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  1. The_Agro said:

    D'ah! Got one more in my brain before I pass out.

    Which locations (basegame or otherwise) provide ally cards? I want to try taking Darrel out for a board-reaping romp next time I pull him and am unsure where to come up on the info myself. Outside of reading ALL my cards that is (not likely.) Im not Not sure how productive it'll be for the team, but with a little luck I'd like to try turning him into an ally toting lolbeast for my own personal amusement.

    Most of the locations in Arkham and in the nearby town provides you the opportunity to make allies. Just consider the amount of allies the game offers, there is at least one Arkham encounter for each of them offering you the chance to have them with you. In the graveyard you could meet Father Iwanicki or Richard Upton Pickman. And so on. You can spoil the game (just surf in the Arkham Horror Wiki, open the locations and search for the word "ally"), but I really suggest you to explore the game (with Darrell or whoever you wants), you'll definitely have a great time!

    And yes, Darrell is quite good at getting allies!

  2. magnumopera said:

    1, We've always played that items means items, common or unique and spells. So if you pass out or go nuts you lose half your items (ie if you have 3 common items and 2 unique items and a spell you have to give up 3 of them total broken up however you like) half your cash rounded down, and half your clues. You keep all your gate and monster trophies as well as skills, and allies however.

    You also must discard all your retainers. And I don't think you have to discard half of the money. From the rulebook, pag 16: "He must immediately choose and discard half of his items and half of his Clue tokens (rounded down), along with all retainers (if any)", being items "all Common Items, Unique Items and Spells"

  3. Until now, I've always played as as Magnusopera suggested. I mean, I thought the main point is that Kate blocks the opening of gates on her location. Whether this new opening produces a monster surge or a new gate, depends on where Kate is (if on an already open gate or not), but everything is related to the main action, "a new gate opens at". So, if Kate stops it, I think a DOR token should be added.

    I have a question related to the patrol wagon too: considering that I can travel from anywhere to everywhere (with the usual restriction, Kingsport head, etc, but basically I don't have to care any longer of the effective distance between locations or streets where I'd ike to go), can I reach my mates on the board for exchanging items and then reach the final destination safely (of course, supposing that the ones I have to reach anot sharing their location with monsters)? Technically, it doesn't seem to me that is against the rules, but I think could be a little unbalancing

  4. I've always played with Darrell Simmons this way. Even on another board, he draws two encounter cards and chooses one. The Dunwich rulebook (pag 5) says:

    The Phrase “in Arkham” on Cards
    Cards that refer to “Arkham” also apply to locations and areas in Dunwich. So, for example, an Environment card that adds +1 to Fight checks and subtracts –1 from Will checks in Arkham also affects investigators who are in a Dunwich street area or location.

    So, in my opinion, I think it's the same even if it's written on an investigator's sheet

  5. Hello Erich,

    the main point is that Harvey reduces Sanity losses by one, not the Sanity costs of spells. So, every time you cast a spell, you pay a cost, and thus you have to reduce your actual Sanity regardless of Harvey special ability. Harvey's strong mind is very useful under other circumstances, like the Sanity damage of monsters in case you fail the Horror check, or the special attack by Yig (pass a Speed check or lose 1 Sanity and 1 Stamina in the case of Harvey Walters would become "lose 1 Stamina"). Hope this could be of some help!

  6. Tibs, a quick questions on the statistics (sorry if it has been asked before, tried to surf the 25 pages of this thread but haven't found it): if I play a game with a custom herald, may I add my statistics anyway? selecting no herald? or not? or only games with only original component are considered relevant to the statistics?

  7. jgt7771 said:

    Julia, regarding your second question: Not quite. You are designated to lose half your items, and therefore there is a number you must sacrifice if you are able. If everything you own “cannot be lost” (read up on the Innsmouth Investigator Finn the Bootlegger), then you can block the discard with every card. But any card without that discard-blocking clause is eligible to be part of that group that must be sacrificed.

    And your other thought—if you have the Deputy Revolver, the Derringer, and two other items, can you use the first two to block losing the other two?—read the cards: “…cannot be lost…unless you choose to allow it.” If you CHOOSE to discard the Deputy Revolver to block losing another card, did you not just “choose to allow it”?

    Thank you, JGT, for the answer. All very clear, and all very logical

  8. Ok, thank you for the answers (and yes, probably I'm aging too quickly, lol)! So, Devil reef e Y'nhan'thing are detatched from this world. If I come back from a journey through one (or both) of these locations, should I roll to see if I still have the Patrol wagon? Technically, they are not an OW (so I would say no), but their strange nature give tons of space to speculations...

