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  1. Back in the day, two wonderful games were invented (talking of more than "a few years ago"): Chess, and Go. People played those, and to this day they keep playing those, even if it's clear that they won't receive any expansion of sort. And there's new people starting in the hobby thanks to these games even today. I don't see hordes of players in a ludditic rage crashing Go servers, I don't see hordes of players in a cult-of-the-new crisis swarming the internet because they won't be seeing a few extra pieces for chess.

    I get people pissed because they won't be able to pick 2nd edition (for a reasonable price at leas). I get people pissed because they are just missing that expansion for 2nd edition and they were promised a reprint by the Upcoming page. I don't get people pissed because they have a *complete* game and now they are making a new edition. Especially when new edition = a completely different game.

    I'm a proud owner of 2nd edition, it's constantly played at my place, and I don't honestly care a dam_n a bout my stuff becoming outdated by 3rd edition.

  2. Sabrjay,

    keep in mind that these scenarios are really tough on players (sayin' this because since you're new to the game, I don't want you to dislike it in case you're crushed by the scenario), and I've got the feeling this one will be particularly nasty. So, I'd say not to worry too much about the meta (much changes according also to whom the other investigators in your team are), but go for the adventure (and I'm not talking only of AH LCG: in general, Arkham Nights is something many of us can only dream of)

  3. 3 hours ago, tomihawk said:

    That's weird. Did anyone notice if it was available in their store recently? Maybe it's an automatic thing that happens when they sell out of an item. I suspect it will be deleted soon like all the other expansions were. But fingers crossed.

    Cross your fingers, but don't hold your breath: in the past, the reprints queue and in general the upcoming page of this site proved being wrong beyond redemption (we had items for 18 months on the boat, items in development for years and then cancelled, items awaiting reprint while a new edition of the game was in the works).

    A friend of mine in Canada saw at a garage sale an entire collection of AH 2nd edition sold for 51 CAD total. I'd suggest looking for good deals in the future: at some point, 3rd edition will be out, and requests for missing parts for 2nd edition will drop

  4. Agreed with Lord Pyrex. I get the disappointment for being unable to get some of the expansions, but what you have is 100% playable and should grant you countless hours of fun. I'm still playing 2nd edition, and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. Eldritch's not dead at the moment: even if they don't expand it any longer (nobody has a clue about it at the moment), expansions should be available for a while, so that that collection can be completed easily. And Eldritch alone has enough material to guarantee one game a week for a decade or so.

    Reprints of AD&D 1st are quite an inappropriate comparison: there's possibly nothing around that had such an impact on the gaming world as the first D&D games. So, there's a lot of reasons to reprint these: collectors, nostalgic players, people interested in the history of RPG, whatevs. AH occupies a smaller portion of that market, and EH an even smaller portion (not comparing the two games sayin' which is better, but simply AH 2nd is unbeatable here: it came out at the perfect marketing moment with the perfect theme, and started a revolution in boardgames. EH arrived later, when coop was already a thing, and when there's plenty of Mythos-related games)

  5. 3 hours ago, Grapefruity said:

    You'd get way more players coming into the game like this I think. But nevermind, you're right, let's turn them all away because they aren't "choosing the right hobby". Anyhow I've said my piece, so I won't say any more, make of it what you will.

    You're absolutely right in terms of lower costs for the players if specific clans were purchasable directly without the extra fluff of unwanted cards; problem is that for the company is a less profitable way for a simple reason: some clans will sell more copies than other clans (for many reasons: balance could be messed up so that they are stronger; they could simply be more fascinating; whatevs) and the "unsold" clans will make the company lose money. In the current way, people wanting 3 cards for their clan will fork out 15 bucks just to get that packet.

    We tend to reason in terms of what's best for us; companies tend to reason in terms of what minimizes their risks and maximizes their revenue. End of the story. I don't like it, at all, but it's not gonna change until people stop paying for this. And it's not gonna change, as long as people will keep thinking "120 bucks over 6 months ain't that much money in our hobby", which is exactly what every company wants to hear. And it's also nonsensical, because it's 120 bucks for how many new cards? 3 copies of 12 cards more or less? So, we're paying 10 dollars every new card that enters our decks. I'd rather spend that money for other things. This is probably why the whole competitive LCG model is collapsing: at the moment they have only two running competitive LCGs, and for one of these they changed the distribution model of the cycles, from one pack per month to one pack per week (a clear sign that the previous model wasn't working). And of course, they could very well release a gigantic deluxe box with 360 cards priced 49.99, but they aren't doing it because asking 6*14.99 = 89.94 brings in a lot more cash and sells a lot more copies.

    Beware, I'm not saying they are stealing or whatevs; I'm saying that it's a marketing model that is not final-user friendly and that comes with games that are not cheap, not only in an absolute meaning, but also in terms of what you really get out of the money invested.

