WAY at the bottom of the list while in marauder it’s in the 2nd. There’s just no reason to take the tree when just adding 1 rank…1 RANK in survival does the same thing as half of the talents on the tree. Last thought is Survivalist should be a tough as nails class, so the sweet make me tough abilities should be really early on to support that. Doctor. I just think Anatomy Lesson should be much lower on the list. Hes trained in anatomy Long before an assassin would be…so why can’t get access it sooner. (again assassins amazing) Plus whos going to build a brawling doctor? (See Pressure point..silly) Love the Colonist, but well rounded comes two late for it to be cost effective. Scholar much like survivalist is just not that useful. You rarely if ever do research checks, and respected scholar seems like a waste in this campaign. Something like personal data library would be far more fitting for colonist who are on new worlds with out instates. Should droid characters automatically come with Speaks Binary? (Will repost). The 3, 4, 5th ranks are all great. But I feel like you should just move everything up. Knowledge is a wonderful thing but people aren’t willing to pay for it. Knowledge specialization should be all over the place, and well rounded should be sooner. Fringer, is organized weird. Its got a dead end on one side and Dodge all the way at the bottom. You realize that I could multiclass into Assassin and take dodge at rank one for less the taking the first rank of dodge on fringer? I think defensive driving should connect to something else. And dedication shouldn’t be so hard to get to. It’s like your forces specializations of nothing. A Dodge should come much sooner, again 4 abilities while assassin and bodyguard have 8+. Scout again forager just is bleh. Organizations okay, but there’s little to no pay off in this tree. Familiar suns…really? I can tell you what planet I’m on? Could be better. It’s just another tree that I’ve had 4 players look at and go oh…well it seems like smuggler I can do the same thing but better. Trader…again smugglers just better. Its not set up in a user friendly tree way, and that’s okay but maybe the right hand side (end of each tree) as something sweet in it. Wheel and deal is great. It’s just mostly a utility class, and it would be nice to through in another useful ability. Body guard, great! Lots of ways to go, nothing dead ends to badly. 11 abilities! Gets lots of good abilities too, i.e. useful. Brace, defensive stance and side step. Wow Why does Trader or Scholar get three ways to increase their knowledge rolls in ANY circumstance? Note: I’m not saying that abilities are king, they are just more useful and frankly fun. Players feel like they gained something worth value by spending their points on something they can now DO. Marauder is great for the same reasons, lots of options. Not the best tree lay out but nothing deadends. This flow just makes more sense the other careers. LOVE the mercenary tree as well. Connecting in the middle is really important. Good one with rewarding high level abilities. Useful (I want everything on that list if I was this career.) Pilots pretty good but I feel weird that it doesn’t connect in the middle till the end. It has good abilities and they are spaced out well to feel rewarding, but I See that you can’t connect an improved ability to something else because it means you could take it out of order. Easy rule fix you just add pre requs. Ability to get full throttle and natural pilot early is a major plus. Scoundrel. The right side of the tree is were it’s at. Seems weird though to have to go down then back up, feels like the left side should connect sooner but not strong feelings here. Thief and okay class, but a little underpowered I think. Its flexible though so that’s great. Mechanic, lots of options, rewarding cool abilities. I think all specializations should be this cool. Outlaw tech. See what I’m talking about, only 1 cool ability related to this class for outlaw teching! Could be a lot more. Think jury rigged and tinkerer should swap (1 each) feels like you should get benefit right away. Again flexible tree is nice however not many rewards worth fighting for. Gageteer gets jury rigged before Outlaw tech? What really? This class should have some ability to mod a weapon unlike any other character can. Something that makes people want to go dude can you modify my stuff? I'll pay you a lot of credits! Slicer, there’s another post about this but this is the most restrictive track in the game for no reason. Don’t know if your trying to restrict what they can do but there’s only one way to go, and if feels like you should get bypass security rank 2 much sooner and branch from there. Maybe one that’s more like the Trader? Rewarding class specific abilities whoever. Would be cool to see one more that’s like (take over turret, or special program subroutine.) Overall having cool unique abilities that fit the class are what’s the most rewarding about “leveling up” a character. When your friends go oh wow that was cool it makes you feel REALLY good, and can get great role playing going. Static increases are good and needed, but just not as much fun. So many of the classes have useable every session abilities (some fighting some not) that are fun and thematic. However, all the flavor specializations, (survivalist, finger, outlaw tech, scholar, trader), really lake anything that’s cool, or fun or useful more then in rare circumstances. Gaining schematics to a building? Not epic. Final concussion: Each class needs to have abilities that are unique to their tree, thematically appropriate but most of all USEFUL in the day-to-day life of the game. Doesn’t need to happen every session or even every other, but it can’t be once a campaign. It just makes other classes with abilities that are more useful far better. Abilities and talents that are the same as add 1 rank in skill are not fun for players, they are fluff till the next cool ability if there are any.
  12. I said the same thing, and so did the slicer in my group (with out prompting from me) The slicer definitely needs to be reconfigured.
  13. I've read everything you guys have said here and my final thought is this. It's not useful enough for me to ever take it unless the tree forces me to. DP cover enough situations that it would be rare for me to use it. UNLESS I'm a horder and I want to pull out EVERYTHING from my utility belt…but thats a very very specific kind of character. Also decided to not play with a certain GM often meanings leaving a whole group of friends over what equipment you may or may not have with you. Not always easy.
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