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    New FAQ document

    Yeah, I noticed. It's a copy & paste error done at the very last possible minute. I've heard from Dane, it'll be fixed, but not in the immediate, so that in case something else comes up, we can fix it at the same time
  2. Julia

    New FAQ document

    Shoot... thanks. I'll ping Dane to change it and reupload the document...
  3. Am I the only one who doesn't give a dam_n of KeyForge?
  4. It was Nikki's last game before leaving. On her Twitter, she posted back in the day we'd have had one more big game from her released by FFG and here we go.
  5. No idea, sorry. Possibly call customer service and ask, they might be of help
  6. It's demoable at GenCon as we speak, so, I imagine it'll be for sale at Arkham Nights
  7. You can verify what was done for Twilight Imperium IV (preordering TI4 also allowed to gain a hardcover rulebook) just to see if there's a market. Otherwise you can verify with the German branch of Asmodee
  8. Probably for the demo. I'd not actually surprised if the game were demoable at GenCon right now
  9. Yep, that's the point: we look at games with the perspective of players trying to figure out "OMG what now?". Looking with the eyes of the company, everything is: a) I know the product will enter the market, sell, and go out of production at some point for some reason (lost license, less player playing, whatelse) b) If I pay X to develop a game, all I care is that the game gives me back Y where Y is (much) greater than X end of the story. So, they poured money in Netrunner? Yes. And the game won twice the Aldie award, sold a gazillion copies everywhere (for many many many months it was their bestselling title just after X-Wing) and then it was not sold any longer because of license lost. Did losing the license destroy all the money earned over time? I hardly think so. And in any case their only worry now is "how can I keep investing X to keep producing Y as before (or more)". Which means good marketing-
  10. For Imperial Assault: you might want to download the app (it's free) and see how heavy the game for your wife is. Also, keep in mind that if you play with the app, the game becomes fully coop, so, you play together against the scenario, and thus the "strategy burden" is shared by the two of you. I've seen some friends not into strategy games become involved in strategy games through the use of coop games, so, it might be worth to give it a try (to play the tutorial you just have to proxy a couple of cards)
  11. After a very long wait, the new FAQ is finally available. Enjoy
  12. The guy with a stick could be a warlock (see the original Arkham Horror monster with a cane behind his shoulders), and the towering monstrosity a formless spawn? Just a blind guess The thing I like the most is the hi-five giving deep one...
  13. For cardgames and miniature games, yes. For boardgames, each individual game is a different (love) story with Hasbro.
  14. My 0.2: they don't need a "one ready", they just need a reskin. So, I imagine we'll be seeing a Star Wars reboot of Conquest. Just give them time to have the old SW LCG buried
  15. Considering the game is (mostly) a reskin of WHQ, in order to have an idea of how it plays, you could give a look at that rulebook in the meantime
  16. I don't think anyone has ever thought a living card game could be seen as the reimplementation of a boardgame. AH LCG just replaced the Call of Cthulhu LCG they had in catalogue back in the day. I also don't think Eldritch replaced Arkham Horror the boardgame. AH had its course: a ton of expansions, and a nice blender at the end that was the perfect topping on a terrific cake. At that point expanding further was unlikely to happen: not in a conventional way at least. To go further, they should have gone a different way, and they decided not to do so. Eldritch is a different game, scratching a different itch, and having different problems than Arkham. Players in love with Eldritch will say it's the best of the two, while players who grew up with Arkham will say Arkham's a better game. Truth is that Arkham Horror: the boardgame is something that's very difficult to beat in terms of market: it came out with the perfect theme at the perfect moment. Now we have tons of games about the Mythos, and in general the hobby is quite a different reality from what it was when AH was released. Truth is also that at some points these games collapse on themselves: there's just too much content and the "creative space" to expand further becomes narrower. Eldritch at the moment has 8 expansions, with stories covering the most remote corners of the earth, a gazillion AOs and Investigators, so, it has already given to its fans a ton of content. The latest expansion added campaign play which might have been a route for further expansions but that was also very much criticized for many reasons I won't enter into (personal taste or actual bad design, we could spend the night talking about this), and it was also the last expansion designed by Nikki before her departure from the company. So, the question here should be: is this enough? has the game told its story / run its course? and that's it. If there's more stuff that could be added and this reveals for the company more lucrative than pursuing other projects, we'll have more, regardless of LCGs or other boardgames.
  17. 1st edition had many flaws, but were all easily fixable and to this day is one of the most amazing dungeon crawlers of all times. It might not have the elegance of Imperial Assault, it might not grant you the wonderful campaign progression of other games, but nonetheless, it was just incredible. To this day I have people asking to play 1st edition, both in Campaign Mode and as standalone. So much depth in such a wonderful game. Grab it, if you can.
  18. 1. You cannot have the same character resolve a location's special ability twice in the same encounter phase 2. Undead has no specific direct effect on the game, but there are some cards affecting Undead monsters (such as Mythos effects and so on)
  19. Competitive LCGs are a different kind of beast because of organized play and tournaments. Producing a new campaign faster than in 8 months would simply be impossible for tech reasons: quality requires time and dedication. There's a lot of elements that need to be properly balanced in a campaign, then we need a story that's worth playing, possibly with different ramifications and so on. And then after the main structure is assessed, there's need to perform the finer tuning, check the wording, and so on. It's a very long and difficult path, especially when the designer of everything is just one person, who has to cover the new cycle, while working on other projects, answer questions from the players, go to conventions and so on.
  20. All packs in a cycle are tested during the same testing window (this is general knowledge on LCGs, it was often stated by people at FFG. At some point, Chris Hosch also said that they print all the packs of the cycle at the same time so that the printer is set correctly and yaddayaddayadda, and that packs then come to warehouses and are input on the market according to a different schedule. So, yes, they could release the whole campaign in the same day, if they wished so. Problem is that at that point the game goes silent for 6 months or so, the hype falls and people move to different games.
  21. The Cair Andros example was just to indicate that some scenarios could require deck-tuning / deck-rebuilding, something that's absent in AH LCG, which is conceived with the idea that the same deck should be able to defeat a series of scenarios in a row (with upgrades due to experience gained, of course).
  22. It'll never work, mostly for marketing reason. Let's say you do the core with neutral and basic stuff. Then you have 8 factions. Mysteriously, one of the faction's stronger (see AGoT 2nd in the beginning when everyone was playing Lannisters). Nobody buys 7 factions, everyone buys the 8th. The company has 7 unsold factions that would kill the line. This is the reason why we have core with all factions in, and then when deluxe hit the market, they have at least one card for each of the other factions.
  23. Yeah, but the OP makes a point. 4 years ago, they had a world at their hand with LCGs, and back in 2016, Chris during the InFlight report at GenCon hinted that possibly they had room for one more to develop, and now they just have AGoT 2nd edition and L5R as competitive LCGs. LotR sooner or later will be left dying (with 8K cards, room for expanding more is thinner every day more, and there's the digital implementation coming) so that the company that became famous for the LCG format will have just a couple of titles.
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