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  1. Is the new edition out yet? It has been soon to be released for years.
  2. The heroic abilities are a great fit to the setting as well. I'd also use the optional rules for open ended rolls on heroic attributes.
  3. Historically, maces should have some kind of ongoing damage when used against heavy armor. The flanges tore small holes in the armor and caused the sharp edges to turn inward, constantly cutting into the wearer.
  4. This is a really solid setting you converted. Thanks for sharing it.
  5. Traits do nothing on their own, they are merely text for other effects to work off of.
  6. I've pretty much cut them from my decks to focus on what I want the decks to do. If I were running decks that focused on attachments, I might still use them, but they are costing me a card slot and a potential draw into something that furthers my deck's objective.
  7. Adding in new factions in either a cycle or deluxe set makes sense. I'm pretty happy with the new way they are releasing Strongholds. It allows them to theme the entire pack to that type of playstyle.
  8. I'm not enjoying the pack a week model really. I do like that they did it to increase our card pool initially, but as a standing way of doing business, I wouldn't be thrilled. I do like the suggestion above though that maybe every 6 months we get a box set that contains the entire cycle at once. I'd be completely on board with that.
  9. I think FFG has done a wonderful job with the game itself all things considered. Yes, there are problems with the roles and making a large percentage of the card pool unplayable, and I also feel that two clans, Lion and Unicorn, are off on the balance respectively, but the game itself is a marvel. When I see posts like the OP's, I often wonder how they play the game. I picked up Phoenix for this version of the game after being a long time Dragon player in the old one. I am undefeated in over 40 games so far and that is mostly due to how I watch people play. There is such a huge difference in how people perceive the way to play the game that I find it fascinating. I see a lot of people who either use way too much fate on trying to keep characters out, or throwing all in to crush a single province, while I tend to fight smaller, adapting turn by turn and not using fate very often at all on any characters as well as fighting for rings more than provinces and using those battles to destroy my opponents' hands. I think if your having a huge problem with a large number of cards or mechanics, you should try going to another location for a little while and looking at their meta and picking up a bit from them. Certain metas just seem to strange to others and its always helpful to get a good mix of play-styles under you for perspective.
  10. People keep talking about Phoenix is weak against dishonor. That has not been my experience at all. As a Phoenix player myself, I usually control a lot of the tempo through honor, card draw and which rings I allow my opponent to fight for. I've won nearly every game by dishonoring my player out, which Scorpion tends to help me do to themselves.
  11. Scorpion complaining about their cards is an old tradition of L5R. lol
  12. Guest is the single most frustrating card to play against for me. Just have to throw everything against it.
  13. Currently, I'm struggling with my clan loyalty. I've been a loyal Dragon forever, but the current dragon playstyle is not my thing. It seems the Phoenix plays more like the monks of old with all the ring manipulation i enjoyed in old Dragon. So, I've been playing a lot of Phoenix lately. I'm also enjoying Crab a whole lot with all of their sacrifice and leave play effects.
  14. All but fiery madness really don't help crab in how they play honestly. Crab has big military, affect cancels, and sacrifice abilities. Most of their dishonor comes from running people out of cards from hand since they can almost always bid lower and still maintain hand advantage. The scorpion splash does nothing to help with that, and in fact, actually goes against those strengths. The far better choice is unicorn which reinforces hand advantage and allows you to flip political to military where your strongest. I just can't see anything in scorpion worth giving that up for.
  15. Poor Unicorn. Another dull and uninspired card. The clan lost so much from the new rules. I really hope they end up with something unique.
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