  9. May I just ask a couple of questions related to the patrol wagon and the deputy?

    I've just checked the Patrol wagon description on the Arkham wiki (http://www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Patrol_Wagon) and in the clarification it's said that you cant' use it to reach Devil reef. It seems to me that in a couple (of pages) of threads ago, talking about Yan'th'idontknow, someone (Tibs? can't remember, nor find the thread, so maybe my mind has gone definitely away) said that you can use the patrol wagon to reach Devil reef. Bad memory of mine?

    Second thing: if I go insane, I have to discard half of my items. Supponing I have the deputy's revolver and another item with the same specification (I cannot lose it without my permission), may I keep both object anyway? by extension, should this mean that if I have 4 objects when going insane, and 2 of these cannot be lost nor stolen, should I decide that I'll sacrifice the 2 non sacrificable, and thus keep all 4 objects? it seems to me like forcing the game, I'm just curious! Ando sorry if it has been asked already thousands of times!

  10. I think the correct sequence should be the following (three cases):

    case 1, entering in an OW from an open portal [two OW encounters]

    - movement phase: you reach the portal, and eventualy fight / evade monsters on it

    - Arkham encounters: you are sucked through the portal and enter the OW

    - OW encounters: you have an OW encounter

    - next round: movement: you move to the second area, etc

    case 2, being sucked in an OW by a portal opened by a Mythos card [two OW encounters]

    - movement phase: no movement, since you're delayed by being sucked into the portal; just stand up your character

    - OW encounters: draw and resolve one OW encounters card

    - next round: movement: you move to the second area, or cast find gate, or what else

    case 3, being scuked in an OW by a portal opened during the Arkham encounters phase [three OW encounters]

    - Arkham encounters: you are sucked into a gate by a "a monster and a gate appears", so you enter the OW

    - OW encounters: this phase happens after the Arkham encounters phase, so the round you're sucked in you have to face an OW encounter

    - next round: being sucked through a portal makes you start delayed; so no movement this round, just stand up your character

    - OW encounters: have an OW encounter while still in the first area of the OW

    - successive round: movement: you are no longer delayed, so you can move to OWs second area and have an encounter there


  11. Avi_dreader said:

    Actually, after reading both cards, I'd say you almost definitely can't use the flute in either case, because the monsters are not in your area, they're on the card (you on the other hand, are not on the card, you're in the Miskatonic U. Streets).  I say this with 98% confidence :')


    So, the main point is "they are not considered on the board" from The terrible experiment text. Good point. I thought this sentence was referring to the fact that, for example, they cannot be forced to move with the Mi-go brain case, or similar device, and not to the fact they aren't phisically in a certain area (which should invalidate the power of the Flute of the outer gods, if I've understand correctly your thoughts).

    Until now, I've always thought that, as soon as you survive to the Horror check, you are in combat wuth a monster, so this condition is sufficient to use the power of the Flute. Applied to the Terrible experiment, I thought only that you cannot defeat the whole bunch of monsters with this technique, but only one. This could be useful if you have the Dhole summoned via Terrible experiment. But yeah, probably I played it wrongly.

    Thank you for the clarification

  12. ::laughter:: uops, sorry!

    Anyway, I've got a little question related to this card too. May I use it to get rid of the monsters placed in the Miskatonic University street as consequence of the Terrible experiment rumor? I've never considered them as a "normal" group of monster, since the player can choose which monsters fight, careless of the others, so I would say that you can use the flute against just one monster, but I'm not sure about this

  13. Avi_dreader said:

    ::Laughter:: I love when new forum users give incorrect rulings ;')  Piece of advice for the future, say "I think" or "I believe" before statements.  Don't make a definite statement unless you've first checked it in the rules, an FAQ, errata threads, or the AH wiki.

    But yes, sorry for having been "absolute". Not in my intentions, really. Next time I'll remember the advice!

  14. Sorry, Avi, I can't see the difference. First: horror check. Then: use the flute.

    If there are more monsters on the spot, just one horror check and then we go.

    Could you help me in finding my error? English is not my first language, so maybe there are nuances I can't catch

    And sorry to everybody if I made some confusion. I didn't want to give false information to anyone!

  15. ColtsFan76 said:

    It is the "unpublished" FAQ that Avi, Tibbs, and myself got to look at and comment on.  I reformatted it for them because it was just a collection of threads with no organization.  I sent it back but then they were silent the past 3 months.  I just got word this week we may get the next revision to review next week or the week after.

    Yep, I remember Avi asking other players to highlight doubts, questions and obscure stuff in order to have a complete FAQ. I was wondering what could have happened since that time. Thanks for clearing my ideas!

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