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  1. DoctorDR said:

    wow. that is cool. is it a glossy finish or matt?

    Well, I can't say it's glossy, but definitely it's not matt. It's just like watching at sheets through a very very very clean and very very very thin glass. No difference with the original one, but a small shield that protects the card from eveything. Having no open side, every sheet is almost immune from anything normally damaging cards.

  2. DoctorDR said:

     I am considering sleeving.... was wondering if anyone has a solution for plastic protectors for the investigators and AOs?

    I've plastified (hope this exist in English, haha... anyway, melting a thermoplastic resin over them as a protection shell) AOs, Investigators, Heralds and Guardians. Best way to protect them almost forever. In case something goes wrong... well, the sheets will probably have been destroyed even without plastification, so no regret at all.

    As far as the other cards is concerned, I'm using the Ultrapro card protectors (Yu-gi-oh size). Green for the Mythos cards, black for the OW encounters, transparent for the Locations and the small cards (they suit perfectly half of a "normal" sleeve once you tunr them on the side, so it's quite rapid cutting away the part of the sleeve you don't need and have the small card protected).

    Everything sleeved since day 1, I'm a little maniac on these things

    Although I must confess I haven't been able to find anything that prevented monsters being consumed by the intense gaming

  3. Avi_dreader said:

    Eh...  I was just discussing how the base game sucks with someone a couple days ago.  Gate bursts won't solve the problem (they don't add doom).  Just add a doom token ever 8 or so turns.  That'll make the base function with a challenge (even though the AOs will still be weak in final combat).

    Very true. Maybe the moving gate dynamic from the upcoming LatT could solve this problem. Don't know, but it would be fun.
    It's strange... when I started playing Arkham, I thought it was impossible to win before final combat, and none of us was brave enough to choose Azathoth as the AO since it was impossible to win a game against such a tough enemy. We, little kids still in the garden with toys...

  4. Tibs said:

    If you want to do Gate Bursts in a game without any, try this:

    If a gate opens on a seal, flip the seal to the doom token side. But it is still a seal.

    If a gate opens on a doom-token-side-up seal, it is a gate burst!

    That solves your frequency problem, and no dice are necessary.

    It's definitely a good and simple rule; the main problem with this is that two hits and the seal is gone. Which isn't exactly what I was searching for. I mean, the ideal is that a seal can resist to tons of opening, or suddently break. That's why I'm thinking of probabilities. Anyway, I'll try to do some maths next friday, more or less, in order to fix it. But thanx anyway for the suggestion!

  5. I'd like to introduce Gate bursts in the base game. Referring to the expansions' Mythos card, calculating the number of Gate bursts vs the "normal" openings and then applying the same perchentage to the base game cards. Then, everytime you draw a AH Mythos card , roll a die. If you roll lower or equal to the given %, then treat the opening as a Gate burst (and record it on a separate sheet, since there will be a maximum number of Gate bursts possible).

    I'll try to do some maths in the w-end and then post here some data.

    And I'm thinking on how to improve the mosters' movement in Innsmouth. Last time we played, a Formless spawn danced for 15 Mythos cards along the streets of Innsmouth, carefully avoiding any Vortex.

  6. Avi_dreader said:


    ::Laughter:: I'm surprised you didn't play my Herald with Hastur, with Bokrug it's really watered down :') no blights.



    We triggered however two Blights when the terror level hit 3 marks. Probably not very core to the rules, but anyway we'd like to experiment a little.
    I personally don't like Hastur very much. I found it pretty... boring (but probably because we played most of the games against him owning just the base game, and so it was an endless quest for clues while tons of mythos cards were bouncing at seals over the major gates). Anyway, I knew that your herald would have been tougher with Hastur, so we preferred tryng it a first time with a different AO, just to see if we were good enough to beat it. Answer: NO. Well, "not yet" ;-)




    P.S. you always have a chance against Bokrug.  You just need to survive to his sinister plot card where he surrenders.




    Never thought about that card. Well, actually, the game kicked us and costantly, so our loss is fair




    I was really amused by what happened with your triple Elder Signs, and to Patrice ;'D I love it when the game jerks people around.




