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  1. One additional thought about scaling (not so sure if this is the pertinent thread): if you play 2p, you resolve your investigator turns, and then you move to Mythos to resolve 4 tokens. If you play 6p, you move to Mythos to resolve 12 tokens, i.e. basically the entire Mythos bag. This is bonkers because there's no time window for investigators to react to the Mythos attack: gate burst opening an anomaly with 3 consecutive doom added on the same neighborhood is a +3 doom on the scenario sheet; a gate burst followed by an investigator turn in which you may attempt containing the anomaly could result in the same coming 3 consecutive doom in a no harm done. The problem here is that (amount of good done by investigators) =/ (amount of harm entered by the Mythos) if the 1:1 turn structure is removed. So, when you solo you can be cornered and beaten out. When you play the horde, you deplete a bag at the end of every turn, and this could create some screw-you situations that you cannot counter, and you lose the game. If you play between 2 and 4 (ideally 3), the amount of Mythos damage could be more easily contained, you have better chances at covering the board (saying better, yesterday I played with Azzie and got an anomaly at the end of round 2 due to initial seeding of extra doom that hit Velma's and with investigators starting in the Train Station and moving max 4 spaces, there's no way to go there in time - that's why I say that this game's not properly designed: it's ok when difficulty is steep, but I like steep difficulty due to a difficult challenge, not due to stuff happening out of reach and messing out with my strategy)
  2. I never tried more than 4p, so, can't provide feedback at higher numbers, but I agree on the range 2-4 being the best one, with 3 the ideal situation
  3. Julia

    Our Verdict

    Yeah, Xelto gave a good suggestion. Some parameters (16 games played so far): a 3p game should last from 90 to 120 minutes. The more you're familiar with the game, the shorter it will be. The game is rich in mental traps: warding is key, but you don't need to ward constantly: you can meta on the Mythos bag composition (which is deterministic by choice) to select your best move. Keep in mind the reckoning effects can have disastrous consequences (spawning doom on an anomaly will quickly make you lose the game). Do not spend clues for anything different than placing them on the scenario sheet, unless you're really desperate (a rumor nuking the city for example). Think about the distribution of clues on the board: if you have 3 in one location and 1 in another one, better have 2 investigator in the 3-clue location than in the other one. Use your cards and abilities at max: if you are not good at using the cards and coordinating your efforts, the game will crash you, eat you, and burp you.
  4. The size of the board is constant, and even if the Mythos cup scales properly with the number of investigators, covering the whole area while soloing is a problem, especially if you have nastier monsters around than hunt you down the whole time. True that you can Evade to regain the action spent on Evading, but this only makes the problem worse because the number of monsters on the board stack. Also, if you're on the other side of the board (because you needed it due to clues) and there's an anomaly open on the other side, it could happen that stuff in between will mess up with your cleaning strategy. So, in general, the game scales better than other FFG games, but doesn't scale properly at every player count, and soloing it is quite difficult. Also keep in mind that some stats are more important in the game than other stats (with order: OBS to do the research encounters, LORE to ward, STR for combat) so, some investigators are crappier than others (not sayin' the other stats are not used, but they are used for things of lower importance: not gaining an item through a WILL test is generally less impactful than missing a warding check when you have to close an anomaly). This might not be particularly relevant when you play as a team, but a single investigator with few points in the key value will have a harder time.
  5. John, I think I've lost only once in my life with UF, and that tracks back to the day I wasn't a particularly brilliant player. UF makes the game easier once you start working solidly on Blessings. So, nothing to be worried, I'd say. Time to step up your game and try out Gates
  6. Rules reference, #483.5: Mechanical text can instruct you to gain a spell. To do so, draw the top card of the ally deck and place it in your player area.
  7. No worries here. I have my cards sleeved, and it runs just fine. Also, IMPORTANT: the deck holder fits into the game box, so, no worries of being forced to mount / dismount it. Be careful when assembling it, carbdoard's not uber-resistant.
  8. They simply moved it: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/15-arkham-horror-second-edition/ Someone just posted there just two days ago, in the "locator" thread. So many great memories.
  9. 15 is correct (just checked my files). If you provide me a list of your cards, I can cross-check and let you know the name of the missing card.
  10. They also changed the AH 3rd to simply AH. Means the previous edition is not significant any longer
  11. Duciris, you're allowed to choose the investigators you wanna play. Of course skilled players will go random, but by the rules, it's nice that you're allowed to select a balanced formation.
  12. A lot of packs for this one are on the current holidays sale. Latest announcement for something new for this line was done on July, 30th, so, almost 3 months ago. Doesn't look like a healthy game
  13. As if "one week is a time long enough to buy Discover, play it, and decide you need another game"? *puzzled* Sometimes marketing strategies elude me. If I want a game, I buy that game, and play it for a while... Anyway, I've got a UPS notification that my copy of the game will be at my place on October, 31st. Just in time for Halloween night!
  14. Which is quite an eloquent answer, I'm afraid... sorry...
  15. Ask customer service. They never answer on these boards.
  16. Back in the day, two wonderful games were invented (talking of more than "a few years ago"): Chess, and Go. People played those, and to this day they keep playing those, even if it's clear that they won't receive any expansion of sort. And there's new people starting in the hobby thanks to these games even today. I don't see hordes of players in a ludditic rage crashing Go servers, I don't see hordes of players in a cult-of-the-new crisis swarming the internet because they won't be seeing a few extra pieces for chess. I get people pissed because they won't be able to pick 2nd edition (for a reasonable price at leas). I get people pissed because they are just missing that expansion for 2nd edition and they were promised a reprint by the Upcoming page. I don't get people pissed because they have a *complete* game and now they are making a new edition. Especially when new edition = a completely different game. I'm a proud owner of 2nd edition, it's constantly played at my place, and I don't honestly care a dam_n a bout my stuff becoming outdated by 3rd edition.
