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  1. The biggest disappointments for me thus far (only read the character creation part of the book): - Maintenance of Ranks (and as someone said already without any flavor/names) - Bland role names - Talent Trees, as oposed to the system used on BC/OW.
  2. Nice, N0-1_H3r3, designer intent is always nice to know. =) While I can understand some of the issues of having both might rise (in game and fluff-wise) in general, and IMO, the options granted by the Machine of Flesh, albeit nice, are hardly equal to the half dozen benefits of having the Machine trait. Also, was 3 taken as the times you can gain the advance by any specific reason? Did any issue arose from allowing it to be taken 4 times, a la TFiW? I know that I may seem as a little insistent, but I'll have to justify it for my player, and I'm not on the "you can't 'cause I said so." camp.
  3. Somewhat simple question: Let's say a Explorator picked the Genetor Alternate Rank at rank 5. How would the "Machine of Flesh" talent interact with "The Flesh is Weak"? If he can't have the mutations/enhancements of the genetor, how would TFiW interact with implants like the muscle grafts? Would the Tech-Priest just get better servos?
  4. Ouch, I completely forgot about that. Thanks for the tip. =)
  5. Hi folks, I have a member of the group who is a Cleric, a very pious one (or a zealot if you prefer), that asked me if he could take the Pure Faith talent (and I can imagine him asking for the other talents) as an elite advance. The player has been roleplaying very well the religious "fanatic" and always invoke the power of the emperor before (or during) fights with daemons/cultists (they are playing as Malleus cell), so I'm inclined to grant him the talent, I'm just lost on how much XP I should charge him. I was thinking on the lines of 300 for pure faith and 200/250 for the others, max 1 of them per rank. Anyone has any advice to offer? Thanks!
  6. I had the same question, until I notice that one VU isn't always 10.000km, which is a guideline only. A VU is an arbitrary measurement unit, that should be smaller in places like asteroid fields and bigger on "open space". (RT213)
  7. To put it bluntly: could it (the Wall of Fire Pyromancy power) be shaped like a ring?
  8. The Laughing God said: The Flak Coat and the Flak Jacket also don't compare. The Coat covers all locations with 3 AP, and yet is still cheaper than the Jacket who covers not the head. Why would anyone want a Flak Jacket when the Flak Coat is superior yet cheaper? I changed the Flak Cloak price to 180, seems less broken.
  9. Xanthess: Thanks for the answers. I understand that with the breadth of the Imperium it's impossible to hold every cult the same. From what I know of the WH40K universe, seems that the only values are somewhat what Milova said. Obedience, courage, hate of the Xenos, Mutants and Witches and the blessitudes of ignorance. That alone form a tiby core of it, which leads to my other question: What constitutes "too different" to tolerate? And really, those work like the Ten Commandments (sp?), but what about virues and sins? Does the Imperial Cult have a list like the seven deadly sins?
  10. Cifer said: I don't see a reason to not let them count, balancewise. Removing insanity is generally already a "weaker" option compared to many skills and talents you could buy otherwise - if you don't allow them to move on to the higher ranks, I can see the PCs starting to fall behind their fellows who don't care about their insanity. Sure. They'll be weaker, but they'll be sane. The insane higher ranks will have to deal with madness. Not that someone is nearing the mental disorder level (Insanity 40+) but they asked me and I was like: "Huh? Good question." The most insane of them all, is the, not suprisingly, psyker with 14 Insanity points over a couple of sessions. (He started the game already with some of these)
  11. Hmmm. Nice to see some opinions. =) I'll make it not count.
  12. Hi folks, I have some (not that much) knowledge of the 40k universe (or backdrop universe as you wish ) but recently, after being inquired by one of my players, I noticed that are some tidbits of info missing (and I can't find the answer). What are the virtues preached by the Imperial Creed? My guess (and the answer my player got) was the classical warrior virtues plus obedience, subservience and humility. Any thoughts on that?
  13. Hi folks, Last week my players (after an awful Peril of the warp roll by the psyker) if the XP spent to remove Insanity would count toward character advancement. I'm kinda divided in that. I should count as it's spent XP, OTOH I think it's not really fair since their abilities didn't increase (in other words, they didn't buy any skills, talents or stat advances). Is there any official position on this?
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