    Not to mention that at a certain point of the game, Hank went shopping at the Curiosity Shoppe wth 7 bucks; the choices he had were
    - Sword of glory (8$, out of budget)
    - Holy water
    - Elder sign (the FOURTH one!!)

    So, we lost the game even with four Elder Signs :-(




    As for dealing with the madnesses, keep in mind, once you have two, you can retire your investigator.




    This is very true but... I don't know, retiring isn't in my spirit, I prefer going on until being devoured (in pure masochistic spirit? don't know, the more tough it is, the more hard I try, usually)




    Anyways, I'm glad it was fun for you with Bokrug :')




    Thank you!

  7. Avi_dreader said:

    Oh, and as I answered before, discard does not mean return to the box, so yes, if you can discard an ally, you can recruit the ally again.

    Thank you for clarifying this point, Avi. As far as the continuous / one time only point is concerned, I hope it's a one time only (after all, the wording says "discard" and not "return all allies to the box" which should imply you can have them back, in some ways). But it's just a hope

  8. Hi everybody,
    I've a couple of questions regarding Charlie Kane's ability Connections (and sorry if this has been asked already). So, his unique ability says that "Charlie may gain Allies that have been returned to the box". I'm interpreting this as whenever you have to return an ally to the box, Charlie may gain it, such as in case the terror level goes up by one. Instead of returning to the box an Ally from the Ally deck, Charlie may have this Ally with him. Is this right?

    If it's right, what if enters play the Ma Mathison Blight ally card? All the remaining allies in the game have to be returned to the box, so Charlie can recruit all of them?

    Second question: if he uses Sir William Brinton for restoring his stamina to the maximum, the Ally is discarded. Does this mean he may recruit him immidiately again? I don't think so, because "discarding" and "returning to the box" are not the same, are they? Don't know, I'm making a little (well, a couple of tons) of confusion over this point

    Thanks for help!

  9. Well, the game has not been merciful at all :-)

    Everything started in the right way: 4 investigators (Hank, Finn, Patrice and Citizen Kane) and an astonishing base equipment with 3 elder signs divided between Finn and Patrice. In fact, we should imagine that with such a great start everything will go for worse.

    First Mythos card is Solar eclipse: a gate opens at the Graveyard, we cannot cast spells and the Servitor moves: got 5 rolling a die, Patrice allows Kane to spend 2 of her clues and the terror doesn't goes up. The monster appearing at the Graveyard is a Chtonian. Just to have an easy start (uops, sorry, playing AH with IH, a complete monsters cup, injuries and madness cards and Bokrug as the AO). Kane and Finn goes to the Newspaper in order to exchange money so Kane can succeed in his personal story, Patrice goes to the Unnamable while Hank goes to catch a clue somewhere else. Patrice AE phase: a gate and a monster appears, so she's sucked to Celano, a new doom token as a gift for Bokrug. Same fate for Hank. Finally a marvellous new Mithos phase. It's the No one can help you now card, which is the one we all wanted, having 3 elder signs with us. So, we lost some rounds while returning to AH and that ****'d enviroment card was stil there. In the meantime, a monster surge occurred, so both Hank and Patrice returned to Arkham on a location with a monster, without having the possibility to seal the gates because of the actual enviroment. In addiction, two Y'thian were patrolling the streets just in front of their location.

    In this initial phase the game slipped a little from our hand; when finally we were able to seal, it was a fight against the number of open gates, that started opening everywhere. A Formless spawn triggered a DOR token (and yup, thank you for clarifying the point regarding the Blight cards, I read it just before starting the game) while a Hound of Tindalos catched the bus and reached Finn walking along Arkham streets, Same round the Servitor moved from the Sky and wanted a piece of Finn too AND we draw the card Good work undone. As soon as we collected enough clues and get rid of it (Patrice run out quite quickly of clues, because of the continue activity of the Servitor) - I mean, in the Mythos phase of the same round we passed the rumor - we draw The terrible experiment rumor. Which was pretty fine, since we finally had Hank completely equipped and with the personal story passed; unfortunately in the bunche of monsters drawn there was a Lloigor, which Hank couldn't damage at all because of its Weapon immunity. Next round, monsters swarms were dancing at Innsmouth, with three gates opened and a row of two monster surges just occurred. One investigator was in the OW, Kane and Patrice still in Arkham with one sanity point remaining each. New Mythos phase: a clour out of space appeared at the woods and moved, so Kane and Patrice driven insane (she failing her personal story) and drawing a madness card each. Kane draws the one making you discarding all your allies, while Patrice draws the one allowing you not to have more than four clue tokens at the same time.