  17. Go for it then, and have a ton of fun!!!!
  18. Sabrjay, keep in mind that these scenarios are really tough on players (sayin' this because since you're new to the game, I don't want you to dislike it in case you're crushed by the scenario), and I've got the feeling this one will be particularly nasty. So, I'd say not to worry too much about the meta (much changes according also to whom the other investigators in your team are), but go for the adventure (and I'm not talking only of AH LCG: in general, Arkham Nights is something many of us can only dream of)
  19. Cross your fingers, but don't hold your breath: in the past, the reprints queue and in general the upcoming page of this site proved being wrong beyond redemption (we had items for 18 months on the boat, items in development for years and then cancelled, items awaiting reprint while a new edition of the game was in the works). A friend of mine in Canada saw at a garage sale an entire collection of AH 2nd edition sold for 51 CAD total. I'd suggest looking for good deals in the future: at some point, 3rd edition will be out, and requests for missing parts for 2nd edition will drop
  20. But anyway, considering how expensive items from 2nd edition are now on ebay, you can easily get your money back with quite a gain by selling these items, if you want to.
  21. Agreed with Lord Pyrex. I get the disappointment for being unable to get some of the expansions, but what you have is 100% playable and should grant you countless hours of fun. I'm still playing 2nd edition, and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. Eldritch's not dead at the moment: even if they don't expand it any longer (nobody has a clue about it at the moment), expansions should be available for a while, so that that collection can be completed easily. And Eldritch alone has enough material to guarantee one game a week for a decade or so. Reprints of AD&D 1st are quite an inappropriate comparison: there's possibly nothing around that had such an impact on the gaming world as the first D&D games. So, there's a lot of reasons to reprint these: collectors, nostalgic players, people interested in the history of RPG, whatevs. AH occupies a smaller portion of that market, and EH an even smaller portion (not comparing the two games sayin' which is better, but simply AH 2nd is unbeatable here: it came out at the perfect marketing moment with the perfect theme, and started a revolution in boardgames. EH arrived later, when coop was already a thing, and when there's plenty of Mythos-related games)
  22. You're absolutely right in terms of lower costs for the players if specific clans were purchasable directly without the extra fluff of unwanted cards; problem is that for the company is a less profitable way for a simple reason: some clans will sell more copies than other clans (for many reasons: balance could be messed up so that they are stronger; they could simply be more fascinating; whatevs) and the "unsold" clans will make the company lose money. In the current way, people wanting 3 cards for their clan will fork out 15 bucks just to get that packet. We tend to reason in terms of what's best for us; companies tend to reason in terms of what minimizes their risks and maximizes their revenue. End of the story. I don't like it, at all, but it's not gonna change until people stop paying for this. And it's not gonna change, as long as people will keep thinking "120 bucks over 6 months ain't that much money in our hobby", which is exactly what every company wants to hear. And it's also nonsensical, because it's 120 bucks for how many new cards? 3 copies of 12 cards more or less? So, we're paying 10 dollars every new card that enters our decks. I'd rather spend that money for other things. This is probably why the whole competitive LCG model is collapsing: at the moment they have only two running competitive LCGs, and for one of these they changed the distribution model of the cycles, from one pack per month to one pack per week (a clear sign that the previous model wasn't working). And of course, they could very well release a gigantic deluxe box with 360 cards priced 49.99, but they aren't doing it because asking 6*14.99 = 89.94 brings in a lot more cash and sells a lot more copies. Beware, I'm not saying they are stealing or whatevs; I'm saying that it's a marketing model that is not final-user friendly and that comes with games that are not cheap, not only in an absolute meaning, but also in terms of what you really get out of the money invested.
  23. Best way to deal with "At Midnight" effects is to get rid of the cards as soon as possible
  24. 1) when you're sucked through an OW (i.e. a gate opens on you) you are delayed; if the gate opening is the result of an Arkham encounter, then in that very round you resolve the first OW encounter (so, a normal OW exploration will require you to survive 3 OW encounters) 2) no idea of what you're asking here. Monster appears through gates when a gate opens, or when a monster surge is resolved 3) almost correct: you have to be in the same area (thus, location or street) AND to be in the Movement phase: you cannot trade stuff during the other phases of the turn 4) Terror level goes up when Outskirts are emptied, or when specific effects (such as certain Mythos cards) are resolved. It has nothing to do with gates opening / surging 5) Can't say if you're missing something, but during final battle each token on the doom track requires X successes to be removed, where X is the number of investigators in the game. So, if you play with 3 investigators and the AO has a doom track of 12 doom tokens, you'll need 36 successes to win. Core game is easy, but easy means you should be able to win way before final battle: this is quite an important point in the strategy to achieve: expansion Ancient Ones are almost unbeatable in final battle, so, you really want to have those 6 seals down before the apocalypse is triggered Hope this helps!
  25. Yeah, very Fury of Dracula 2nd edition. Pretty sure you're right
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