  6. 1) when you're sucked through an OW (i.e. a gate opens on you) you are delayed; if the gate opening is the result of an Arkham encounter, then in that very round you resolve the first OW encounter (so, a normal OW exploration will require you to survive 3 OW encounters)

    2) no idea of what you're asking here. Monster appears through gates when a gate opens, or when a monster surge is resolved

    3) almost correct: you have to be in the same area (thus, location or street) AND to be in the Movement phase: you cannot trade stuff during the other phases of the turn

    4) Terror level goes up when Outskirts are emptied, or when specific effects (such as certain Mythos cards) are resolved. It has nothing to do with gates opening / surging

    5) Can't say if you're missing something, but during final battle each token on the doom track requires X successes to be removed, where X is the number of investigators in the game. So, if you play with 3 investigators and the AO has a doom track of 12 doom tokens, you'll need 36 successes to win. Core game is easy, but easy means you should be able to win way before final battle: this is quite an important point in the strategy to achieve: expansion Ancient Ones are almost unbeatable in final battle, so, you really want to have those 6 seals down before the apocalypse is triggered

    Hope this helps!

  7. On 6/13/2018 at 8:58 PM, vinbok said:

    Well they are different typ of game in the same univers and they alredy have like arkham horror, eldritch horror, Mansion of madness and elder sign so that argument dosent hold.

    It holds very well: a boardgame is a lot cheaper than following a LCG; audience is also pretty different: there's more people playing boardgames around the globe than people playing LCGs so that the target would be narrower, hence, the duplicate theme might not be appealing.

  8. Also, the game's not about combat, so that it's ok that you can deal with most monsters in not too a difficult way. The game is against a timer, so that having elements making the game drag would render timers of the game unpredictable and the game would break.

    As for the difficulty of scenarios: some scenarios are not automated at all, you actually have to investigate, cross-relate information, and identify the culprit / give a solution to the case. These elements are randomised every time a game is setup, so that the playing experience is different. Also, most scenarios have a secret ending (good luck in triggering it) and some develop differently.

    Fixes such as "create alternate maps" aren't that easy to do because scenarios also require proper playtesting, and having complex scenarios with multiple maps generated and different endings / subplots would mean that testing a couple of scenarios could drain six months, which would be unfeasible for many reasons (first among all, players constantly asking for new content and wondering whether the game's dead)

    I understand your concerns about all your points, but these are more to be addressed in an RPG session rather than via a boardgame.

  9. On 9/3/2018 at 4:59 PM, Nordway said:

    Just wondering how old you are out there.

    I am 73, born during the second world war, so I believe there are few older than me.

    I started role-playing Call of Cthulhu some time during the 1980, an have kept on since then, mostly as a Keeper.

    Hey, you're awesome :)

    What do you like the most? CoC RPG, or AH LCG?

  10. 1. Yes (EDIT: if the effect's not meant to have the active investigator being the eligible target, wording would be "any other")

    2. No, you can cast that spell (actually, any spell) before entering combat / attempting the evade check

  11. True, but for some reasons the inability to actually control the doom clock in Eldritch was one of the reasons we disliked the game (there are many others) but one of the things we loved the most about Eldritch was Syzygy because you could actually trick the timer in many ways and "play" the game. But anyway, I'm digressing.

    TI4 played 3p was real fun. We had a blast every time we played it, and we actually tried to meta the game in different ways (blitzkrieg on Mecatol, slow burn of resources, military vs political) and every time the game took unexpected yet interesting turns. Can't add much more than that, but yes, we had a lot of fun.

    As for AH 3rd, I think the map extension reduction is a good idea: AH 2nd was boring with a single board, and too easy with all three in play, so, finding balance was difficult. Monster management in 2nd ed is actually never a problem: it's gate management the real issue (monsters can be bypassed / removed by closing the proper gates; I rarely have more than 10 monster trophies at game end). Having a modular board with fixed dimension is a winning move of 3rd ed. Can't talk much more about it either tho.

  12. On 8/20/2018 at 3:19 PM, Duciris said:

    Sounds like you're looking at mechanics more than players.

    I played Twilight Imperium 4e with in a group of 4 and it took 6 hours (it was the first time any of us had played 4th, and the first time 2 of us had played TI).  We played Saturday with 6 players (all of whom had played TI3 or 4) and it took 14 hours.  The 2 of us who played in both games agreed that it plays better with 4, but the killer wasn't the 2 extra players - it was that 3 of the players think/analyze the game too much, and mostly on their turns.  AP (Analysis Paralysis) can slow down a game to a crawl.  FYI, TI4 has a max of 10 rounds (we played 9 both times).

    Yeah, but the point is that we can't blame Arkham 2nd for being uberlong if the mechanics work. The problem is the AP of players, and to that there's just this much that can be done to make the game more speedey. I remember a game of Castles of Burgundy lasting 2h40' that was an absolute agony. As for TI4, I'm more or less with you on the length: all the games we did were about 5 hours (all played 3p, but this included time to take notes since they were all done while testing the game)

  13. Agreed. They could also go back to original BattleLore idea of commanders (leaders? don't remember the name) to incarnate specific characters in the lore (and selling them as single packs). Ok, this sounds like another financial suicide for me :D:D:D Mabye it's better if this stays dead at its 2nd edition for a while more

  14. 6 hours ago, Soulless said:

    In one of the articles it says that once a monster and investigator is engaged the monster card is flipped to "unveil its true horror" or something like that. This sounds very interesting but one thing that would be awesome is if the monster in completely unknown until its been engaged, youll never know what you will be facing (aside from conclusions based on the monster deck build). I really hope this is the case!

    That wouldn't be awesome in a strategic game where you need to decide who's gonna do what: expand the randomness in these games and effects can snowball to very unwanted results

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