    And with all the four Beings of Ib still in play a new gate opened in Arkham. 7 gates opened, final battle against Bokrug with no chance of victory (phisical and magical immunity, -8 to hit and 18 doom tokens).

    So, the game was lost, but we had a good time. Never ever had such a bad luck (at some point of the game I had 11 dice to roll 2 successes and rolled a ZERO, then thanks to the Precise skill, I rerolled and I obtained ZERO successes again), but anyway it was really fun. The Servitor mechanic worked fine for us, even if the rule about rolling for avoiding a Madness every time the terror level increases it's quite toguh, basically because you can't get rid of a madness or an injury that easily (well, actually, not having in play any DH card apart from the Madness and Injuries decks makes removing madness impossibile, I think). We'll try again to beat both Bokrug and your Herald, but not together!

    So, thanks Avi for the scenario :-)

  10. Thank you for the long clarification, Avi.

    Ok for the time sequence. It's definitely a tougher task beating him twice in a row in the same round, but it'll be a lovely try ;-) hope to play with Tommy Muldoon, it can be an epic happy (?) ending for his personal story.

    As far as the other points are concerned... first time I read your scenario, I thought you intended "return it to the cup" instead of "return it to the box". I'm glad to see I got the point :-) it should be funnier allowing him to return over and over again. And yes, when an investigator is devoured, rising the terror level by 1 has a lot of sense (thematically coherent with some Mythos cards making the terror rise level when allies are strangled or families are slaughtered), but maybe it should be fair also not to rise the terror level when you defeat him in the Sky. When you defeat the Servitor in Arkham, he returns to the Sky, so all people in Arkham see the monster towering the city and are afraid, thus Terror Level +1 is a logical consequence. But when you defeat it in the Sky, the same people see that the enemy has gone, so this should calm their spirits down. So, maybe not rising the Terror level again and discarding a Blight if in play could be good, or hindering the Terror track to rise next time something triggers it. Am I too merciful?

    I'll play with IH with your scenario, so probably we'll have tons of problems with the terror level rising, because of the DOR track, adding the Blight allies deck, so every time the terror level goes up by one, a Blight will appear. Should be messy, but worth the tray!

    Hope to have enough time tomorrow to play. Otherwise, next sunday. I'll post a feedback then!

  11. Next time we play AH, we are intentioned to try the Creature in the clouds scenario proposed by Avi come times ago. Before starting, I've a couple of questions regarding the "Heavenly theater" rule: on the scenario, it's stated that after defeating a flying monster, you can enter the sky and fight the Servitor of the Outer Gods. Avi, do you intend in the same round? Normally fight ends the movement phase, so my interpretation is:

    first round: fight and defeat a flying monster. this ends the investigator's movement

    second round: if the Servitor is in the sky, move over there, and fight it, then land to any desired location (thus, if it's a location and not a street, in the AE phase, you'll have an encounter or enter a gate)

    Is it correct? or it was meant to be done all in the same round?

    Second point: the flying monster defeated to enter the sky can be the Servitor too, right? Could be pretty tough beating him twice in a row, but for certain carachters wouldn't be impossibile.

    Waiting for enlightment :-)


  12. Tibs said:

    Well that's annoying. I don't want two different expansions in my regimen to have Yog-Sothoth. And LatT will have to come before DH (because DH has the board). I would add a herald onto Yog in the DH game, but there isn't one more appropriate than the Dunwich Horror herald, but I don't want to use that herald for the first DH game. Maybe a Guardian with the LatT expansion?

    Well, maybe it's a Yog Herald playable together with the Dunwich Horror herald, as Father Dagon can be played together with Mother Hydra. Dealing with double Heralds is pretty fun (and pretty devastating, actually, but... you know, after the first Sanity loss, everything is different ::smile::)

  13. Well, basically the Elder Gods are just a different kind of deities. In HPL pantheon, we should have three major groups, Elder Gods, Outer Gods and Great Old Ones. Between the Elder Gods, the most "famous" is Nodens, but also Hypnos and Bast are mentioned as being part of this circle. I have a little confusion on what was exactly been written by HPL and what by other authors. You can find some "basic" infos here:


  14. Avi_dreader said:

    @Julia, I'm fairly certain you get the monster trophies, but I can't remember where I heard or read that, so if you'd ask some of the other players for a text or authority citation, that might be a good idea.

    Thank you Avi for the answer. I was quite certain too, that claiming trophies was possible. And after all it's logical: after winning a Combat, you claim the trophies, and the Flute is a way for winning a combat.

  15. Just a little specification on this point, when possible! After using the Time bomb, you have to return all monsters to the cup,while after using the Flute? I think you can claim them as trophies (whenever possible), since you entered Combat with all of them (the Time bomb is a trap, after all, not a *real* fight), but I'm not 100% sure about this

  16. In my opinion, spells can be avoided, but it's not a great deal. Such spells like Find gate or Wither can help you a lot during your games, not to mention that, when you'll be playing with Innsmouth Horror, you can fight monsters with a Weapon immunity, which requires you to fight them with spells or with just your fight skill. And learning how to work with spells can make some characters - Daisy the librarian, for example - really able to make you win even the toughest matches. So, you can certainly play without spells, but if you lern how to play with them, you'll have tons of possibilities more.

    So my suggestion. Remember that there are some spells which are pretty easy to use, since they're quite similar to weapons (Dreaded curse of Azathoth, Wither, Shrivelling) and maybe they are easier for learning the base mechanic. Cast and exhaust, and use them in fight, until you get familiar with this action. You can try a game with Dexter Drake, a mage with Shrivelling in his starting equipment. And maybe you can use a limited pool of spells at the beginning, mostly combat spells. Then try something different, widening the pool (can I say this in English? ha! mistery of a different language...).

    If there is something obscure in the mechanics of casting (lore check, sanity cost, duration of spells, whatever) feel free to ask!

    Hope this helps happy.gif

  17. When you use some clues to add extra dice to the base pool you have and then use a skill to reroll the check, you reroll both the base pool and the extra dice, so X+Y in all cases

    Q: How does a re-roll work? Can you re-roll only the
    skill dice that you have before spending Clue tokens, or
    can you re-roll all the dice you’ve rolled on a given
    check, including the extra dice gained from spending
    Clue tokens?
    A: You re-roll all the dice you’ve rolled for the skill
    check so far, so you can re-roll dice gained from spending
    Clue tokens as long as you spend your Clue tokens
    before using your re-roll.

    [from the FAQ, Dunwich horror rules, pag 11]

  18. Lesseps, I think you could be wrong. As far as I know, you are allowed to spend clues to add extra dice for any check you attempt to do, so why restrict this to monsters with toughness 1? In most cases, it's more likely you'll need an extra die (or more) for beating *tough* monsters (dholes, dunwich horrors, and similar stuff) rather than smashing to the ground a maniac or a cultist!

  19. Avi_dreader said:

    It makes a direct move from point A to point B, it doesn't travel through the streets.  You also can't read books while you're in the back seat of the car :')

    The proto-FAQ makes a specific ruling about how your wagon takes you through monster blockades of your path between point A and B (the implications of this being that Patrol Wagon does not give you infinite movement, it gives you teleportation— in terms of game play).

    ::Shrug:: it's possible that someone can give a more direct ruling.  But I'm 99% confident on this issue.  I would be absolutely shocked if the Patrol Wagon was ruled to allow all players to trade every turn.

    I take your point Avi, since the misuse of the wagon could be too unbalancing. But... yep, it's a little odd. In my opinion, at last. I'd have felt more confortable with a (house) rule like "every time you trade an item with another investigator during your movement wth the Patrol wagon, roll a die. On a 1, return the wagon to the box". It should suggest you not to go santaclausing every round, but giving you at least the possibility to trade when necessary. In the other way, it seems that rules for avoiding a misuse of the wagon hinders its normal use.

    This is not to say you're wrong (if there's a thing Arkham told me in the last months, is that if one of the Forum-AOnes says something, 99.9% of the times they are right, in the other 0.1% the others are wrong lengua.gif), but just to say that I don't feel at ease with the implication of this rule.

    And thanx for the answer!

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